Scandalized - Recap

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Justin is working as an EMT. He's greeted by the nurse he's dating,
Annie. Their date is canceled since he's working a double shift. She
asks him about lunch, but she gets beeped away before he can answer.

Dr. Karl is doing a book signing, and Nora asks for her book to be
autographed. He invites her to join him behind the table. The woman in
line flirts madly with him, until Nora makes it clear that they are a
couple. The woman turns out to be a fan of Nora's as well.

Kevin and Scotty are in a foster parenting class. Scotty volunteers them
for role-playing. The caseworker has them role-play the birth mother
changing her mind after they've had the baby for 30 days. Scotty
personalizes it. Kevin is being very blase, so Scotty gives the doll
baby to Kevin and tells him to handle it. He does the same thing Scotty
did. As the class applauds, Kevin asks if everyone cries, or just the
gay dads.

Seth and Kitty are in bed, and both their phones ring so they have to
answer. Their relationship has gone viral on the net. His mom calls, and
the ring tone for her sounds like a screaming harpy. She then calls
Kitty, who takes the call. The dean wants to see her. Today.

Kevin is reading Nora all the dirt on the net about Kitty. She's even
trending on Twitter. Nora makes him stop because he's enjoying it too
much. She hands over a letter of recommendation for the social worker.
Kevin gets a text from Kitty. "OMG, OMG, Paparazzi at my house!" Nora
types too slow, so Kevin messages for her. Kitty asks if she can hide
out at Mom's. Nora says sure. Kevin wants to come too, but Nora says no.
He'll just be mean to her all night. Kevin gets another text from Kitty.
"Ask Mom if you can come, too." Kevin and Nora discuss Karl a bit.

Justin's ambulance partner ribs him about his relationship with Annie,
and all the extra hours he's choosing to work.

Kitty meets with the Dean, who is fine. She's not worried about their
relationship. She's issuing a statement supporting their relationship.
She can see what Seth sees in her, but what does Kitty see in him? He's
kind of having trouble growing up. She can't see them going long-term.
Kitty takes offense. The Dean says she doesn't believe that Kitty is
keeping it discreet because of the school. She thinks it's because Kitty
knows she can do better. Kitty ends the conversation, but not before his
mother tells her "You can make any mistakes you want."

Annie and Justin shoot some hoops. She misses her guarded shot, and they
kiss. They're about to grab a bite and he gets called to a call. She
invites herself to go out with him on a call that night. Nurses are
supposed to do once-a-year ride-alongs anyway. She was going to do it
next month, she'll just do it now.

Kevin and Scotty tell the caseworker that nothing matters to them. Race,
age; nothing. After what happened with the surrogate, they realized they
want to be parents more than they want to pass on their genes. She
invites them to an adoption fair. Kevin is apprehensive. He doesn't know
how they're going to choose the right one out of the 10,000 kids
currently in foster care.

Seth arrives at Kitty's, bearing the Hulk for Evan. She tries lying to
him about the meeting with the Dean, but he knows his mother too well.
Kitty won't budge. She decides that she'd rather stay at home than go to
Nora's. She asks him if he's really been going to grad school for five
years, and they start discussing the truth of what happened in her
meeting with the dean. Seth starts assuming, but Kitty tells him that
she's not on his mom's side. In fact, she stood up for him.

Karl is upset because there are six place settings. He really wanted
tonight to be just the two of them. She wants him to feel like part of
her family. He hasn't seen them since Christmas. She's willing to call
them and tell them not to come, but he says no. He'll learn to be
friends with her family. They kiss.

Justin and Annie are chatting in the back of the ambulance when they get
another call. There's been a car accident. The driver is trapped under
the steering wheel. Justin tries to joke with him.

The dinner at Walkers is a bit strained. Karl is defensive, and doesn't
feel like discussing his work. Seth eats a lot of peanut butter and
jelly, and that puts Kitty on edge. She changes the subject to the
adoption. Scotty and Kevin hash out the adoption fair in front of
everybody. Nora asks Kevin to stop shouting, and she tries to change the
subject. Every person at the table is uncomfortable. As Kevin and Kitty
start squabbling, Karl tries to leave. Nora says he can't leave until
they have pie, and he agrees to stay.

Michael is finally out of the car and in the ambulance. Justin and Annie
promise his wife that he's going to be fine, but they are going to be
working on him so she can't accompany them. He has a collapsed lung and
Justin is going to re-inflate it. The procedure goes fine.

Seth takes seconds on pie. When the squabbling starts again, Scotty asks
Karl if he has children. He seems happy to say no. He tries to leave
again, and Nora attempts to stop him. He finally tells her that the
entire meal has felt like a group therapy session to him, and those
usually come in 15 minute increments. She says that he called himself a
control freak, and he is embarrasses that she said so in front of her
kids and their partners. She is angry, because they are family. Not
strangers. He says he feels very uncomfortable, and excuses himself.

Michael arrives safely at the hospital. Annie volunteers to go to
Justin's and make him dinner, and he accepts.

Kevin and Scotty are at the adoption fair. Kevin is unamused, because
the kids are all so cute. A young lady named Olivia says she will show
them around. She volunteers to introduce them to the younger kids,
because they are shy. They accept, and walk off together.

Nora is on the radio. "Antiques Lover from Los Angeles" calls in. It's
Dr. Karl, apologizing for his behavior the night before. He embarrassed
himself, and doesn't know what to do. She tells him it probably wasn't
that bad, but he says it was. He had a tantrum. How can he make it up to
her. Nora asks him why he had the tantrum. She starts getting angry, but
then calms down. She decides maybe 'he and his girlfriend' aren't a good
match. They both say they are sorry, and she goes out in the hall to hug

Justin and Annie talk about how their relationship could unfold.

Kitty is reading Seth's work. She likes it.

Olivia tells Kevin and Scotty it was really nice to meet them, and gives
them big hugs. They decide that Olivia just picked them.