Season 4

Best of Bridezillas

A look at the highlights from season four of the series.

35 :04x01 - Anita/Andrea

The fourth-season kicks off with a bride whose daughter seems opposed to the wedding, and a woman insistent on having a perfect body for the big day.

36 :04x02 - Anita/Alicia

A groom leaves his bride at the altar; a woman clashes with her future mother-in-law and others.

37 :04x03 - Kaileema/Alicia

A bride stresses out over timetables and even nail polish; a woman faces conflict with her future mother-in-law while planning her bridal shower.

38 :04x04 - Alicia/Sharon

A woman's caterer cancels, her car breaks down and her bridal party clashes; a bride claiming to have had a near-death experience also deals with road rage and budget concerns.

39 :04x05 - Sharon/Maria

A woman enlists her sisters to help bake 38 cakes for her reception; a bride's big day goes awry and features several mishaps, leading to tears.

40 :04x06 - Maria/Monica

A woman with “trailer fabulous” style shares a secret with her groom; the pressure of baking 38 cakes overwhelms a bride.

41 :04x07 - Monica/Tasha

A bride fights at her bachelorette party and later shocks the crowd at her wedding with a bold gown; a woman makes it clear that the details of her big day will be exactly as she chooses.

42 :04x08 - Tasha/Denise

We continue our journey with 26 year-old Tasha who is suffering from a severe case of sibling rivalry. When push comes to shove, Tasha's sister better watch out because this Bridezilla isn't afraid to get hands-on. Meanwhile, 42 year-old Denise is having her wedding aboard a yacht, but if she doesn't get her attitude in check she might wind up overboard!

43 :04x09 - Tasha/Stephanie

A bride nears a meltdown when ties go missing, the bridesmaids are late and she fights with her sister. Also: A woman reveals a strange obsession as she plans her nuptials.

44 :04x10 - Stephani/Danika

Two brides show their combative sides as one confronts a church coordinator about the wall decor, and the other threatens violence when asked to reschedule an appointment.

45 :04x11 - Stephani/Melisha

Too much Xanax in her system? Stephani barely makes it to her big day as two of her bridesmaids might have to back out! Meanwhile, “Queen” Melisha gets a little demanding and makes it clear that it’s her way or the highway.

46 :04x12 - Melisha/Suzanne

"Queen" Melisha does not think her hubby-to-be's crown is fit for a king and fights with the maintenance men at her venue while Suzanne's wedding day fate rests on her bar exam results! Will there be wedding bells?!

47 :04x13 - Melisha/Gina

Melisha has a meltdown when the roof leaks and threatens her big day. Gina thought she wanted a Southern gentleman and now she could just kick him!

48 :04x14 - Gina/Chris

Gina's dress might as well be a tent for the event. Chris, on the other hand, wants to change everything about her upcoming wedding day.

49 :04x15 - Chris/Candice

Will Chris' sister end up throttling her over her ungrateful attitude and constant nitpicking? With future sisters-in-law like Candice has, who needs enemies?

50 :04x16 - Candice/Michelle

Candice continues to battle with her husband's family and the wedding could be off. Michelle tries to take control but ends up alienating everyone.

51 :04x17 - Michelle/Athena

Michelle's obbsessive-compulsive nature threatens to undo her and her entire wedding. Athena wants to set the world on fire!

52 :04x18 - Athena/Phebie

Athena's wild circus-themed wedding is sure to turn some heads. Phebie is getting married on New Year's Eve, if her future-in-laws don't kill her first.