Series 4, Auditions 4 - Recap

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And they are back for another audition round of Britain’s Got Talent and they are back in London at the beginning where the hopes of the judges, Pierce Morgan, Amanda Holden, and the eccentric Simon Cowell are high in hopes that London will represent. The hosts and judges were all ready to start up another round of auditions with hopes that they will find the next winner of the 100,000 and the slot to fill in the Royal Variety Performance. Tonight was a chance to see if London had talent and to go and get it!First act to open this episode in London is a group that, at first glance, looked like a bunch of Gothic Chant singers. Called the “Chipendoubles”, the group walked on stage and did a little chanting at first. Donning clothing of monks with white masks, the music and dress changed rather quickly as each disrobed and had on a variety of outfits that included: A Disco Man, A Secret Agent, A Footballer, Flash Gordon, Mr. T., Men in Black Agent, and drum roll please…..Simon Cowell! The act danced around the stage and it was a great way to open the show. Standing ovation from everyone and Simon stated it was one of his favorite acts.

Pierce called the act genius and Amanda said all of them were “Spot on”! Truly these are some interesting people who showed that they have talent and they move on to the next round. With that out of the way, it looked like London was off to a great start tonight.

This, of course, sparked a round of look-a-like acts which involved a white Tina Turner act,

Elvis and Amy Winehouse look-a-likes that sang horribly, and a lady lip singing to Meatloaf. Truly the look-a-like act could only be pulled off from the first act. But it filled the gap that needed to be filled. However, this was broken when the first Samarii Sword act came on stage. Hayashi and two of his students came on the act started to be boring and dull at first and then he placed his assistant in one of the chairs and placed cucumbers in his mouth and hands and one on his head and blindfolded himself. He managed to cut through all the cucumbers without harming his student. Thank Goodness! Simon replied with “Bloody Hell” and Pierce found it magnificent. Simon asked, “How small are you willing to go? Are you going to go as small as a bean?” It was truly a terrifying act to see and you were on your seat hoping that nothing bad would go wrong.

The next group to perform on the Britain’s Got Talent stage was a dance group named Myztical. They wanted to dance and be able to show the judges something they have not heard before. With Unison dancing and perfect pitch from one of the singers, the act when sour when one of the girls started singing. The group lost their focus and it looked like this was the end for Myztical. However, Amanda and Simon felt that they deserved a second chance, yeah you heard right, Simon thought they could use a second chance. So Myztical moves on to polish their dance moves and find the right people who can sing in their group

The Britain’s Got Talent stage gets moved to Glasgow, Scotland after the break, hometown of our favorite Simon Cowell! However, Glasgow did not start off on a high note when opening act “Othelio” opened with their original song that was painful to hear, but fun to watch a 41-year-old white man jump around the stage and rap. But the funny thing about this audition was that Pierce and Amanda felt that they needed some training and then they could be really good at it. So “Othelio” move on despite the opinion of Simon.

This triggered a range of yes answers that included Zodiac, a dance group that wowed the audience with the energy, Forth Valley Chorus that showed they had talent and the first successful dog act that Simon got to see that involved Maddie the dog and her trainer dancing around on stage. Yes, Glasgow was showing that they had talent despite the first audition in their city. This season has proven that you can do anything if you have the courage to do it!

However, this stopped when the next act in Glasgow and returnee that lost his chance last year when he attempted to break the world record by eating 8 Ferrero Rocher. This was because he could only eat 5 in one minute. However, this time round, James Boyd is back and he is planning to eat the record plus one in something less complicated, After Eight Mints. However, the poor sap only ate five mints and fell short of the record once again because he only laid out five of the mints. If you were going to plan to eat nine mints in one minute, wouldn’t you think to unwrap nine? However, Ant beat him and was glad to brag of the 8 that he did eat. One more and Ant would have been the big winner not only on the show but the world record! So it was a no and James was sent home.

The last act of the night was a remarkable story on top of it. 80-year-old Janey Cutler surprised the audience and the judges as she needed help by the lovely host Ant to the stage. Singing “No Regrets” it was amazing to hear such a voice come from someone so old and tiny! She sang and the audience stood on their feet and clapped for this Great Grandma for her wonderful talent. After her performance, and after the crowd settled down after a minute, Pierce asked, “Where have you been?” Amanda called it Spectacular and Simon loved it as well. Once again Britain’s Got Talent ended their night on an extremely high note and left the audience wanting more. It was an amazing night, but unfortunately we are going to have to wait until next Saturday for the next one! So stay tuned and program your DVR for another round of fun next week!