Series 6, Semi Finals 5 (Results) - Recap

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The Results are in and Face Team, Hope, Billy George, Aquabatique, Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Strictly Wheels, Greig Stewart, Martyn Crofts and Callum Oakley wait backstage to hear their decisions as the Final 2 are going to get into the LIVE Finals. Ant and Dec come out and welcome the audience. They go to the judges and David says that the biggest disappointment is Simon’s showing off. Alesha says that she wishes the acts luck. Amanda says that she liked Billy. Simon says that the person who is going to win tonight is in the running to win it all.

Rebecca Ferguson comes out and performs on the stage. She sings her new single and shows what it means to be a recording artist in today’s music. Ant and Dec come out and asks what happened with her and she says that she broke her leg and that she has it for another 4 weeks. She says that she loved the love story.

They look at a video of what the Final means to the acts. Ant and Dec go backstage and they ask Hope if tonight was more nerve racking. She says that it was. Ryan says that it is really nice to be there. Aquabatique says that if they get through, then they are going to have to train hard.

The acts get called out to the stage and the results are in to find out who the Top 3. After going through the acts, the Top 3 are: Aquabatique, Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Billy George!

The Top 3 go to the center of the stage and the winner of the public vote is Ryan O’Shaughnessy. For the judges’ choice, David chooses the Aquabatique. Alesha says that she is going to choose Billy George. Amanda says that she chooses Aquabatique. Simon says that he is going to vote Aquabatique through. That is it for the Finals line-up. The acts performing Saturday are: Ashleigh & Pudsey, “Only Boys Aloud”, Jonathan & Charlotte, Kai & Natalia, Loveable Rouges, Molly Rainford, Sam Kelly, “Nu Sxool”, Aquabatique and Ryan O’Shaughnessy! One Wildcard will join them and will be revealed Saturday.