Series 4, Auditions 1 - Recap

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Well, another year, another season of Britain’s Got Talent entertains us through the spring! Diversity took the prize of ₤100,000 home last season and got a spot in the Royal’s Variety Show. The hopefuls of this year have to prove that they have what it takes to make it in. The judges Pierce Morgan, Amanda Holden, and everyone’s favorite Simon Cowell all return in full force. With Hosts Ant and Dec who could be a better choice to spend your Saturday evening with? This season opens up as all seasons have opened up….drum roll please…..Auditions! Yes, it is audition round and the shows kicks of in the Capital of England. Yes, you guessed right, London! The judges got to say what type of act they wanted to win. For Pierce, he wanted a solid good act to go through. For Amanda, she would like to see a Variety Act to go through as she put it “Something we haven’t seen before”. As for Simon, he is all about the dogs this year. Each judge entered and as always Simon got the most applause. Will the hopefuls auditioning have what it takes to impress these judges?

The first act up were sisters Cathy and Kat from Surrey. Cathy and Kat have named their duo “Double Take”. The world got to be introduced to a new instrument “Timbales”. As Cathy says, “it is like a tambourine, except it has two layers of cymbals running around the side instead of one layer. First to buzz of course is Simon who seemed less then pleased. Immediately following were Pierce and Amanda. Simon said that “there is a reason no one has been successful playing tambourines before because they are limited”. Cathy then corrected Simon by telling him that they were “timbales”. To which Simon replied “No, that is a tambourine with Christmas decorations attached.” Amanda commented that they showed no joy, no happiness, nothing that would make it entertaining. Thus, they received three buzzes and they were on their way back home to Surrey.

Next up was a montage of buzzes of rejection. First up, the “Cheeky Boys”, which we found out REALLY quick why they were called that as they de-robbed and stood on stage in their birthday suits! To top it, they covered their “private parts” with balloons the colors of Britain and started passing them around. Of course they were not put through and Pierce commented “I don’t think you needed balloons that big to be honest with you.” Next, Max the parrot and Irene the trainer attempted to get a pass the buzzer to no avail. Persephone wasted the judges’ time when she blew into a trumpet and played with a penguin hand puppet. However her invention of a hosepipe, attached to a teapot and a penguin was questioned as interesting. To which Simon asked “why?”

After the break we are introduced to the next act of Kevin Cruise, a Chief Host to a Luxury Liner in England. With a mix of Hip Hop, Pop, Techno, and, yes, a little Irish Step Dancing, Kevin proved that he was no stranger to the performing stage and entertained the crowd. Toward the end of his act of “You’re Gonna Love Me” Kevin sported a Hot Pink shirt to which Amanda loved to the point to give Kevin a standing ovation as so did the audience. Simon was against the act, Pierce loved it and told him “He’d go cruising with him anytime” and Amanda said yes of course. So we get to see Kevin for another round. First to go through to Britain’s Got Talent 2010!

Another montage of music entertained us, but this time, yes was the only answer you heard. First featured was Pippa the Rippa who wanted to impress the judges with her freaky style and hula hooping to which everyone said yes to. Next, 11-year-old Josh danced his way into the judges’ memory and received yes from all three judges. “The Ruby Girls” in their short skirts and furry coats danced their way together into the next round with their showgirl style act. To which two of the judges and every other man in the audience were a little “happier”.

Next up was 22 year old Tobias Mead from Wiltshire who started off his routine with the “sweet boy” attitude and backed it up with amazing skills as a Hip-Hop dancer to which he REALLY freaked with your mind a little bit to see such movement of a body. With a Joker reference to add a little bit more of a freaky part of it, all three judges were amazed to which Amanda was blown away, Pierce has seen the act before and called his performance kind of shallow, but good. Amanda quickly intervened by saying it was the “best thing they have had on the show”. Simon agreed with Amanda. Tobias is moved to the 6th spot in the next round to show if he can “cover more ground” as Pierce said.

After the break the set was moved on to Birmingham to which hearing the news that Simon is sick with the flu, the coming acts celebrated to know that they are not going to be judged. Louis Walsh will keep Simon’s seat warm this round. First up after the break is 71 year old, Michael Lavender who wanted to make animal impressions of jungle creatures. This act automatically got the 3 buzzes and Louis called it the “strangest act he’d ever seen”. Louis got used to that buzzer as he buzzed a montage of acts such as a Fire Breather, a dog act, a striptease act, a wannabe stand-up comedian who needed new material, a drumming duo and a horrible poet. It was clear that this judge had no soft spot for horrible acts.

Then the scene was changed however, with the first singing act of the season when a 10-year-old girl named Cloe Hickinbottom impressed the audience and the judges with the song “The White Cliffs of Dover” by Dame Vera Lynn. With her old fashioned adult voice at such a young age, the judges were amazed and in the end, Miss Cloe received a standing ovation. Amanda loved it, Pierce said it was the best and Louis talked of her mature voice being “right on pitch”. Thus we will see Cloe for another week. Next up was a dog act that included Tina and her dog Chandy. The usual sob story on how they met and how they are “soul mates” in a sense paid off to be true when they got on stage. Chandy did all the way from Ballet dancing to even a Conga Line! The trainer and dog received a standing ovation and was called the best dog performing act they’ve had on the show.

Simon returns towards the end of the show to reclaim his spot on the judge’s panel to which the producers had a fun time playing the “Jaw’s Theme Song” as he walked on the stage and surprised the audience and all three judges. Last act of the evening was 13-year-old Kieran Gaffney who is no stranger to Britain’s Got Talent. Returning from last year by almost getting in the semi-finals, Kieran decided (more like his parents decided) that he wanted to perform with his family. This was a Very Bad Mistake. The mother was horrible on the microphone and the father was horrible on the guitar. It was like the mother was going off of his success from last year. The act stopped halfway through to which the judges wanted to hear the Kieran the drummer from last season and not some strange family act. The judges gave him a second chance to prepare for a little bit and play by himself. After little practice, Kieran returns. But, this time he is back to his solo drumming. He blows away the audience and impressed even with the little time of rehearsal. Great way to end the night on a high note!