Where in the World is Carmen Vega - Recap

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The scene opens in Edgecombe Female Penitentiary where a Correctional Officer tells a woman named Carmen Vega that the warden wants to see her. She tells that the warden can wait and the officer says that her son was just found in the dumpster with a bullet to his brain. She goes to the warden and he says that he cannot allow her to go to the funeral. She tells that she needs to go to the funeral. The warden feels bad and she is escorted to the church where the funeral is being held. She tries to hug her other son, Ceaser, but the officers don’t allow it. She goes up to her son who is dead and asks the officers to allow her one hand. They allow it. There is a gun in Sabastian’s sleeve and she kills the two officers who are nearby and the some of the members of the funeral kill the others. Carmen says that if anyone calls the police, she will kill them and all their families.

Later in Brooklyn at the headquarters, Shea is looking at the next fugitive’s picture and can’t believe it. He says that he can’t believe that Carmen Vega escaped. He says that he used to do some “business” with Carmen. Charlie starts to tell about Carmen’s past, but Shea tells that Carmen is the head of the gang and not her husband, Amari. He says that she is the one that calls the shots. Ray asks if they are still close. Shea says that they had a falling out when Carmen tried to stick her tongue down his throat. He says that he took his business elsewhere. Shea tells that he is going to have to stay back because he knows a lot of people who are involved in the crime. Shea’s phone rings. It is Vanessa, his girlfriend. She says that Carmen knows that Shea is working for the Marshalls and says that they are going to kill her if he doesn’t keep them away from her trail. Afterward, a messenger gives Carmen the news that the message was delivered. Carmen asks why there are a bunch of black guys above her in the crime business. Carmen is upset that Sebastian ran the business into the ground and that Ludow, a gangbanger, made it to the top. She tells the men to find Ludow. Mr. Bunts, a salesperson, comes in. Carmen tells Caesar that she is going to make him a king. Caesar says that the men don’t respect him and she tells him to make them.

Meanwhile, Shea calls an associate and tells him to find Vanessa. Ray and Charlie get in the car and ask Shea if he has any leads. He tells that he doesn’t. Meanwhile, at a strip club, Ludow is there and Carmen goes up and kills him. Charlie and the rest of the team arrive after the fact and Shea gets off the phone after talking to an associate that tells him that no one is going to help him out. Charlie tells Lloyd to question the strippers. Lloyd goes up to them and tells that they can talk in private. One of the strippers raises her hand and Lloyd can’t focus when the stripper tells Lloyd that she heard that Carmen got Sebastian killed. Shea thinks and Ray calls over and says that Shea isn’t helping out. Shea says that only one person can help. He says that The Mayor is the one who can help. Later, a man comes into headquarters and Ray tells him to come with him. Shea asks Charlie if he can have first crack. Charlie agrees and Shea talks to The Mayor and asks him if he knows anything where Carmen may be at. He tells that he doesn’t. Charlie and the rest of the team listen in and Shea tells The Mayor in a hushed tone that they have Vanessa. He says that is his problem. Charlie and Ray come in and The Mayor says that he wants a deal and says that he needs Witness Protection. They agree.

Shea gets another call from Vanessa and he tells that he is doing what he can. Erica and Lloyd come up and tell that he needs to come clean. He admits that Carmen has Vanessa. He says that he has to find Carmen first so that nothing happens. Erica says that Shea better not run. He says that he isn’t going to. Lloyd tells that they have to put their trust into an ex-gangbanger convict. The Mayor talks Ray and Charlie and tells them that they need to talk to Jose Rodriquez, Caesar’s father. Meanwhile, Carmen talks about Jose and Caesar tells her to leave his father out of it. She tells that she just wants to talk to him. The Mayor is escorted by two Marshalls and Juliana tells that there are several Jose Rodriquez. They hear gun fire and the two Marshalls and The Mayor are dead. Charlie wants to know how Carmen knew. Ray suspects Shea and demands his phone. The Senior Representative of the Marshalls gets there and tells Charlie that he needs up to speed on everything.

Charlie goes into Ray and Shea and he explains the calls on his cell phone. He tells that he wants to help. Charlie tells that he has to tell Colburn what is going on, but Ray tells him to stay calm. Meanwhile, Carmen visits Jose and kills him. Ray gets to the apartment with Erica and they find Jose’s body, but no Carmen. Colburn comes out and yells about it. Shea points the finger to Colburn and Juliana tells that Colburn has been working two phones. Colburn tells Charlie that he has to run some errands, but Charlie tells him to stay and wait for Internal Affairs. Colburn pulls a gun and tells that he slipped up and now he is in Carmen’s inner circle. However, before he tells where she is, he puts the gun to his mouth and pulls the trigger. They ambulance comes and takes Colburn’s body and Juliana tells that Colburn cleared the history and she is waiting for the list from the carrier. Meanwhile, Mr. Bunts shows Carmen of the merchandise and she tells that she has it. She leaves and tells Caesar to “take care” of Mr. Bunts.

Erica calls her daughter and tells the family to hide away. Lloyd walks in and says that she is overreacting over this. She tells that a Marshall was in Carmen’s inner circle and could have everything on them as well. Shea tells that he has to bring the game to her and Erica says that she is not going to get a phone call like Shea got. They get the texts from Colburn’s phone. Shea’s phone rings and he tells them not to answer it. They talk to Shea and tell him to fess up and tell who was calling. He tells them that Carmen kidnapped Vanessa. Shea tells that is why he wants a moment with Carmen when they catch her. He says that Choppy’s is a gangster hang out that Colburn was referring to in his texts. Later, Caesar and his associate wrap up the body of Mr. Bunt and Charlie and Ray get in. Ray asks where his Mommy is. Shea talks to Caesar and asks where his girlfriend is. Caesar tells that he has no clue. Shea punches him and they put him to the side. Charlie shows Jose’s picture of what Carmen did. They find out that Mr. Blunt worked as a salesman for Nautical Supplies. Erica realizes that PAWE stands for Port Authority Watch Engineer. They get to a ship, but no sign of Carmen. Juliana says that the filter they found belongs to a breathing apparatus in closed areas. They look through shipping containers and find the one Carmen is in. However, she is silent. As she walks off, she makes Erica and Lloyd. Erica asks why they are still there.

At headquarters, Carmen and Shea talk and Shea says that he has pull in the prison and that is where Caesar is going. She tells that she doesn’t care for Caesar. Outside the room, Caesar hears Carmen say that Caesar is dead to her. Charlie says that he can tell where Vanessa is or he will go down in flames over Carmen. Erica talks to her daughter and tells her to be ready in case she comes by. Lloyd comes in and Erica tells that Carmen called them out and she tells that she is not going to let her kill her daughter. She says that Lloyd could come with her. Juliana comes in and says that if two members try to run, Charlie will find them and she will have to help. She tells Erica that her girl would be older than Erica and Lloyd would never be a professor. She tells them not to run. Later, Ray and Charlie take the cons out for drinks and tell them that they deserve it. Vanessa comes in and Shea kisses her. Charlie tells Erica and Lloyd that their families are being cared for and taken to safe houses until everything blows over. He tells that they have their backs and Carmen will have no contact with anyone on the outside. Lloyd tells Erica that they should get drunk.