Season 3

Best of Bridezillas

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17 :03x01 - Marsha and Nikki

A 30-year-old woman who lives in Dallas struggles to organize her out-of-state nuptials in Little Rock. Also: a bride-to-be tries to plan a large, lavish wedding on a small budget.

18 :03x02 - Marsha and Yoshie

A bride-to-be tangles with a vendor and her photographers; another bride demands that her wedding planner be in on every small detail.

19 :03x03 - Marsha and Regina

A bride-to-be's future sister-in-law has to calm her down before her nuptials, while another woman faces money woes as she tries to organize a wedding on her own.

20 :03x04 - Regina and Lydee

A bride-to-be who's behind schedule goes on a frenzy of last-minute errands before her wedding; another woman becomes upset at her bridesmaids when they seem uncooperative.

21 :03x05 - Regina and Angela

On the morning of her nuptials, a bride agonizes over last-minute details and yells orders at her bridesmaids; another woman overspends to make sure her wedding is perfect.

22 :03x06 - Angela and Shelayna

A Houston woman deals with a difficult bridesmaid and later finds fault with her mother's dress at her bridal shower. Another bride-to-be has problems with her future husband and his jokester personality.

23 :03x07 - Shelayna and Ladessia

A bride-to-be clashes with her fiancé over finances and vendors. Also: a no-nonsense woman dictates how she wants her bridesmaids to look at her wedding and almost panics on her big day.

24 :03x08 - Shelayna and Milena

A woman's night out with her bridesmaids doesn't please the groom. Also: a bride-to-be clashes with her mother and father when they try to offer help.

25 :03x09 - Milena

An intense bride-to-be insults guests at her shower and ridicules her mother's suggestions for wedding decor.

26 :03x10 - Kristina and Calisse

A bride-to-be clashes with her mom and her sisters; another bride turns on her maid of honor when things go wrong.

27 :03x11 - Calisse and Malia

On the morning of her nuptials, a bride-to-be and her sister get into an altercation at the church. Also: another woman pushes her future husband to lose weight before their wedding.

28 :03x12 - Rhyan and Malia

A bride-to-be wants some of her vows said in Turkish, but the groom refuses to translate them, then she parties too hard at her bachelorette party. Also: another bride demands the very best and seeks attention at a teeth-whitening appointment.

29 :03x13 - Malia and Dana

A bride prepares for a Hollywood-themed wedding, but goes ballistic when the velvet ropes are black instead of red. Also, another bride-to-be clashes with her fiancé over hotel and transportation issues.

30 :03x14 - Dana and Melody

One bride-to-be copes with her florist failing to show up on her wedding day; and another makes life miserable for her sisters, going so far as to order one of them to lose five pounds before the ceremony.

31 :03x15 - Melody and Karyn

A bride becomes paranoid that she's being overcharged for her big day and tries to employ some last-minute cost savers; another woman, her fiancé and their kids take a wedding-planning trip to Los Angeles, where she receives an unflattering hairdo.

32 :03x16 - Karyn and Jon

In Part 1 of a three-part story focusing on gay couple Jon and Isaac, the men begin interviewing wedding planners and later show signs of stress when they argue over where to hold the ceremony. Also: a bride tries to plan her wedding while on vacation.

33 :03x17 - Charlene and Jon

In Part 2 of Jon and Isaac's three-part story, Jon is far from pleased when Isaac meets with the wedding planner without him. Also: a bride expresses her feelings about tuxedo fittings, rehearsals and bridal showers.

34 :03x18 - Bessa and Jon

Conclusion. Jon and Isaac get hitched, but not without a hitch.