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One That Got Away - Recap

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Nora is having a "Bah, humbug" fit in honor of Valentine's Day. Sarah is
unamused, because Dr. Karl left the station when he and Nora broke up.
Sarah asks her to be warm and fuzzy, because that's what the listeners
want. Nora needs to get her 'mom' back.

Saul has a power-walking date, and he's wearing a cute little velour
suit. Jonathan arrives, and he's wearing the same suit. Before he
leaves, Scotty asks who Franklin Norman Beans is, making a reservation
for one on Valentine's Day. Jonathan calls him Frank N Beans, it's a
cover name for Edward LaMond, the food critic. Saul thinks Jonathan
should have accepted the invite for tonight. Jonathan didn't know it was
for 'here'. Saul keeps saying he doesn't mind if they're dating, and
Jonathan is getting frustrated. They're NOT dating! Jonathan agrees to
call Edward back and be his date for tonight.

Luc is making dinner while Justin rides shotgun. Sarah's been working
very hard, he wants to do something amazing for her. Justin says Sarah
would rather have a chili dog, and Luc knows it. He doesn't want to look
like a cheap steak. Justin corrects him, then says that Sarah actually
would prefer a steak. Luc refuses to take romantic advice from somebody
who doesn't even have a date on Valentine's Day. Luc finds that he
forgot to soak the beans overnight, so the stew is ruined.

Tommy and his fiance chat. She says she's looking for apartments, but
she's looking at Nora's high school yearbook. After Nora's show this
morning, Rose realized that Nora really wants and needs to be reunited
with Brody. She thinks that Sarah might be Brody's daughter. Tommy
doesn't want to hear it. He asks her to promise him not to go anywhere
with this. Things are going good. As soon as Tommy leaves, she starts
looking again.

Luc and Justin arrive at Scotty's restaurant. He's too busy to help
them. Luc needs a to-go dinner from Scotty. Scotty is sad because Kevin
chose this week to go to a legal conference. Justin thinks Luc and
Scotty are acting like women. Scotty can't help him, but if Luc is
willing to forgo the big 'grand gesture', Justin has a suggestion, and
Sarah's going to love it.

Saul and Nora touch base. She tells him to stop living in the past, and
he wonders why she's got her high school yearbook at her side. Brody's
just been on her mind, so she Googled him. Saul asks if she was in love
with him. She changes the subject back to Jonathan before she leaves.

Tommy arrives, and Sarah asks him to close the door. Has he been
negotiating to buy Redland's Books? He says yes, and Sarah wants to know
how come she didn't know til now. Tommy says the guy just decided to
sell, and things have been moving really fast. She says Tommy's not
authorized to start acquisitions, and he's surprised she's not happy
about it - this is a good deal. He says even if they can't turn it
around, the stock alone will double their money. Sarah doesn't care if
it triples. He put her on the spot, and she's not okay with it.

Tommy points out that Rose said Sarah would be threatened, and Sarah
then takes a shot at Rose. Things get heated when Tommy throws the
$50,000,000 Sarah came away with from Ojai Foods, and she return
volleys, saying it's exhausting, letting him in and out of this family.
At least Tommy knows he's actually part of this family. He starts to
tell her what Rose found out, then stops.

Tommy arrives at the studio to talk to Nora. He tells her what all Rose
has discovered, and what they think it means. Nora says all it means is
that she was pregnant when she got married. He asks about Brody, might
he be Sarah's father. Nora is enraged, and he told Sarah!? She has to
find her. It was none of Tommy's business, and it certainly isn't any of

Justin thinks Luc should take Sarah for a bowling dinner. They set up a
romantic table. Luc is really unsure but he's there. Justin wishes him
luck and heads out. Sarah calls and cancels, so Luc and Justin are going
to bowl. She claims she has work to do. Luc is sad.

Jonathan and his date arrive at Cafe 429. Saul goes completely
overboard, kissing up to the food critic.

Rose and Sarah go over all the information she has. Rose is irritated at
Tommy for saying anything to Sarah, since there really was nothing to
say. When she looks at her birth certificate, she sees that William
never signed off on it, even though the copy she has is signed by him.
Tommy tries to support Sarah, but she's very upset. She leaves, and
Tommy says she shouldn't be alone right now, so she tells him to join her.

They arrive at the bowling alley, and Luc isn't there. Justin says he's
probably at home, trying not to cry. After all he did, and Sarah calls
and says she has to work? She probably broke his little French heart.
Kevin beeps Tommy, he's on his way.

Scotty is still 14 kinds of on edge because of the food critic. Saul
knows that Jonathan has a mild seafood allergy. They have a bit of a
panic, until Saul realizes he can describe the entree, Jonathan will
recognize an ingredient he's allergic to, and refuse it. However,
Jonathan interrupts Saul, and he gets his feathers ruffled. Saul doesn't
tell them that there's shrimp in the sauce.

Kevin shows up with bed hair and a bad attitude. Sarah tells them what
the meeting is about, and they all drop their heads. Everybody thinks
she's overreacting, but she won't accept that. Nobody takes it
seriously, and Sarah leaves.

Edward is hitting on Jonathan, hard. The seafood allergy starts to kick
in, and Jonathan reacts. Saul promises to relay their compliments to the
chef. Saul is going to bring the dessert out to them and hope the sugar
in the cake counteracts the reaction. They exchange heated words, and by
the time they're done, Edward and Jonathan are gone.

Sarah and Nora have it out. Nora tells her she did sleep with Brody
once, and it was around the time Sarah was conceived. But she really
doesn't believe Brody is the father. William didn't sign, because he was
worried he wasn't the father. But they were tested. And William is the
father. Brody has a blood type that he can't possibly be Sarah's father.
Nora gets angry and tells Sarah to go have a DNA test, and when she
knows the truth she can come back and apologize to Sarah, because she
will deserve it.

Sarah asks Luc's advice, and he says she should find Brody, and talk to
him. Luc wonders why he was the last person she talked to today. He's
her partner. Why is she shutting him out. He was planning this amazing
evening, because he's trying to find his way back in. Sarah is going to
make every effort to remain open with him.

Nora confronts Rose, who apologizes. She never meant to cause all this
pain. Nora still gives her a cheerful earful. She's glad Rose feels
terrible. Have a glass of wine and get over it. Red or white.

Jonathan returns to the Cafe. Edward will come back another night. Saul
feels really bad, he knows he behaved badly. He thinks he literally lost
his mind. He feels insecure where Jonathan is concerned. He saw him with
Edward, and he got jealous. Jonathan thought they put their past behind
them. He admits that he behaved like an ass tonight. They both admit
they are interested and want to be with each other. Everybody is afraid
of taking the first step. Saul walks over and kisses him, and Jonathan
kisses him back. He invites Saul to come home with him, and he accepts.

Rose is making Valentine cookies when Tommy gets home. Nora's gone to
bed. They apologize to each other. She gives him a cookie and they kiss.

Scotty is happy that Kevin is home. Kevin teases him about being
allergic to shellfish. Kevin thinks Saul loves Jonathan, so Scotty
should cut him some slack. They toast.

Nora apologizes on the air for her behavior of the day before.

Sarah goes to meet Brody.