Series 4, Semi Finals 1 - Recap

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And the Semi-Finals are underway and this season has been interesting with a lot of interesting people and as Simon says, “the wackiest bunch” they have ever had. So Britain’s Got Talent is LIVE in London this week all week to broadcast the Semi-Finals of the chosen 40! The stage has been revamped and they are in a new place. The judges enter in a monumental way and they are all dressed in their Sunday’s best. Ant and Dent are sporting their best as well. The judges talk about the competition and that they don’t have a clue which acts will be going through. Simon is certain that he will be using his buzzer because of the acts that, “Squiggly and Diggily” put through as he gestured to Amanda and Pierce. But the acts are going to be able to have the chance based on the audience voting. With longer time to perform, who will get through to the next round?

Threebee Dance Company is up first and they tell their story again and the how they came together. With the mix of Bollywood hits they are determined to amaze the audience. Right off the start, they show their skill as dancers and with the choreography strait to their roots of India, these dancers have fun on stage and are synchronized in their every move. Adding flips to the mix the dancers finish with spirits high and Pierce felt the performance was absolutely brilliant and that it was so much better then the first. Amanda agrees and says that they were extraordinary. Simon feels that it was terrific and it made them stand out and that they are going to be an act to beat.

After the break is 14 year old Olivia Archbold is up and they tell her story on how she is living her dreams and the pressure is on. Singing a song by Kate Winslet that is not well known to many she is going to attempt to win the popular vote. Her voice is on pitch through the song and it was a subtle performance that the judges felt was subtle as well. Pierce said that her performance was good but felt that he liked the first one better. Amanda felt that she was great and that it was good to see the different side of her. Simon said she handled her nerves amazingly well. But all judges felt that the first song was a little better. She walks off in all smiles.

Kevin Cruise comes on the scene and he tells his story and he is determined to change Simon’s mind of Kevin’s performance that he is going to give. This guy is not a good singer at all but he is an entertainer to the audience. The first to buzz of course is Simon. It looks like he was not impressed of the act despite Kevin’s wishes. The act was a little uncomfortable at parts especially when he did hip thrusts in short shorts. However, the audience loved it and Pierce said it was magnificent. He loved it because it created discomfort for Simon. Amanda loved it as usual. Simon did not like it but he gives Kevin an A for effort. Kevin walks off the stage.

Next up is the noxious Stevie Star “The Regurgitator”. He talks about his past and he admits that his act is a different then any other act. The warning is told of course that the act is dangerous and Stevie’s plan is to swallow a light bulb. It is gross seeing his stomach jiggle around though. He returns the light bulb in perfect condition. His next act consists of Amanda’s ring. She is only wearing her engagement ring and it is apparent that she doesn’t want to part with it even for a moment. Amanda tells him that she is following him to the toilet. He swallows the ring and gives her a lock and key to lock and have him swallow it. The plan is to unlock the lock and put the ring in the lock and lock it again. He then regurgitates the lock with the ring in the lock! The ring, lock, and key are dry. Amazing talent! Pierce said it was extraordinary and incredible. Amanda is relieved to get her ring back and it was astonishing. Simon said it was astonishing, but wants to know what it is next. When advertising the number, Stevie regurgitates a mobile! This threw off Ant and Dent as they stumble to announce the next act.

Next up is Tobias Mead the brilliant street dancer. The story of Tobias talks on how his dad wanted him to be a footballer, but his passion was dancing. His determination this time is to cover more ground. In a futuristic scene, He uses a floating ball as a prop and moves around the stage that doesn’t seem possible to do. With the dancing, the best part in the performance when he used the pole and lifted his body up and held it there. This was most definite his best. The audience loved it of course and Tobias said it was really amazing and it was a dream come true. Pierce said it was amazing, Amanda was shocked and loved it, and Simon said it was Outstanding! Tobias said that he took Pierce’s advice about covering more ground and had a lot of fun.

Kindling cutter Sean Sheehan enters the stage and we hear of his passion of bringing back the art of kindling cutting. However, Simon feels that it is pointless of an act. This is an extremely dangerous act and Sean begins his act dressed as a Knights Templar, the boring story and singing begins horribly and throughout the cutting of the kindle, the knife is dull and it looks like his nerves are getting to him. Pierce sees this and laughs. He finishes his performance and Pierce was intrigued and was wondering if he was going to hurt himself. Amanda admits that she was scared that he was going to cut off his fingers. Simon stuck to his previous statement and said it was pointless. Pierce tries to popularize his performance by saying that his act is a dying art and there are a lot of Britain people who are still kindling cutting

16 year old Josh Barry is up and his story of him living at home and how his parents are proud of him comes up. He wants this to go well and wants to prove to Simon that he can be a solo singer. With background dancers, Josh enters and sings his song and it is entertaining but singers are really limited to what they can do. After the performance, Josh shows that he is sporting British boxers. Pierce feels that there was something missing and that he did not like the first 45 seconds of the song. However, Amanda is his number one fan and thought that it was amazing. Simon says it was a lot better then first. But, he still feels that his vocals need a little bit of work.

Last act Spelbound is up and they truly are saving the last act for the best. Their story of being a great family group and they want to deliver and take more risks in the performance. Right off, with a tribute to fire and ice, the dancers show that they are never a stranger to the stage and amaze the audience with their one handed hand stand on top of each others heads and triple flips. There is a lot going on the stage and it is entertaining. This is the best gymnastics ever seen on Britain’s Got Talent. The first standing ovation of the evening goes to this act and it is definitely popular. Pierce’s first words were “Bloody Hell” and he said it was amazing! Amanda says that it was High Voltage High Energy. Simon said that he never seen anything like this outside of the United Kingdom. The performers are all done and they take a break for a half an hour. Stay tuned for the results!