Series 4, Semi Finals 4 (Results) - Recap

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Result time and the results are calculated to see who is going to go through to the Finals on Saturday and who is going to go home packing. Dec stumbles through his lines to introduce the review of the act that performed tonight and blames that he has been drinking too much. Turning to the judges for their opinions of the acts, Amanda said that there were a lot of dance acts and that it is going to be hard to decide. Pierce said that the finals are shaping nicely. Ant asks if Simon is feeling alright because he admitted that he has been wrong twice now during the competitions.

Miley Cyrus enters to perform a number that is definitely not Hanna Montana and it shows that she is definitely broken from the Disney Channel contracts. With her “stage kisses” with the female dancers and an adult outfit, it is clear that she is trying to say something. Granted we know that she is turning 18 in November but come on! Overall it was a good song and Ant and Dec call it amazing. She promotes her new CD coming out soon and she walks off stage. The two hosts promote the LIVE tour coming up soon and then they role the clip of what a spot in the final means to each of the contestants.

A place in the final for Ice means that it means a lot for them. Tyler Patterson is following is dream and would love to perform in front of royalty. For Emile Harris, he wants to perform his music to people around the world. Twist and Pulse want it so that they can be closer to their dream. Team Saloim want to show Britain what they are made from. Mark James wants to “Entertain the Masses”. For “The Fusion”, they say it would be amazing to get to finals. For Janey Cutler it would be out of the world and it would be the greatest honor of her life.

The 8 semi-finalists enter and are introduced. The first act to get through on the popular vote is Janey Cutler. The next two most popular acts for the judge’s choice are Twist and Pulse and “The Fusion”. The rest go home packing and have to try again some other time. Now it is time for the hard part of the show. The crowd goes crazy shouting their opinion and this is going to be a very difficult choice. Pierce called “The Fusion” brilliant but called Twist and Pulse the best act of the competition and has to choose them. Simon agrees with Pierce but he is going to have to go with The Fusion based on the dancing they did tonight. The vote rests on Amanda and you can tell it is a very hard for her. After a hard choice she chooses Twist and Pulse. So “The Fusion” goes off stage and it is Twist and Pulse and Janey Culter who are going on to the Finals on Saturday. Returning tomorrow night for the last batch of talent to see who is going to be the next two to go through to the finals!