Never Say Never - Recap

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Nora is cooking dinner for Lily when she hears the doorbell. Brody is
back! He's hoping he smells breakfast. He and Lily happily greet each
other. Nora invites him to stay for a bite, and he can take a shower first.

Kevin is on the phone with Sarah, talking about Justin's "30 things to
do before 30" list that he wrote when he was 15. #4 was "have sex in a
flying car." He's on speaker phone, so Luc is interacting as well. She
calls Nora for birthday ideas, since Justin canceled his ski trip. She
recommends dinner at her house, but that's same old, same old. Sarah and
Kevin hear Brody in the background, and the conversation changes. Kevin
drops off the call when Justin walks in.

He's not happy to hear about the possible birthday party. Kitty got to
take a pass on her 40th, he's going to do the same for his 30th. Kevin
shows Justin the "30 for 30" list, which he's doing with him because
Scotty's mother is in town, so he's laying low. They start with "beat
streetfighter" on NES.

Sarah is heading out for work and passing on their wedding meeting. Luck
is upset and disappointed that he has to take the meeting alone.

Jonathan and Saul have breakfast together at Cafe 429. Saul's mom calls,
and he blows the call off and continues his conversation with Jonathan,
who is buying a house in Palm Springs. It needs to be restored, he
thought they could do it together. Saul is apprehensive about tempting
fate. Scotty comes through saying that his mother will be there in a
number of hours. Saul considers calling Ida back so she and Scotty's mom
can hang together. He has a really bad relationship with his mom.
Scotty's mom is very judgmental. Saul tries to give him good advice, but
Scotty snaps that Ida doesn't even know Saul is gay. Jonathan is
stunned. Why hasn't he told her? Saul thinks it's too late anyway. She's
not all there anymore. Jonathan tells him he's not all there, either.
Not if he's carrying around this big secret about who he is.

Brody cleans up nicely. Nora is planning Justin's 30th and Sarah's
wedding, but he suggests she break for dinner and a movie. She's
interrupted by a call from Ida. She takes the call, and it's somebody
calling from Ida's phone to inform her her mom has passed. Now Nora has
to plan a funeral as well.

Kevin and Justin are helping Luc with the wedding ordering. Sarah
doesn't even want to see a wedding being planned, even if it is hers.
They take a moment to discuss their grandmother's passing, and how Nora
is taking it. Neither Tommy nor Kitty will be present at the funeral.
Nora wants them to speak at Ida's wedding. Kevin refuses. Ida despised
him, now he's supposed to speak well of her, just because she died?
Fine. If he doesn't want to talk, he can be the one to tell Nora why.
Justin will go clean out Ida's room at the nursing home. Luc offers to
accompany him, and Justin accepts.

Scotty's mother, Bertha, arrives. She starts in with the negativity the
minute she walks in the door. She brought a pinata for Olivia. All the
Mexican kids love them, you know. She figures her timing is perfect,
since Ida just died.

Nora is having anger issues on the phone when she tries to book a room
for the funeral. She can't get a hold of Saul. Brody tries to get her to
calm down and stop planning. Talk to him. Saul arrives. He's talking a
blue streak to Brody and bursts into tears when she tells him his mother

Brody cooks and bakes while Nora works on the eulogy. She Googled it,
but she doesn't know how to give the eulogy for a really mean mom. He
doesn't want to see her sitting there trying to make things up. She
wants to say something nice, but can't think of anything. She starts
attacking Brody for leaving all those years ago. He apologizes, but says
he's still following his dreams. That's why he's here. Goodbye.

Bertha doesn't hear anything Olivia says, so they let her go study in
her room. Bertha is really angry and confrontational, and leaves the table.

As they pack up the room, Justin wants to talk about anything other than
what they are doing. Luc goes off about the wedding. He can't get the
wedding planned because Sarah hates everything he comes up with. Justin
finds a picture of his grandfather, who looks like Justin with a
mustache. Luc finds a letter to Saul.

Sarah talks to Brody about Nora. She's off looking at gravestones with
Saul. Brody asks how Sarah is doing, and she says she wasn't close to
Ida, either. Sarah is unhappy that Brody is leaving, but he feels in the
way, with all the planning Nora is doing, and she just keeps getting
angry at him. Sara tells him to leave if he wants, but don't pretend
that he's doing it for her. He says he doesn't know how to help her, and
Sarah advises him to figure it out.

Justin insists that Kevin wear a yarmulke. It doesn't matter if he's not
religious; their grandmother was. Kevin continues to take shots at her,
and Justin returns fire. He thinks he's like his grandmother, and he's
never going to find anybody again, and he'll die all alone and lonely.
Not everybody gets the life they want.

Sarah greets Brody at the door. She makes a crack about eloping, and Luc
confronts her. She blows it off as her second wedding, which doesn't
mean anything. It's Luc's first, and only. He's not trying to change how
he feels about Sarah. Just celebrate it.

Scotty calls Saul into the wedding. He's holding Ida's letter. He
doesn't want to read it, because he knows she's ashamed of him for being

The funeral starts. Nora notices nobody is getting up, so she goes.
Brody smiles encouragement to her. She breaks down and has difficulty
speaking the truth, but finally does so. She can accept the things that
her mother was, but can't accept the things she wasn't, and it breaks
her heart. She breaks down in tears, and Brody rescues her from the podium.

At home, he brings her a cup of bourbon, even though she asked for tea.
Brody thought she did a great job at the funeral, because for once, she
wasn't perfect. She has something to tell Brody. Her marriage was built
on lies. When he showed up, she remembered that she never told him how
she felt, because she didn't think it was right. And now, it's too late.
She tells him to leave, and he tells her he got fired. He didn't come
back just to get his dog, Lily. He came back to get Nora. The future is
wide open. They should just close their eyes and jump. They share a
sweet, wonderful kiss before he holds her.

Kevin and Scotty get home from the funeral. Bertha babysat. She makes a
crack about them keeping Oliva from family, and Scotty snaps at her and
storms out. She has the nerve to look surprised. She assumes she'll be
leaving tomorrow and Kevin says no. She just needs to learn to zip it.
Excuse me? Yes. Kevin goes on to say that they are going to make
mistakes with Olivia, and she just needs to let them.

Scotty tells Bertha that Scotty wants to heal their relationship just as
much as she does, but she's going about it all wrong. She still has a
chance to make things right.

Luc and Sarah talk about expectations and weddings. They find a happy

Kevin and Scotty advise Saul to read the letter. He doesn't have his
glasses, so asks Scotty to read it. It sounds like it's going to be bad,
but she's supportive and understanding. Saul cries, and Kevin and Scotty
mist up. Nothing she wanted for him happened, he spent his whole life
alone. He never found anybody. Scotty points out he's not dead. It's not
too late for Saul and Jonathan.

Kevin has a chat with Justin. He's a dreamer. Always has been, always
will be. When they get back in the restaurant, Bertha and Scotty are
hugging. The Walkers sit down for a family dinner. Kevin goes on some
more about the marzipan, and Sarah jokes that he should plan their
wedding. He'd be happy to. Seriously. She takes him up on his offer.

Saul announces that he and Jonathan are buying a house in Palm Springs.
This is news to Jonathan, but he's tickled. Brody makes a toast to Ida.
He's changed since the days when Ida hadn't approved of him, and he
might be sticking around. Justin toasts himself for his birthday. He
does the one thing on his list that stuck in his mind, which was tell
mom how he really feels. He tells Nora he loves her, and they all toast Ida.