Series 4, Auditions 2 - Recap

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The second episode of Season 4 of Britain’s Got Talent kicked off in Manchester Saturday night where judges Pierce Morgan, Amanda Holden, and the always opinionated Simon Cowell, returned for another week of auditions to find the next winner of the ₤100,000 and to fill a slot in the Royal’s Variety Show. The judges were wide eyed and bushy tailed and ready to began as they entered the opera house. With hopes high, they were ready to start doing what they do best. However, those hopes were smashed down when the first contestant of the day came on stage. This was 51-year-old Christine Wilkes from Leeds. Calling herself a “triple threat”, she attempted to dance and sing “Billie Jean” by the late Michael Jackson. Not only did Christine butcher the song and dance moves, Pierce replied by saying “I haven’t seen moon walking that slow since Neil Armstrong.” This was followed with a comment by Simon saying, “You’re dressed as Michael Jackson’s glove.” It was a no for Christine and this triggered a couple more buzzed performances one after another including Sinead Carrol the pogo stick jumping guitar player (try saying that three times fast) that was no good at all and a singing muscle builder with small weights attempting to sing. Both were sent packing to where they came from.

However, the buzzers stopped when 31-year-old Tia entered the stage in just a jacket. Claiming to be a fire dancer and singer, Tia decided to do her routine in the nude. This allowed the censors to have a little fun and cover her “private areas” with miniature British flags. Pierce and Simon were “highly” impressed. Amanda said that it was a good way to get rid of your leg hair when Tia lit her legs on fire. Needless to say Tia got through to the next round. Amanda called the two other judges “Shameless”. Up next was a VERY unique act by 47 year old Stevie who named himself “The Regurgitator”. He swallowed five numbered coins and then proceeded to, you guessed it, regurgitate them. The weird thing about this act that got people gagging in the audience was that he regurgitated the EXACT number coin that the audience called out. He even swallowed and regurgitated a Billiard Ball as well! Definitely got people sick to their stomach, but it was named the epitome of variety acts and we are going to see more of Stevie in the next round as well.

After the break they went back to London where next to perform was a dog act. This was Simon’s chance to see a dog act and like it. Wrong! The act of Melissa and Lika turned out to be Melissa playing and singing horribly and when Simon asked if the dog would play the guitar as was in her introduction, it turned out that Lika the dog didn’t want anything to do with it. Simon was fooled to think that the dog could actually play the guitar. This shot off a montage of bad animal acts that included a pig, rabbit, a snail race that was so boring and dull that even the audience started to doze off to sleep, and even a horse with a gymnast on top of it that got nervous and defecated on the stage. I guess nerves get to all of us, even animals at some point.

Next up was a classical music group called “The Arrangements”. This group proved that they have the talent to be considered in the league of Britain’s Got Talent. The singer was a little wired up and it made for a very interesting act. The singer danced around the stage and was a little pitchy at the beginning. He did however recover and sounded like a prized singer. The incorporation of violins, and other orchestrated instruments was a great idea and it was a show to be seen. They got the audience interested in what they wanted to do and it persuaded the judges in the right direction. Amanda called it Genius, Pierce was amazed and Simon compared it to a drunken school band, but however, he liked it. They move on to the next round to see if they could make it all the way.

After the break to what looked like Lady Gaga on the stage, turned out to be a guy named Max Oliver dressed up like the pop-queen. This cross-dresser danced across the stage and “attempted” to sing Lady Gaga songs. However, the audience was entertained regardless of his gangly dance and pitchy voice. Simon was against it from the start to end. Pierce thought that it was good based on what reaction of the audience, and Amanda said yes as well. Despite the judgment of Simon, Max gets another go at performing his favorite Lady Gaga songs for the audience. Lucky for him that the audience loved it and got him through but it seems that it is short lived.

This brought in the next and best of the season so far, an Acrobatic Act called “Spellbound”. With a mix of hand stands, flips, backbends, and many other never ever before seen on Britain’s Got Talent stage, this group gave it their all and proved to be the best of the season and has become the “dark horse” or the one to beat in the competition. The routine was amazingly accurate and interesting. You seriously felt for the people as they flipped and twirled through the air and landed in the arms of their teammates. That takes a lot of faith in itself. Of course, all three judges loved it to which Amanda called it “flawless”. This group did all the way from human jump rope to one handed hand stand on the top of each other’s heads. This is definitely going to be one to beat in the competition.

The show ended on, you guessed it, a high note with a nervous 28 year old accountant named Christopher Stone singing “Maria” from West Side Story. Right off the first note you could tell that this guy had a true Broadway talent as he showed off his wonderful voice to the Britain’s Got Talent stage. The audience was in tears and the judges all thought it was amazing. Despite all the praise, Simon pointed out that Christopher was nervous and that he needed to relax and get confidence. Guess Christopher is going to have to kick it up a notch if he is going to survive the cut. But with the amazing voice heard, this shouldn’t be a problem one might wager. With that, the night ending the 2nd week of auditions, and the judges went home to get prepared for another week of searching for the next winner. Who will it be? Tune in next week! Next stop, Newcastle!