Series 6, Semi Finals 4 (Results) - Recap

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The Results are in and for “Nu Sxool”, Sam Kelly, Beatrix Von Bourbon, Be Minor, Chica Latina, Brynolf & Ljung, Malaki Paul, Gatis Kandis and The Sugar Dandies, it might be the end of their time on the Britain’s Got Talent stage. Ant and Dec talk to the judges and David says that this is the hardest show to call and it will be interesting. Alesha says that some of the acts were great, but some weren’t. Amanda says that “Nu Sxool” stood out. Simon says that the stand-out was Sam.

Labyrinth comes out and performs on stage and gets the energy in the room going. The audience and judges give him a standing ovation. Ant and Dec come out and say that was amazing. They ask who he liked and he says that he loved Beatrix and “Nu Sxool”.

The phone lines are closed and they look at what the Finals means to the acts. Ant and Dec talk to the acts backstage and they tell Sam that he was trending on Twitter. Chica Latina says that she just wants to work for Simon.

The acts come out on stage for their results to see who is in the Top 3. After the votes are read, the Top 3 are: Sam Kelly, “Nu Sxool” and Malaki Paul.

The Top 3 come to the center of the stage and the winner of the public vote is Sam Kelly! The judges’ choice is up and David chooses “Nu Sxool”. Alesha says that she has to go with Malaki Paul. Amanda says that she is going with “Nu Sxool”. Simon says that he is going to have to go with “Nu Sxool”. Malaki is emotional about the rejection. “Nu Sxool” and Sam Kelly join Ashleigh & Pudsey, “Only Boys Aloud”, “Loveable Rouges”, Molly Rainford, Jonathan & Charlotte and Kai & Natalia in the Finals!