Ain't Love (50) Grand - Recap

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The scene opens at the Five Point correctional facility, where an inmate is cleaning the floor and a guard comes in and urinates on the floor. At night, the inmate flashes a torch to read a letter and look at some pictures; but the same guard threatens him and asks him to cut off the light. The next day, the guard repeats the drill and takes away his flash light during the night. Next, day when the big fellow comes to pee in the inmate’s bucket, the inmate passes electricity through the pail and the guard gets electrocuted. The inmate escapes wearing a cop’s uniform. When another cop tries to stop him, he beats him to the ground and escapes with the car. Next, the trio is in their van and are discussing about women which leads to Jules.

Lloyd chooses to follow Shea’s advice and ignore Erica’s. At the office, Brad Kelly has come to meet Ray. Brad tells Ray that he has got a bounty hunter’s license. Brad tells Ray that he knows about the inmate who broke out of Five point and that he wants to share the ten grand reward on him. Brad tells Ray that he still has his contacts in law enforcement. Ray tells him that he has a team to consider as they get a month off every runner they catch. Brad tells him that they could work a way out and Ray tells him that he need time to think. Jules appraises the team about the current case and escapee; Rodney Cain. He was dating Lorraine Hamilton six years ago and she was sixteen and Ronnie was eighteen then. And Lorraine’s step dad wanted to end the relationship and also wanted to get Ronnie arrested for statutory rape.

Rodney served five years of sentence and electrocuted a guard and beat another guard to coma. He is armed. Ray tells the team to try to locate the ex-girlfriend. Amidst all this, we see that Lloyd’s behavior towards Jules has changed; he is trying to avoid her and she finds it strange. This was a part of Shea’s advice and Erica disapproves it. Meanwhile, Rodney meets Lorraine at her college. Lorraine’s mother is talking to the team and she asks them as to why hasn’t Rodney been located. Ray tells her that they need to leave a patrol car outside and need to tap her phones, just in case Rodney decides to get in touch. She wants them to find her daughter as soon as possible. Just then Shea informs the team that the campus police informed him about a witness, who saw Lorraine get into a grey colored car.

Lloyd thinks that the mother is lying; but Ray tells him that they cannot lean on Lloyd’s theory at the moment. Meanwhile, Lorraine and Rodney are in a park and Rodney feels that her feelings towards him have changed. She tells him that it has been five years. A devastated Rodney asks her as to why did she bother writing letters to him saying that she loves him. Lorraine tells him that they weren’t written by her. Just then a family nearby notices them arguing and the father tells Lorraine to join them till Rodney calms down. Rodney draws a gun at him. Next, the man narrates the incident to the team. They find the letters. Meanwhile, Jules informs Ray that Mrs. Hamilton visited Rodney six times in the prison; but she told the team that she hadn’t heard from Rodney ever since he got arrested.

Just then Brad arrives at the scene. Ray tells Brad to stay home and give him the leads he finds and Ray will get him his money. This arrangement could go on for the other cases as well. Brad agrees. Erica figures out the deal and confronts ray. He tells them Brad was his mentor and that he agreed to give him a part of the reward money as he will be giving them the tips for the case. They tell him that they don’t trust him. At the office, Candice Hamilton is waiting for Ray. Jules tells Ray that she has given them permission to tap her phones. Just then Shea notices that it was Lorraine’s mother who has been writing those letters to Rodney. Lloyd wants to talk to Candice and Ray and Lloyd both go inside the interview room to talk to her. Candice tells them that she visited Rodney to gauge his anger. She also admits that she was the one who wrote those letters.

She tells them that Rodney had asked her as to why hasn’t Lorraine written to him; but Lorraine told her mom that she wanted to move on and will never write to him. Candice tells them that she got nervous that this could set Rodney off and hence she wrote. Just then she receives a call from Rodney telling her that Lorraine is fine and he asks her to get him fifty thousand dollars in two hours. Meanwhile, Lorraine tells Rodney that her mom told her that Rodney did not want to hear from her. Rodney tells her that he loves her and wonders as to why her mother did this to him. Lorraine tells her that he had killed her husband and so this was what Candice did to him. Next, the team gears Candice up for her meeting with Rodney. Every move and speech will be monitored. Brad is also keeping a watch on them. They are all waiting for Rodney.

Meanwhile, Ray tells the team that Brad was caught taking money and that it wasn’t his first time. The case built against him was strong and hence he didn’t get his badge back. Just then Rodney arrives. But Candice’s actions are loud enough to warn Rodney. He escapes. Brad messes it up further for the team. He tells them that he needs this money badly. Erica tells Candice that her actions seemed intentional. Lloyd has a theory that her emotions in the letters were genuine and that she wants Rodney for herself. Meanwhile, in a park, Rodney tells Lorraine that he killed her father as he raped her almost every night. But Lorraine tells him that her dad never did something like that. Rodney is shocked, as Candice had told him about it. Candice also told him that Lorraine threatened to kill herself if anyone found out about this. That is why Rodney kept quiet in the court. At the office, they are not able to trace Candice’s cell phone. Lloyd thinks that Candice is still playing this. They figure out that Candice had hired Rodney to kill her husband. Just then Jules informs the team that Candice had bought some ammunition.

They figure out that Candice wants Rodney dead before anyone finds out the truth. They head to find Candice. Lloyd is still playing ice with Jules. Meanwhile, Candice meets Rodney. Lorraine tells Candice to give Rodney the money and that they figured what she did. Candice draws a gun at Rodney and Lorraine stops her and in a tussle that follows, Candice gets shot. The team arrives at the spot and finds Candice’s body lying on the ground. Brad arrives at the scene. Erica and Brad have an argument and Erica punches him to the ground. While all this is happening, Shea places a tracking device under Brad’s car. Ray tells Brad that he knows that Brad ruled in on him. Brad denies it and ray tells him that he will not let him take his job once again. Lorraine and Rodney are at the Wood Glen motel.

Jules tells Ray that Brad has been tipped about the couple’s location as it seems that he is headed for the motel. Brad gets hold of Lorraine who had gone to get some food. But when she takes Brad to the room, Rodney is prepared and draws a gun at Brad. With a gun aimed at Brad, Rodney comes out of the room. The team arrives. Lorraine tells him to put the gun down and turn himself in. Rodney agrees and Shea takes him. Ray hands the money to Brad and leaves. They all arrive at the office. Shea tells Lloyd that he can see Jules cracking. Ray tells Erica that he will back her up regarding the assault on Brad, as he was the one to start it.

Lloyd goes up to Jules and tells her that he loves her and will wait for her reply. He is tired of playing ice. He tells her to leave a pencil on his desk if she feels the same for him. But Jules leaves a pen on the table. Lloyd has to figure out what that means. The episode ends.