Father Unknown - Recap

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Sarah breaks in her wedding shoes and fills Luc in on the seating
arrangements. She's worried about Nora and could kill Brody. She figures
she should do something with Nora to take her mind off her heartbreak.
She then has an outburst because Kevin said he'd plan the wedding, but
something serious came up and he went AWOL. It's 5:00 a.m., and Luc
looks at her like she's babbling (which she is). The wedding is only two
weeks away, and there is nobody but Sarah who can be there for Nora, if
she does say so herself. She doesn't want to be worrying about Nora on
her wedding day. Luc's brilliant idea is to have Nora help with the
wedding stuff. Two birds, one stone.

Justin is happy to hear Nora is angry now, instead of brokenhearted.
Obviously he hasn't told her that he's the reason Brody is gone.
Unfortunately for Justin, she's so angry she's going to drive to Fresno
and force Brody to tell her the truth. She read the truth of his
response to her. She knows he cared deeply about her, so why did he
leave. Justin can't take it anymore, and tells her the truth. Brody lied
about his blood type. Nora is stunned. He might be Sarah's father. She's
going to do a DNA test. Justin refuses to help.

Saul arrives at Sarah's office. Sarah wonders what assigned wedding duty
would make Nora happier, and Saul says that as long as Sarah is standing
next to her and smiling, she'll be very happy. He's there with the
"something blue", a handkerchief of William's that Saul picked up at the
dry cleaners after Sarah's dad passed away, and Nora couldn't bring
herself to go. Sarah gets misty for the good old days, when Saul was
always sailing into her office. He misses those days, too but actually,
the handkerchief isn't the only reason he's there. He believes that if
William were still alive, he would have advised Sarah and Luc to sign a
pre-nuptial agreement. She doesn't think they need to. She just needed
to marry the right man. Joe wasn't, and Luc is. Saul doesn't push.

Kevin and Scotty meet with their attorney. She understands that to them
it's kidnapping, but the police would see it as a custody issue. Kevin
erupts. Michelle isn't even the egg donor. She is not genetically
related to that baby in any way. She lied about the miscarriage and she
stole their baby. Scotty remains speechless, but looks defeated as he
pats Kevin on the leg and asks Marissa if she's saying the police have
given up. She says it's more like this situation is not their top
priority. She's not licensed in New York, so if that's where Michelle
went, she'd have to hire somebody to do the legwork for her. Kevin
doesn't care. So hire somebody.

Marissa hands over his birth certificate. Michelle had a boy, his name
is Daniel. The dates match.

Saul plays "I'm in the Mood for Love" which puts Luc to sleep. Saul
takes the bull by the horns and talks to Luc about his pre-nup chat with
Sarah. Luc grins when he hears Sarah said no. He thinks it's sweet that
she refused. Saul thinks they should do it anyway, and Luc takes
offense. He can't believe that Saul thinks he's going to steal Sarah's
money. Saul rhetorically asks why everybody is taking this the wrong
way. Luc doesn't see that there is any other way to take it, but before
Saul can respond, Nora lets herself in. Since she's effectively sneaking
in to get Sarah's DNA, she is very surprised to see Luc and Saul there.
Saul tells her they were going to do a number for Sarah, and Luc quips
about doing that now because "Who knows how long the marriage will last
after that!" Nora laughs out loud. Nerves.

She tells them she's there to borrow a turtleneck. Saul points out that
it's 70 degrees, but Nora holds that line and dashes upstairs. She
finally finds a hairbrush, but Luc comes through to aim her at the
turtlenecks. He asks if she's okay, and she nods, grinning.

Luc calls Sarah about the hairbrush incident. Nora claimed she's in the
market for a new hairbrush, and wanted to see what theirs was like. They
agree that this is very weird behavior on Nora's part. Sarah renews her
commitment to taking Nora on a cruise to help her get over Brody. She
asks Luc to back her up on this, and he reluctantly agrees.

Justin finds out about Daniel and Michelle. Kevin never really knew
Michelle, so she could have been planning this from the beginning. He
asks Justin to cover with Nora and everybody until this mess blows over,
which might be never. That's two birth issues that Justin is trying to
keep secret.

Nora calls Justin and tells him she blew it, so she needs him to go back
over there and get it for her. He refuses. He's at Kevin and Scotty's,
and lies about what he's doing there. She refuses to take no for an answer.

Saul arrives at Nora's. They need to talk. She refuses. She's leaving
for work. Saul tells her he talked to Luc about a pre-nup and Nora
explodes. It's none of his business. Saul is not her father. Sarah needs
support from her family right now.

Scotty comes in for a break and Kevin tells him that Justin is in the
loop, and sworn to secrecy. Scotty asks what Justin thought, and he
relays 20 years in jail, and Justin called Michelle a monster. Scotty
doesn't believe Michelle is evil, but Kevin begs to differ. Daniel's
birth certificate says "Father Unknown", which is a lie. It also says
"Daniel", which is not the name they chose. What's it going to take for
Scotty to be angry at her? He is angry. It just doesn't make him feel
any better to hate her. Kevin deflates. He knows.

Kevin got a text from Olivia. Scotty feels left out, and they agree they
miss her. Scotty gets a text, and Kevin asks what she said. Scotty lies,
and says it's Jeremy. The text is from Michelle, and says "I want to talk."

Kevin sits at his desk, staring at the birth certificate. Saul arrives,
looking for Scotty. Kevin forgot all about the wedding rehearsal. Saul
pushes, and all Kevin will say is that he's tired. He gives up, Saul has
had enough. Nobody will be honest with him.

Justin lets himself into Luc and Sarah's, gets what he needs, and
leaves. It's just going to be Luc and Saul.

Justin surprises Sarah packing up Nora's things because she's kidnapping
her for a cruise. She finds Brody's ball cap in a freezer bag, which is
supposed to be used for DNA. Nora arrives home, and Sarah vents about
Brody. Justin can't keep up with the secrets he's trying to keep, but
turns out he's the only one that doesn't know about Saul pressuring Luc
and Sarah to sign a pre-nup. When Sarah leaves, Nora asks Justin to put
a rush on the DNA testing results.

Scotty meets with Michelle. She apologizes, but reacts as soon as she
hears he knows the baby's name. She refuses to bring Daniel until she
knows she can trust Scotty. He finds it presumptuous of her to lecture
him about trust, all things considered. She says she will disappear
again if they bring the police into it. "I am his mother, and he needs
me." Scotty assures that they understand, and they forgive her. They
want what's best for Daniel. She doesn't want to have to keep looking
over her shoulder. Scotty tells her she's safe.

Luc and Saul practice, it goes well. Sarah gets home, and goes on a
rampage. She assumes that the sheet music is the pre-nup, and rips Saul
a new one. He is very hurt, and leaves.

Michelle calls Scotty but Kevin picks up. She tells him she made a deal
with Scotty. He yells at her that she has no rights to his son. Scotty
arrives home, and takes the phone from Kevin, but it's too late. Kevin
is heartbroken and enraged.

Nora finds out that Sarah is Brody's daughter. Now's not a good time to
tell her, but Justin disagrees. Kevin arrives, in "walking wounded"
mode, and Justin finally snaps. He tells Kevin the truth about Sarah and
Brody, and Nora the truth about Michelle and Daniel before he storms out.

Kevin and Nora chat over coffee about all the situations. Kevin says the
one bright spot is that Brody really does love her. He suggests they
pick up where they left off. Kevin says he has to contact him and tell
Brody the truth about Sarah. Given what he's been through with Daniel,
he empathizes with Brody.

Justin tries to comfort Scotty. Kevin will be home soon. Scotty's
worried about his blood pressure, because he was really angry. This is
the second time they've lost this baby. But they can't just give up on him.

Olivia walks in, beaming. "Honey, I'm home!" She and Scotty hug. She
gives him a rock, because Paige said if you give someone a rock from
wherever you go, it's like they were there with you. She wants to go
give Kevin his, but he's not home.

Sarah arrives, and Nora promptly informs her that she's not going on a
cruise to Mexico. Also? Brody is her father. Sarah is stunned.
Therefore, Walker family dinner! Kevin arrives, sans Scotty. Sarah jokes
about Dad, and everybody goes into uncomfortable silence mode. She
refuses to let the Brody issue cloud her family memories. William raised
her. He's her dad. It's like making gravy. You can use corn starch or
flour, but it's still gravy. William is still her father, and Brody is
just some guy she knew for awhile. And even if her dad is deceased, Saul
is next in line.

She believes the worst of Brody, not knowing that William put him up to
it. She doesn't know the circumstances, and she never wants to speak to
him again. Saul can see on Nora's face that it's not as simple as Sarah
is making it.

Saul finds her looking for a magazine she wanted to send home with
Sarah, who has already left the building. Saul insists she talk to him.
"Brody and I have a child together." Part of her wants to call and tell
Brody, but she says she can't, because of Sarah. Saul thinks she can't
just ignore the fact that she loves him. She wants to be selfless.

Olivia and Scotty are chatting when Kevin gets home. Olivia leaps into
his arms, announcing "You missed me so much." She gives him his rock. He
names the rock "Herman." Justin calls, he needs the front door opened.
Kevin marches to the door, asking what Mom said now. Justin can't get in
the door fast enough, bearing Daniel. Michelle came to the house, put
him in Justin's arms, and left. Scotty takes him, Olivia joins them,
asking "Whose baby is that?" Neither of them answer her.