Series 6, Auditions 1 - Recap

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Another season of Britain’s Got Talent kicks off and Ant and Dec are back better then ever! There are four judges and 500,000 pounds as the prize money! Simon is back along with Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon. They kick off the audition round in Manchester and they take a look around the judges talking and the acts getting ready. The judges take to their seats and Simon says that there is prize money that is higher.

The first act is Anthony Barnett-Jose and he is dressed like a Roman soldier. He says that he is doing an impression of Maximus from Gladiator. He starts up and all he does is quote the lines of Gladiator. They judges are speechless and dismisses him.

This sets off a bunch of acts that are horrible. One act “Skate of Mind” takes to the stage and David asks them if they have ever made love with roller skates on. They say that they haven’t and he says that “Today’s the day!” The act doesn’t go well and the guy throws him in the wing. Other acts gets 4 buzzes right away.

One act, Sam Kelly, hopes to turn it around. He is a musician. He plays his guitar and sings “To Make You Feel My Love” and the crowd is silent. Afterward, the crowd gives him a standing ovation. Alesha says that the song was honest. Amanda says that it was beautiful. David says that he was blown away. Simon says that he nailed it because he has an amazing voice. They give him the pass to the next round.

The auditions continue and Alesha doesn’t seem to like any of the acts that come out on stage. The “Sugar Dandies” are next and they are ballroom dancers. They tell the judges that they are gay and married. At the end, David gives them a standing ovation. Simon says that it was good, but they almost fell over. David says that Simon and him can dance sometime. Alesha says that they are amazing and would love to see them again. David says that their love for each other came across. Amanda says that it was courageous and beautiful. They vote them through to the next round.

Next up for the night is 133 contestants come out. They are called “Only Boys Allowed”. Just two of the boys come out on stage and the judges seem bored. However, when the other 131 boys come on stage, they perk up and so does the crowd. The judges and crowd give them a standing ovation. Amanda says that she found it really moving. David says that they were looking for a great choir and they are just that. Simon says that he loved it and says that they are amazing. They vote them through.

The stage is moved to London and Amanda is at the hospital. They fly in Carmen Electra. First act for London is Barbara and Bradley. As Barbara recites her poem, Bradley dances around and the act makes no sense. Simon asks if Barbara knows what Bradley is doing in the back. They tell them that it is not going to happen for them.

Next act is Dennis Egel. He is a singer from Germany. He is not a great singer, but his outfit opens up and it is interesting for the crowd. David says that it was great and that he wants to see more. Alesha says that she doesn’t like it. Carmen says that she has to say yes. Simon says that he has never seen this before and that he has to say yes to him.

The next contestant is up and it is someone in stilts. However, he gets a quick no. This sets off a lot of crazy acts that make the judges push their buzzers right away.

Last up for the evening are Jonathan and Charlotte. Jonathan is shy because of his size. Simon is not giving his hopes up. Everyone is shocked at the voice that comes out of Jonathan and Charlotte. They automatically get on their feet. Afterward, Alesha says that they sing beautiful. David says that it was incredible. Simon says that Charlotte is good, but Jonathan has an amazing voice. Simon asks if it is going to hold Jonathan back being a duo. Jonathan says that they came as a duo and that they are going to stay that way. They give the duet a yes to the next round. That’s it for the first round.