Series 5, Auditions 2 - Recap

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Week 2 of Auditions and Ant and Dec are back along with the judges Amanda Holden, David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre for another round to find who has talent enough to make it through to the end. The judges get in and get settled in their seats. Tonight they start off in Manchester to see if they can find the best talent among them.

First up is Mickey Gooch, a martial artial arts specialist. He is going to be doing a one handed, one finger push-up. He gets set up and then begins. Amanda buzzes right away because she is grossed out, but the other judges allow him to continue and Mickey’s finger is bending really bad. He gets done with his set and Amanda says that she doesn’t think that it is good for the Royal Variety Show. Michael and David agree and Michael is rejected from going on to the next round.

Next up are 91-year-old Ted and his granddaughter, Grace. They tell that Ted was a performer back in the day and that now Grace has the voice to do it too. They enter and Ted is hard-of-hearing and starts to sing with his microphone away from him. He gets it and sings. Grace comes in and has good voice. At the end, David tells that it beats America’s Got Talent, Michael tells that he needs a Ted doll that says “What?!” He says that it was great. Amanda says that it was sweet. They get all three judges to say yes and move on to the next round.

Les Gibson is next and is going to do impersonations. He comes out on stage and starts off doing Ant and Dec. He continues to do impersonations of all the great British celebrities. David Hasselhoff is oblivious of who Les is doing. He ends and Michel tells him that he is very good and says that it is even funnier because David has no clue who the celebrities were. Amanda tells that Les is very good. David says that Les showed confidence in his act and that is good enough for him. Les gets the three to say yes and moves on to perform again.

This sets off a lost in translation on David’s part where different acts come out on stage and David has Amanda help him out when Linda and her dog, Fen come out and David thinks she is saying that the dog’s name is Ned, Margaret Austin who is a Lollipop lady and David doesn’t know what that is and James Kingg, who he doesn’t understand at all.

However, hoping to have David understand her is Elaine Williams and she wants to show off her skills as a stand up comedian. When she gets out on stage and begins her act, she is not good at all. Amanda buzzes her and Elaine tries to recover from it, but the audience boos her to get off the stage. She curses at the audience and walks off the stage. David is shocked and Ant and Dec try to tell her that she only got one X so far, but she doesn’t care and leaves.

They move on to Birmingham for the YouTube contestants that they opened the talent too and up to perform is Pip and her dog Buddy. They come out on stage and Pip tells that Buddy does a trick that is unique. Pip starts to sing opera and she is really good, but the Buddy shows his talent when he howls along with her to the music. At the end, Amanda asks if Buddy sings anything else and Pip says just Classical and Opera, but they will try a remix. The judges say yes to her and Pip and Buddy move on to the next round.

Back to Manchester, and next up is Razy Gogonea. He says that he is going to do some body popping and break dancing. He starts and it is amazing at what he can do with his body. At the end, Michael tells that it was excellent. Amanda says that she found it exciting. David says that he is like a real life video game and the judges say yes to him and put him through.

The auditions move to Glasgow and closing the show is Edward Reed, a drama teacher. He says that he has always wanted to sing and have “An Evening with Edward Reed”. He starts to sing and changes the lyrics to famous songs to Nursery Rhymes. All the audience loves it and so do the judges. They tell that they weren’t expecting that and say that it was brilliant. The auditions come to a close for the week and they move on to another city.