Series 4, Auditions 7 - Recap

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The time has come and like so many things special, they had to come to a close eventually. Tonight in a climatic event, the left to audition on Britain’s Got Talent have one more chance to win over the judges to be able to have the chance to perform for the Royal Variety Show. First up for final auditions is Timmy, the first miming pig. Miming to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, the handler Christine Hill leads in with a little bit of comedy to the answer of Pierce’s question “What is he?” to which she said “He’s a Pig”. The music starts and Christine gives Timmy something. The Pig starts to mime the words to the song while Christine danced. The judges and audience were shocked and thought it was very entertaining and asked if he could do other songs as well. The answer was unanimous and this little piggy went into the next round.

Next up was Street group “Taboo” who, with their synchronized moves, danced their way into the next round. Pierce called it one the better dance groups, Simon said that there was a little bit too much music but with some more practice it would be good. Belarusian Aleshia impresses with her pole dancing and contortionist ablities to which her outfit alone made Simon and Pierce perk up a little bit more. Sean the wood chopper kept the whole audience and staff on edge for fear that he was going to cut off an appendage. Seeing that this act is way too dangerous, Simon denies Sean his spot, but Amanda and Pierce let him through. After the performance however backstage, Simon hunts down Amanda who is in the bathroom and asks “Why did she put him through”. To which no reply came.

However, the auditions continued with South London dance group “Peridot” attempted to wow the judges and right off the start it is very entertaining that has moves that doesn’t seem possible to do. The audience jumped to their feet halfway through. It is becoming clearer that a dance act might be the one again this year to win. With all the dance acts auditioning, there are a lot to beat as well. Pierce called it a great performance and Amanda called it genius, Simon admitted that there are two other dance groups that are stronger and that “Peridot” needed to pick it up, but gives them the chance they need and they move on to the next round.

After the break, Ali Baba attempts to impress the judges with his dancing to Michael Jackson but it is not good enough for Simon and Pierce and after 2 buzzes, Mimek walks off the stage without even allowing for the Amanda to buzz. He attempts to redeem the buzzes but it seemed with his temper and lack of concentration and almost dropping his assistant. This act was terrible to watch and it scared Amanda and not to mention the assistant I would bet too. Amanda called it a desperate act and said that it was uncomfortable to watch. Pierce said that he got crazy during the act the madder her got. So Ali Baba doesn’t get their chance to move on.

This set off a slew of rejections with elderly friends Peter and Doreen sing horribly and seemed to not know what to do next afterwards. Suzanne the secretary plays the keyboard and gets the buzzes quickly with her deaf toned voice and horrific playing. Finally, ventriloquist Steven wants to attempt to perform but is quickly buzzed off to which he responds rudely to the audience and judges by saying “All you can do is sit there and say Booo!” Truly no class in that!

The next act, Dance Flavourz, enter the scene with scantily dressed dancers. They enter and start dancing with the butt shaking in thong underwear and by the way that Simon perked up, it is pretty certain that every man including Simon got a little excited in it. The dance group ends on an interesting dance and Pierce called it “special” and that they were compelling to watch. Amanda admitted that she couldn’t take her eyes off. Simon admitted that they are getting though because of their outfits.

The lack of buzzes continue with “The Fusion”, a dancing group of people dressed as witches makes at least 2 judges convinced with their “dancing with a twist” as they called it through. Kev Orkian, posing as a Armenian man, impresses the audience and judges with Elton John’s classic “CD version” and we find out what was meant by “CD version” when he includes skips from what a CD would do what he meant by it and he admits at the end that he is from North London and not Armenia. He gets through to the next round. Father and Son act sing their way through to the next round and the Father, who has been waiting to perform with his son for a while, gets emotional.

The auditions continue with A3 brothers who want to attempt to impress the judges with their dance moves and the three brothers start off with pristine dance routine that wows the judges and audience. The brothers share a hug at the end and all are emotional. Amanda called it Brilliant, Pierce enjoyed it. But Simon said that it was really good at the beginning but then it all ran out of steam. However, he called it exceptional and there are positives all around. The brothers move on to the next round.

With auditions about to close a bunch of acts go through that include Team Shalom who impress the judges with their martial arts dancing that included a little one bouncing on his head. But don’t worry, no little boy dressed like a monk was hurt during the filming of this show. Emile Harris sings his own song and gets through and little boy 10 year old Nathan who has brought his family and even has a girlfriend with him wants to have his moment. He impresses everyone with his talent of eyebrow rising to the Austin Power’s soundtrack. The audience and gets into the spirit and everyone starts doing it too! Simon says that it is a dying art due to Botox and Nathan goes through.

Last up for the auditions is cross-dresser Phillip Grimmer who is a repeat from a few years ago when he danced as Kylie, but this time he is up to impersonating Madonna. Right from the start it is ridiculous and Simon buzzes him. However, the audience gets on their feet and it just looked like this drunken man dancing on stage was actually going to win the vote. Pierce thought it was entertaining. Simon called it horrendous and says no. Amanda agrees with Pierce and says that it takes courage to get on the stage and puts him through.

After 7 weeks of auditions, they are over, and as it is customary, they show the traditional recap of the funniest moments of the past six episodes and the different reactions of the performers. This also included the entrance of Louis Walsh and the epic entrance of Simon after he was sick on the stage. The talent has really shown that Britain’s Got Talent this year still and each have their own talent to make it through to the next round. However, it is judgment time. Will the groups that got through be able to get through to the semi-finals?

After the break it is decision time and the groups get to find out if they have the spot in the semi-finals and to be able to continue to fight another day. With the 180 acts chosen by the judges, only 40 have a spot in the next round. The judges go through the performances again and rewind back to the fact that there were a lot of dance acts, kids and other different groups of people that have performed. The judges bicker back and forth but finally come to a decision and the numbers are calculated. Now for the hard part, telling the picks they have made. With only 40 spots in the semi-finals a lot of dance groups get through and dreams were crushed and others were enforced. There were acts that were favorites and 40 different acts got through to see another week of try-outs. The real show begins now to find the next winner of Britain’s Got Talent! Join them soon on Monday evening when elimination round starts up!