Homecoming - Recap

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Kitty is enjoying their first dinner together since the accident. The
scene shifts to two weeks before, and Sarah is on the phone with Luc,
trying to find him. They’re both at the same location, and she’s
concerned she may be late for the biggest business meeting of her
career. As it turns out, he’s not actually at the location, his
bigger-than-life underwear poster is hanging on a building.

Kevin is in court with a young man, instructing him how to comport
himself during the hearing. The kid takes the gum out of his mouth at
Kevin’s word, and drops it on Kevin’s hand.

Kitty’s mom calls and leaves a message. She’s working at a flower shop.

Kevin argues for, and the judge rules in favor of, returning Mateo to
his father. Mateo says he would have been fine in Juvie. Mateo returns
to his father and they leave court together.

Nora shows up at Saul’s place of business and asks for a vase for the
flowers while Saul is on the phone. He holds one out to her, gets off
the phone and helps her with the tables so they can have dinner there
for Justin. She remembers her conversation where she tells Justin to
just go re-enlist. He lifts her off the ground in a giant hug at the
airport. She clutches his arm, she’s so happy to see him. He asks about
Robert and the coma. Justin says it’s not a coma anymore, it’s a
vegetative state.

Kitty is doing Robert’s nails and talking to him, specifically that
Justin is home. She tells him good-bye and that she loves him.

Luc begins kissing Sarah while she is pouring herself a glass of wine.
He congratulates her on her $55,000,000 deal. They talk about going to
Paris, and she says she’d like to go that night. They end up talking
about Justin. Sarah asks him to promise that he’d end her life if she
was in Robert’s condition, and he refuses.

Kitty sees Justin and first can’t look at him but then cries a bit in
his arms. He tells her he’s doing fine. He tries to bring up the
accident but she changes the subject. Kitty asks him if he’s spoken to
Rebecca at all and he said not really. When Justin says “sometimes no
matter how hard it is, you just have to let people go”, Kitty asks if
he’s talking about Rebecca or Robert. He says Rebecca, but we can talk
about Robert if you’d like. Kitty becomes angry and tells Justin that
Robert can recover and Justin says no. He never will. Kitty walks out.

Sarah and Kevin discuss the use of the $55,000,000. She tells him what
the money can be used for, and that she wants to go to Paris with Luc.

Nora and Saul are grocery shopping together, discussing Justin, Kitty
and Robert. Saul passed on a call from a possible partner, and Nora
asked if it was because they are both positive. He becomes upset with
her but then apologizes.

Kevin gets home and is discussing Mateo with his partner, Scotty. They
start squabbling about the two miscarriages they went through together,
because Kevin doesn’t want to talk about it, but Scotty does. He accuses
Kevin of throwing himself into his work to avoid the pain of their
loss(es). Kevin says he has lost so much this year. His best friend is
on life support, and he doesn’t want to try surrogacy again.

The RNC wants to promote Kitty, frankly they feel she’s too good to
waste but she turns them down flat because of Robert. However, she does
agree to think about it.

Nora arrives, looking for Justin at his place with Rebecca. He becomes a
bit upset when he realizes that Rebecca had moved out a few weeks ago
and Nora didn’t tell him when she picked him up at the airport. Justin
makes Nora tell him why Rebecca left. She protests, but then tells him
that the accident and Justin going off to war again was more than
Rebecca could handle. He says he knew it would be rough, but that he
just figured he’d be sleeping on the couch, not that she’d be gone. Nora
blames herself for him going to war and then tells Justin about dinner
that night at the restaurant. Justin says he needs her to leave now, go.
She goes.

Nora talks to David about the fact that Justin is back, and asks if he
can have Rebecca call Justin. Holly comes into the room, very cautious
and on edge. Holly asks if William knows Nora is there, and Nora reminds
her that William is dead, he died a number of years ago. Holly tells
David to “get that woman out of my house”, and leaves the room.

Justin enters the room with the siblings and Scotty in it, and they’re
all acting kind of strange and uncomfortable. He tells them to stop it,
and they all make a conscious effort to do so. Justin asks about the
restaurant, and Scotty says it’s been open six months now. Sarah says
the food is amazing. Turns out none of them have been to the restaurant,
save Kitty and Nora for coffee.

Nora and Saul arrive, and Saul is bearing the wine that everybody is
looking for. Kevin accidentally announces that Sarah and Luc plan to
move to France. Sarah makes the announcement about the business sale.
Justin asks everybody what they’re going to do with the money, starting
with Kevin. He asks about a baby, and Kevin said that ship has sailed.
This was news to Scotty. Kitty says it should be obvious what she’s
going to do with the money; but then she doesn’t say what that would be.
Justin tries hard to get everybody to start actually talking to each
other. Kitty finally calls Justin on leaving Robert on the side of the
road to die, and she then learns what she never knew: Robert told Justin
to go. He said he could wait for the ambulance, because he knew he
wasn’t going to make it. Kitty shoves that information aside and gives
Justin some more verbal grief. She then tells Nora she won’t be staying
for dinner, and leaves.

Sarah arrives home to Luc. They discuss whether the deal is a mistake.
He says it’s not a mistake, and nobody turns their backs on $55,000,000.
Sarah says but what if Justin is right, and the land holds the family
together? She then considers putting the money in a family trust.

Scotty and Kevin find Mateo asleep under a blanket on the street. Turns
out Mateo left home because his dad drinks. Kevin says he can come in
for one night, but don’t touch anything.

Nora finds Kitty at the hospital. Not in Robert’s room, she couldn’t go
in there tonight. She realizes that the man in the coma isn’t actually
Robert - he’s not in there anymore. She knows he’s not going to get
better, but she’s not been able to make herself say good-bye. She
doesn’t know what she’s going to do without him.

Kitty walks in on Justin reading her little boy a story. She tells him
it’s time for him to go to bed, and she returns to talk to Justin. They
were at Robert’s funeral. Kitty apologizes, Justin accepts his part in
it, and they make peace. Kitty tells Justin that the past couple of
days, he has reminded her of Robert.

Justin then pulls Nora aside and thanks her for pushing. He tells her
she needs to come home, too. She needs to be overbearing, be the mom
they know and love.

The whole family gathers around the table and Uncle Saul offers a toast
to Robert.

Kitty talks to Robert at his grave, letting him know she thinks she’s
going to be okay.