Series 6, Auditions 7 - Recap

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The 7th round of auditions is underway and so far the talent has been great. It is the final auditions and the judges are hopeful that they are going to find a superstar amongst the crowd. The hopefuls line up to wait for the oncoming acts.

First up is “Aquabatique”. They are a team of former professional synchronized swimmers. They take the judges and audience outside to do their act. David says that he was completely blown away. Alesha says that it was really great. Simon says that it made him feel patriotic and proud. They get through to the next round.

Next up is Martyn Crofts. He says that he has an act that is unique. He puts a sauce pan on his head and does a Dalek voice. Simon buzzes, but everyone else loves it. Amanda says that she loved it. David says that it was very original. Alesha says that she really enjoyed it despite needing to hate it.

After a bunch of magician acts that fail miserably, Brynolf & Ljung come on and tell the judges that they are going to do a card trick. Right away, all the judges are not happy about this. They have David sign a card and Amanda picks a number. She picks the number 12. The other magician’s mouth and eyes are duct taped. They manage to not get the right card and Simon and Alesha buzz. However, once the tape is removed, the guy has the card in his mouth. It is David’s card. They are amazed and Simon says that he shouldn’t have buzzed them and says that they were great. They get through to the next round.

The auditions move to London and the act up next is “Like Mother Like Daughter”. They begin and the mum sings 80% of the song by herself and the daughter raps. Simon stops them and says that they are supposed to be a duet and says that the daughter was better then the mum. They ask to hear just the daughter. Abby raps on stage and Simon stops her after a little bit and says that Abby is a little rapper and should get a band together. However, for the Mother/Daughter act, it is a no.

After a bunch of comedic failures, next up is Catis Kandis, another comedian. He is from Latvia and has been living in London. After his skit, Simon says that he is the funniest non-funny comedians he has ever seen. They vote him through to the next round. That concludes the audition part of the competition.

Now the decisions are in and the acts that got through to the next round are going to see if they get a spot in the LIVE Semi-Finals. The judges convene and pick out the acts that are going to stay and which ones are going to go home. After a bit of arguing, Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David come to a decision.

After two groups getting a no, the judges say yes to United We Stand, Nu Skool and other acts. This includes the Twist & Pulse Dance Crew and many others. However, it is not always good news as some acts find out. One of the acts was going to get a yes, but turns out that he had another contract out somewhere. That is it for the decisions and the LIVE Semi-Finals are tomorrow night!