Series 6, Semi Finals 5 - Recap

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The Final round of the Semi-Finals is underway and tonight the Final 9 acts come out and perform. Those are: Face Team, Hope, Billy George, Aquabatique, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Strictly Wheels, Greig Stewart, Martyn Crofts and Callum Oakley. Ant and Dec come out and welcome the crowd. They talk to the judges and David says that tonight is the most varied acts of amounts. Alesha says that this is the one to celebrate. Amanda says that they have had longer to rehearse tonight. Simon says that it is going to be quite an interesting night.

First up is “Face Team”. They have practiced this for many years and says that they spend a lot of time practicing. Tonight is going to be difficult because they are putting danger into the act. They come out and perform. Afterward, Alesha gives them a standing ovation. David says that they all look great and really hopes that the people vote for them. Alesha says that it was great and that they were like jumping Spidermen and says that it was great. Amanda says that it was flawless and perfect. Simon says that he welcomes all the different countries and says that this was better.

Greig Stewart is up next. He says that he is more of a Geek more then a Nerd. He says that he is a fan of many games. He says that he never thought that it would get this far. He comes out and plays the laser harp. Simon buzzes. Amanda Buzzes too. Alesha and David dance and David tries to get Simon into it. Afterward, David says that Simon doesn’t know what kids are getting down to nowadays. Alesha says that when the dancers came in, it became more interesting. Amanda says that he loved the music, but didn’t really get into it and says that it is too nerdy. Simon says that it sounded terrible and says that he needs more practice.

Next up is Billy George. He says that he is happy to be in the Semi-Finals and says that the wheel is quite dangerous and hopes things don’t go wrong for him. He comes out and gets into the wheel. Afterward, David smiles and says that he doesn’t need the ring because he came out without his shirt and the girls screamed. He says that he loved the act and says that it is so different. Alesha says that he looked wicked and says that it is new and different. Amanda says that he brought it to a level that everyone likes and says that he is like the Peter Pan of the ring. Simon says that what he did was brilliant.

Martyn Crofts is next. He says that he wants to make people laugh and wants to make a career out of this. He comes out dressed like a Dalek and has Daleks come out. Simon buzzes. Afterward, Alesha and Amanda have sauce pans on their heads. David says that it was incredible and says that he really has a great gift. Alesha says that she never heard a rapping Dalek and says that it was great. Amanda says that Martyn could go through to the next round with all the many Dr. Who fans. Simon says that it is not worth the Royal Family.

Callum Oakley is up next. He says that he is happy to be in the LIVE shows. He says that he is dyslexic and was never good at school. He wants to make the act perfect and says that this will be the most important moment of his life. He comes out and makes the crowd laugh. Afterward, David says that it was incredible and says that he has a confident presence and says that he is a comedy star of the future. Alesha says that she was getting into it and wishes him luck. Amanda says that he has great potential and says that he is somebody to watch. Simon says that he is naturally funny and this is a springboard for him.

Hope Murphy is next. She says that she is from Essex and has been singing for a while and says that this stage is massive. She has been putting in the practice to show off her voice. She comes out and sings. David says that she is a class act and says that she has the best voice in the competition. Alesha says that she loved how she sang the song and says that she has done Essex proud. Amanda says that she didn’t like the song, but loved her interpretation of the song and she deserves it. Simon says that he was impressed with her when she lost her way, she got back easily. He says that she was great.

Next up is “Strictly Wheels”. They say that they are excited to be in the Semi-Finals and say that they are going to go out there and show that they deserve to be here. They come out and perform. Afterward, David says that this act is completely joyous and they have proved that they can do anything. Alesha says that he loved it, but thought the audition piece was better. Amanda says that she was underwhelmed tonight. Simon says that he thought that it was good fun, but it was a little over-excited.

Aquabatique are next. They say that they know what it means to practice for what needs to happen. They are going to show what they can do. The judges and audience go outside and the act begins. They impress. Afterward, David says that was all the things that he loves. He says that he wonders of his Simon will join him in a splash around. Alesha says that they are inspirational to people. Amanda says that everything was perfect and it is something different and unique. Simon says that was absolutely brilliant and doesn’t know what the committee was thinking. He says that he is going to build a human tank in his house.

Last up for the night before the results is Ryan O’Shaughnessy. After getting told that he wasn’t through because of contracts, he is back. He says that he didn’t get the fairytale ending though. He comes out and sings. Afterward, David says that he is a major talent and says that the original song for the girl is amazing. Alesha says that he is amazing and it is all about the voice. She says that it is her loss. Amanda says that he is phenomenal and says that it was great. Simon says that he is going to get so much action after this and says that he was amazing. Simon asks what show he was on before. Ryan says that he was on The Voice in Ireland, but was voted off in the LIVE shows. He says that he is grateful that he got out of the contract. That is it for the performances! Next are the results!