Series 5, Semi Finals 2 (Results) - Recap

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It is Results time and Two & A Half Men, Enchantment, Herbie Armstrong, New Bounce, Jean Martyn, Lorna Bliss, David & Karen and Up & Over It are all waiting for their results to see if they have made it into the finals or not. Ant and Dec ask the judges ask how the night was. Amanda says that it was bonkers and it was great. She says that Jean impressed her. Michael says that “New Bounce” were amazing. David says that the magic act was amazing. Simon says that “New Bounce” was great. They recap the performances and the things they were saying backstage.

Amanda Holden and Shrek the Musical performs on stage and the audience gets into it. They sing “I’m A Believer”. They give them a standing ovation and Ant and Dec talk with Amanda and Simon says that Amanda was really good.

The lines are closed and the Semi-Finalists come out. Only 2 acts are going through to the Finals and they pick their Top 3. Lorna Bliss goes home. Herbie Armstrong is going home. New Bounce are in the Top 3. Enchantment are going home. Up and Over It are going home. David & Karen are in the Top 3. Jean Martyn is in the Top 3 while Two & A Half Men are going home.

They bring up the Top 3 acts to see which two acts are going through to the finals. The act that is definitely through to the finals is “New Bounce”. They tell that they are speechless. This leaves David & Karen and Jean Martyn. David picks Jean Martyn. Michael says that it is Jean Martyn. Amanda says that Jean Martyn as well. She makes it through. Simon would have picked Jean as well. This means that “New Bounce” and Jean Martyn are in the final!