Series 4, The Final - Recap

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It has been a wonderful season and like all things, it must come to an end for a time. It is Finals Night for Britain’s Got Talent and all the stops have been pulled out. Ten acts are up to prove that they have what it takes to gain a spot in the Royal Variety Show and the prize of ₤100,000. The acts to perform for this coveted achievement are: Twist and Pulse, Liam McNally, Paul Burling, Christopher Stone, Tina and Chandi, Connected, Kieran Gaffney, Tobias Mead, Janey Cutler, and Spellbound. The competition is top notch and no judge has a clue which is going to win this year. The judges enter in the best outfits yet and Amanda has yet another dress and surprises with a new haircut too! The public have gotten it right for the talent in the finals this year and all are excited to see what they finalists have to offer.

First act are Twist and Pulse. Bringing comedy to street dancing, they are good mates that laugh and want to perform at their best. This could be the chance to change their lives forever. Entering they do a cartoon medley to all the greats and dance and get the crowd on their feet in the end. It is amazing how they can remember all the different moves and Dec tells them that they like the Cheeky Girls because of the reference in their music choice. Simon Calls it the best routine they’ve seen of them. Amanda tells them that they are they are the future of dance. Pierce loved the act and that it was original and unique. It is all smiles for Twist and Pulse as they exit the stage.

Next up is 14 year old Liam McNally. This is his chance to win it all and he talks about how singing makes him feel good and that he is making people happy. His parents are proud and Liam wants to go out and sing the best he has ever sung. Singing “O Danny Boy” again, he sings well but we all know that re-singing something that you have sung already is not a good gamble. However, the audience are on their feet and Pierce says that he has he did an amazing job with his voice and Amanda agrees. She says that he sang the song beautifully. Simon says that Liam was note perfect and said that he raised it up a notch in the performance.

Next up comedian Paul Burling and he is ready to go for the gold. Paul is the excited to show his talent and that he has to get it right and not mess it up. Doing a song by the Proclaimers “I’m gonna be. 500 miles!” he mixes all his talents together and impresses the audience with the talent that he has for impressions. From the cast of “The Simpsons” to a variety of London’s finest in television, he does it all to win the spot in the Royal Variety. Pierce loved it and says that Paul is a natural and worthy of a spot. Amanda would love him to win because there isn’t a voice he can’t do and that it was very entertaining. Simon tells that he made a brilliant choice to do the act like he did.

Singing accountant Christopher Stone enters the stage next for the chance to win. He has the chance to leave his old life as an accountant and wants to be able to get and share his musical talent with the world. He enters singing “Somewhere” from West Side Story. This musical talent hits every note and showcases his range greatly. Pierce said he loved it and that he needs to give up his job as an accountant and just do singing. Amanda says that he has so much inside and that he wants this to happen. She enjoyed his performance. Simon remembers that when he walked on stage the first time he was a scared puppy and that now he has that natural wonderful talent and did an amazing job tonight.

Next up is Tina and Chandi and being in the finals for them is the best feeling in the world. Working side by side for 12 years, this team has a chance to shine through and prove they have a spot in the Royal Variety as well. Doing a jazzy routine again, they show that this dog has talent and can follow a routine greatly. Repeating some of the same moves like last time, the act was fun for Tina and Chandi, but is it enough for the opinion of the judges? Pierce said it was not the best routine, but feels that Chandi and Tina are a lovely act to watch. Amanda tells that the routine was unique and compliments the bond that they share. Simon tells that he loved the act and that they are a pleasure to watch as well.

Boy band Connected are up now and they have it in their mind to make an impression and will Singing “What about Now” by Westlife, the boys prove that they have the range to make the boy band industry proud. They have stepped it up greatly but are they good enough for the judges and voters? After the performance the crowd shows their appreciation and Pierce tells that they got it all together and the vocals are getting better and better with every performance. He tells him that if Simon doesn’t want to manage him, then he will. Amanda tells that it is good to see a boy band that is actually a “boy” band. She says that they are going to be massive. Simon tells that they weren’t as good as they were a in the Semi-finals, but they are good enough for the votes.

Kieran Gaffney is up and he talks about how he is very excited to be in the finals. The parents are in a state of shock to have him in the finals. Kieran loves drumming and is determined to give it his all. Drumming a solo to “Wipe Out”, he makes listening to a solo drummer on stage really fun and entertaining. On a tilted floating platform again, Kieran showcases his talent greatly and make it very entertaining to watch. Pierce tells him that he is that he has unbelievable talent. Amanda tells that it was even better then yesterday. Simon tells that he is a cleaver young man and a showman. He has real passion and really likes him. He is one happy kid as he walks off the stage.

Back again and this time is street dancer Tobias Mead. He has had the best time of his life and that he wants to take a risk and that wants to be able to take it to the top. Floating in he dances with a mask on the back of his head again and does moves that you would think would be impossible to do. The act runs a little shorter then last time but it pays off with the judges loving it. Pierce calls him a showman and that he can see his act making it in Las Vegas. Amanda says that his talent is top notch and says that he is “eye candy”. Simon tells that he is the best dancer yet.

80 year old Janey Cutler is up and is happy to be in the final. She tells that she has been singing since she was 6 years old and she would love to be able to go to the Variety Show. She intends to sing her heart out tonight, but hopefully not literally. Singing “No Regrets” again, this singer shows her talent and that she deserves the spot in the finals. This 80 year old woman gets a standing ovation in the end and Pierce tells that she was a little behind in the music at the beginning but recovered greatly. Amanda tells that she wants her autograph and that she was amazing. Simon says that it is really hard to catch up in the music and that it is best to remember the second part of the performance and that it was great.

Last act of the evening to perform for their spot in the Royal Variety Show is Spelbound. The coach is very proud of the act and that winning would mean the world to them. They want to show that they are worthy of the spot in the show. Opening with a routine of flips and twists, this gymnastic group wows the audience when they throw one of the gymnasts over the judges’ booth. This act is very entertaining to watch and they show it with the story they tell in their dance as well. With human jump ropes and amazing choreography, this is the act of the night that wows everyone in the audience longer then anything else. After the performance they tell that they have a full schedule. Pierce tells that they showed that they have the chance to win it all. Amanda tells that they are hosting the 2012 Olympics in England and that their act would make a great opener. Simon says that their act would have won the gold at the Olympics and that it was amazing.

The acts have all performed and the voting begins to go through the phone lines. They look back on the year with the many people who audition and the funny and annoying acts that were not able to get through and the many acts that have made us all laugh and cheer. The acts this year have proven to be the best and they go through all the acts that have made it to the finals and talk about the things that made them love them. Ant and Dec talk with the judges and Amanda tells that this week has been grafting a strong final and no one could decide who would win. Pierce said that almost every act showed up their game and that it was great. Simon tells that it was a bizarre week and that the acts all have fought for their spot. He has his eye on one act especially. Usher is welcomed on Britain’s Got Talent and this recording artist shows his stuff on stage. Usher gives advice to the acts and tells them to never give up and to always go for the dreams. After Usher, James Cordon and Dizzy Rascal are up and they share their single for the World Cup.

This marks the lines to be close and the results calculated. With the votes in and the finalists all come out on stage. This has been a long time coming for them all and the Top 3 acts that were voted for by the public are Twist and Pulse, Spellbound, and Kieran Gaffney! The other acts are to go home but we all know that this is not the end of it all. The 3rd Place position goes to Kieran Gaffney and he takes it well. This boy has a future for sure in show business. Twist and Pulse and Spellbound are up for the spot at the ₤100,000 and a place at this year’s Royal Variety Performance. The winner is…….drum roll…..SPELBOUND!!! Although Twist and Pulse go home today, they surely have a future in their dancing. Spelbound talk about the act and Simon tells the group that they did an amazing job. The group performs for the audience again and we are reminded that this year has been worthy of the talent that is wanted on Britain’s Got Talent! That is all for another year, wonder what talent will bless the stage next year?