Faking It - Recap

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Sarah is working on the costumes for Cooper's play. Luc thinks she's
cute, like his grandmother darning a sock. He says he's just joking when
he sees the look on Sarah's face.

He changes the subject; her birthday. She doesn't want to do anything,
but he says this one is "the big one". He's already set it all up.
Please go out to dinner with him. She agrees when he reassures her it
will just be the two of them.

Kevin and Kitty are going to call Sarah and sing "Happy Birthday" in a
round, as it really annoys her. He asks how life is treating her in
Ojai, and she likes it. It's very quiet and peaceful, as long as no
deranged siblings are calling her.

The phone rings at Sarah's while she and Luc are indulging in a serious
kissing session. It's Kevin and Kitty. She won't let them allude to her
age. When he leaves, she tells them to drop any ideas they might have of
making a to-do over her birthday. They tell her no can do, since Luc has
planned a surprise birthday dinner at the restaurant, and they are all
invited. They're reminiscing about her 40th, and she tells them that's
why they can't do anything for her birthday. Luc thinks this is her
40th. She's been lying about her age all this time. While they are
talking, Kitty's sink explodes on her.

Nora runs into an old friend at work, Celia. She recommends her
son-in-law to do some work on Nora. Nora says she'll think about it.

Rebecca's dad shows up at her job. He thinks Holly might be ready to see
her, she's been asking for her. He invites Rebecca over for that
evening, and tells her Justin is the one getting through to her.

Nora and Sarah are discussing her birthday dinner. She is afraid Nora
will blurt out her true age. Nora can't figure out why Sarah thought it
was necessary to lie in the first place. Sarah tells her she was in
France, and she thought she was never going to see him again; it seemed
perfectly logical at the time.

The possible plastic surgeon called, and since Nora was doing her nails,
she asked Sarah to just hang up the phone. Sarah is afraid Nora is
dying, so she tells the truth. Sarah says she understands, the older you
get the more it makes sense. They decide to go in for a consult together.

Rebecca arrives at Justin's. She says she can't stay but she just wanted
to thank him for helping her mom. He refuses to tell her how he helped
her mom, because she refuses to come in. When she starts to leave, he
tells her that he told Holly how he fell in love with her the moment he
saw her. He asks her in again, but she refuses, and leaves.

The plumber is working on Kitty's sink. Said it should be fixed in an
hour or two at max. He says traffic was a bear, and for some reason
Kitty says she grew up there, so she knows. He thought she looked
familiar and she says yes, he probably saw her at the farmers market.
He's glad she saved him from his other job with the city folks,
politicians are the worst. She chokes on her juice. He introduces
himself to her as Jack, and she introduces herself by the homeowner's
name, Leslie Culpepper. He asks for a wrench, and she gives him the pliers.

While they're chatting, somebody starts beating on the door and calling
Kitty's name. It's Kevin, he came up to check on her. The plumber calls
out for Leslie while Kitty is trying to get Kevin to go home
immediately. Kevin starts calling Kitty Leslie, but draws the line when
she says he has to leave.

Nora is examining her face, she says nothing is where it used to be. She
wants to feel pretty. Nobody turns to look at her anymore, unless they
want to tell her she left her car lights on.

Kevin is totally playing to Jack, all about Leslie. He won't shut up.
Jack says he has to get going, and asks to use her washroom before he
goes. Kevin gives her a talk about how Robert left them a long time
before he was actually pronounced dead, and buried. So the fact that
Jack is smoking hot and the chemistry is palpable means she should move
forward with her life. When Jack is leaving, Kevin says he can't make
dinner tonight, and Leslie shouldn't waste all that good food, so Jack
should take his place. He agrees. She'll be cooking him a souffle at 8:00.

Justin is painting. Saul is there to pick him up for the party, but
Justin says he needs five more minutes. Saul asks what's going on, so
Justin tells him Rebecca was over, and she wouldn't even come in. Saul
is sorry he's going through this. Justin knows he's changed, his whole
family knows it, too. Why can't Rebecca see it? Saul says he just needs
to give it all time. One day he'll wake up and he won't even remember
what color Rebecca had painted the walls, it will be just as though they
were his color all along. Justin wishes it were that simple.

Rebecca is at her folks', waiting to see Holly. She's nervous. They say hi.

Sarah, Luc, Nora, Kevin and Scotty are at the restaurant. Sarah's glad
it's just a small, intimate group. Scotty goes to get the next course
and asks Luc to give him a hand. Nora says Sarah needs to be honest
about her age, and she says she will; when she's 80. Kevin says maybe
next year he'll have his 30th, and Sarah sticks her tongue out at him.
Kevin's phone rings and it's Kitty. Nora asks her how long ago she put
the souffle in the oven, and Kitty says three chardonnays ago. Sarah
accidentally tells Kevin about the consultation, and he's all excited
because he wants to have his eyes done. Nora is mortified, however, as
it was supposed to be their little secret. Kitty is angry, because Nora
has a secret with Sarah, and whenever she's not there, all the good
stuff happens.

The souffle is beautiful, right up until it collapses. Jack arrives
early and hears Nora on speaker phone repeatedly saying Kitty's name.
She says it's still neighbor, lost cat, etc. Finally she owns up to
everything, including her real name. He calls her a classic politician
for misrepresenting herself. She asks him to leave, and he tells her
he'll see her around.

Sarah apologizes to Nora again, but she's really hurt. Justin and Saul
arrive late and they want to talk about Rebecca. He really wants them to
drop it. Luc tells Sarah (first in French, then in English) "There is
only one happiness in life; to be loved, and to love." Justin sees the
cake and cracks that maybe Sarah was 40 30 years ago.

Rebecca asks if she's been talking too much, and Holly says no. They
continue talking, and David excuses himself so they can continue.
Rebecca remembers going to dance on Sunday, and Holly corrects her to
ballet. Rebecca hugs her. Holly says she's sure she'll find her mother
someday. Rebecca says mom, I'm sorry and Holly doesn't understand why
she's calling her that. It's like she knows her daughter's name is
Rebecca, but she doesn't know that the young woman she's talking to is

Luc and Sarah go get a drink. He tells her he's always known how old she
is, it's on her driver's license. They finish their one drink and head
for home.

Jack shows up on Kitty's doorstep with a pizza. He figured she was
hungry. He thought it was kind of cool that she tried to start over,
reinvent herself. He asks her if she has any interest in carpentry. He
figures if she helps him, and it doesn't go well, they can cross that
off the list.

Saul and Nora discuss Justin and Rebecca, and her plastic surgeon visit.
She thinks if she was still with her life partner, he would know what
she looked like when she was young and beautiful, and would see her
'now' with a sort of endearment. Saul says he thinks she's lonely, and
rearranging her face is not going to change that.

Rebecca runs to Justin when she can't think of anywhere else to go. He
brings her some tea. She says she already lost Justin, she can't lose
Holly too. Justin tells her she's not losing anybody. She says she can't
trust him and he says yes, she can; he's a different man than he was
last year. And the reason he hasn't told anybody about the divorce is
that she hasn't, either. He knows she hasn't given up on them. She says
she should go home, and he tells her she is home. They hug, and finally

Luc gives Sarah a glass of water. She says she already has one. He says
this one is for her dentures, so she hits him over the head with her
book. He says he'll always love her, no matter how old she gets. Sarah
asks, what if he decides he wants kids. He says Paige and Cooper are his

Kitty makes cinnamon buns for Evan and puts drizzle on it. They promise
they will never tell anyone that the buns came from a can.

Nora quits her job after Zoey talks down to her one too many times. Zoey
says good luck at her age, in this economy. Nora asks what's wrong with
her age. She has the face she's earned at 63, and she's fine with it.

David arrives home, looking for Holly. She doesn't answer. He calls 911,
because she's been missing since the night before.