Series 5, Semi Finals 3 (Results) - Recap

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Results time and The Circus of Horrors, Jay Worley, Angela & Teddy, Abyss, Wachiraporn Tirpak, Les Gibson, James Hobley and Gay & Alan are all waiting for their results to see if they did what they should to make it into the Finals on Saturday. Ant and Dec asks the judges what they thought of the night. Amanda says that there are there are two in the mix. Michael says that there are three in there. David says that James was amazing and picks him to win. Simon says that James is great too.

Avril Levine performs on stage and she shows what it means to be a performer in today’s music industry and is great. Ant and Dec talk to her and she says that it is hard to come up there and says that she liked Jay and James.

The lines are now closed and the eight Semi-Finalists come to the stage and are eager for their results. James Hobley makes it in the Top 3. Wachiraporn Tirpak is going home. Circus of Horrors are going home. Angela & Teddy are going home. Abyss are going home. Les Gibson is in the Top 3. Jay Worely is going home and Gay and Alan are in the top 3.

The top 3 go to the center of the stage and the one most definitley going to the Finals is Les Gibson. Les says that it feels fantastic and it is overwhelming. The judges vote on James Hobley and Gay & Alan. David and Michael vote James through. Amanda picks Gay & Alan and Simon says that he is bringing the show back to planet Earth and votes for James Hobley. So it is Les Gibson and James Hobley who are in the Finals!