Season 8

Where Are They Now?

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Attack of the Momzillas

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Biggest Bridezilla Meltdowns

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122 :08x03 - Gabrielle & Kym

Gabrielle lets her heart speak with the planner Kym's baker backs out, so she takes it out on the kids.

124 :08x05 - Porsha & Gloria

A bride decides to show up at her fiancé's bachelor party and she confronts his ex girlfriend. A woman clashes with her mother over her wedding planning.

125 :08x06 - Gloria & Tricia

A bride who likes perfection is worried about a torn veil and her mom's shoes but really loses her cool after the best man goes missing on the day of the wedding. A woman runs over a cake topper with her car to show her displeasure with her fiancè.

126 :08x07 - Tricia & Danyelle

Spoilt Danyelle demands new flowers and when she does not get them, she trashes her friend's hard work. Tricia cruelly traumatizes her friend's daughter.

127 :08x08 - Tricia & Danni

Tricia is not happy when she discovers her pristine flowers are not so pristine. When Danni's bridal party won't comply to her every whim she finds solace in the cake tasting.

128 :08x09 - Danni & Suzy

A hair trial leaves a woman in tears. Later, she lashes out at someone who offers her water on her wedding day. Elsewhere, a young bride who's used to getting what she wants plots revenge against those who cross her, including her fiancé.

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129 :08x10 - Suzy & Nicole

A cake tasting turns ugly when a groom's friend tries a piece that the bride wanted for herself. Later, the bride is disappointed by her wedding-shower turnout and loses her engagement ring. Elsewhere, a woman is jealous of her fiancé's best friend and gets into a heated...

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130 :08x11 - Suzy & Brittany

A bride clashes with the best man over his speech and is upset with her fiancé's 4-year-old niece for wearing a tiara to the wedding. Elsewhere, a bride employs unusual methods to help pay for her wedding.

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131 :08x12 - Brittany & Kim

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132 :08x13 - Kim & Danielle

A bride threatens a tuxedo-shop owner when the groomsmen's suits don't fit properly. Later, she accuses her pregnant sister of upstaging her and throws a fit when her brother is late for the rehearsal dinner. Elsewhere, a woman is offended by a bridesmaid's comment about her dress and has a raunchy bachelorette party.

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133 :08x14 - Kim & Frankie

Bridezilla Kim isn't scared to get into the fray - and never backs up from a fight! When her father and brother argue during her rehearsal dinner, Kim can't help running into the parking lot to get right in the middle of the fight! Then, she and her posse head down to the tuxedo shop, determined to do whatever's necessary - including burning the place down - if the owner doesn't fix the ill-fitting tuxedos. But rage quickly turns to embarrassment when they learn that the tuxedos were adjustable all along! Then, the night before her wedding, Kim and her groom's drunken brother nearly come to actual blows when Kim tries to get him to go home from the party. But it's on the wedding day that tempers really explode! When her party bus gets stuck in a mini-mall parking lot because of a car that won't back up, our dainty bride rushes off the bus, threatening the driver and ready to swing!

Meanwhile Bridezilla Frankie aka "Rae Rae" is convinced she's royalty and that her wedding will surpass the British royal wedding. But this self-proclaimed princess may be shorter on funds than ambition. But what she lacks in money, she makes up for in attitude - and will take anyone on if they cross her. When her bridesmaids don't show up to make favors, Rae Rae goes to hunt them down, only to run out of gas! Later, when Rae Rae learns that her third wedding dress may not arrive in time for the wedding, she has a tearful meltdown. But it's during an argument with her groom's family that Rae Rae's true colors show. When his stepmother refuses to give Rae Rae the $50 she's demanding, this royal brat calls her every name in the book and uninvites her from the wedding!

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134 :08x15 - Frankie & Marissa

A bride tries to steal a shirt from her pal and force a bridesmaid to pierce her ears. Elsewhere, a woman clashes with her maid of honor and her fiancé, whom she discovers was unfaithful.

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135 :08x16 - Frankie & Ruby

Bridezilla Frankie goes on a last-ditch effort to find a dress, nearly gets in a fight at her bachelorette party and freaks out repeatedly on her wedding day. Plus, runaway bridesmaids! From endless wedding duties to ridiculous rules, Ruby is driving her bridesmaids to the edge… and far away from her! When they bail, what will this Bridezilla do?

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138 :08x19 - Kera & Tifani

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139 :08x20 - Tifani & Johanne

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140 :08x21 - Johanne & Daphne

A bride goes on a secret date before her nuptials and makes last-minute changes to the tuxedo order; an indecisive bride lashes out at her fiancé for buying doughnuts and her bridesmaid for her comments during a hair trial.

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141 :08x22 - Johanne & Cristal

Unpredictable & Certifiable! When all of Johanne's secrets come out, will there still be a wedding? Plus, Cristal slaps her fiancé... after arguing over centerpieces. Oh, boy... maybe she won't get hitched either? Tune in and find out. It's the riveting conclusion of Bridezillas.

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