Series 6, Auditions 2 - Recap

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The search continues for Britain’s Got Talent and tonight they are in Blackpool and they hope that they don’t have another repeat like they had the four years ago. Ant and Dec tell that they are hoping to get a better delivery of talent. Alicia Dixon, David Walliams arrive to the city and the citizens are certain that Simon will change his mind. Simon arrives and he says that he loves Blackpool despite what they think.

Lily and the Pineapple Hunks are the first group up and they say that they are going to see something that they haven’t seen before. Simon buzzes them right away. David is confused and buzzes them. Alesha is not happy about it. After the performance, Simon says that it was the worst singing and dancing act he has ever seen.

This sets off a montage of bad acts that make the judges regret that they ever came back to Blackpool.

Hoping to turn things around is Ashley Elliott and he is a xylophone player. He says that he has been playing it for a while and wants to prove that it is good. Simon is bored and so is Alesha. They buzz him. David gets into it and starts to dance around Simon. The audience gives him a standing ovation and Ant and Dec come out and hug him. Alesha says that he would be a great addition to a band. Simon says that he is a brilliant player and the audience loved it. David says yes to him, Alesha says that no. Simon says that this would be a nightmare, but he listens to what an audience likes and don’t like. He says that he agrees with David and lets him in the next round.

The auditions move to Birmingham and Amanda joins them. First up is Beatrix Von Bourbon and she says that she is a bit nervous. She confuses the judges until she reveals that she is a striptease act. Afterward, Simon asks her if she has a second song. He says that he has been looking for the UK version of a Burlesque Dancer and says that it was great. They all vote her through to the next round.

“The Mend” is next and they want to be a successful band. They perform and get a great reaction from the audience. Alesha says that was a fantastic audition. Amanda says that she loved the song choice. Simon says that they all have great chemistry. They vote and “The Mend” gets through to the next round.

The search moves to London and Carmen Electra fills in for Amanda. The next to audition is “Deja Vu”. They perform and they are off key. David buzzes. Simon stops the music and David says that it wasn’t together. Simon says that it was a little Horror Filmish and says that her concept is not going to work. The judges all say no.

Next up is Twist & Pulse Dance Company. The runner-ups to Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago have made a dance company together. They come out and they get a standing ovation. Alesha says that she loved it and says that they went from humor to aggression. Carmen says that they were awesome. Simon says that it was funny, sharp and says that it was brilliant. David says that they were fantastic. They vote them through to the next round.

Back in Blackpool, next up is Ryan O’Shaughnessy and he is a musician. He is worried what Simon is going to think. He comes out and says that he is going to sing his own song that is dedicated to a girl who refused to go out with him. They push for a name, but he doesn’t give up the name. He gets a standing ovation from the audience. David says that is the most beautiful songs he has ever heard. Alesha says that it was really lovely. Simon says that if the girl doesn’t want to go after him after this, then nothing will work. That is it for the second round of auditions.