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Weary from the enjoining spell they cast, Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles fall asleep in the Summers living room. Each are then plagued with strange dreams that peaks into their psyche, as well as their windows into their past and even future.

However, each find themselves being chased down by the primeval embodiment of the first Slayer.

Episode Info
Episode number: 4x22
Production Number: 4ABB22
Airdate: Tuesday May 23rd, 2000
Network: WB

Director: Joss Whedon
Writer: Joss Whedon

Guest Stars
Kristine SutherlandKristine Sutherland
As Joyce Summers
Amber Benson (1)Amber Benson (1)
As Tara
Mercedes McNabMercedes McNab
As Harmony
George HertzbergGeorge Hertzberg
As Adam
Emma CaulfieldEmma Caulfield
As Anya
Seth GreenSeth Green
As Oz
Armin ShimermanArmin Shimerman
As Principal Snyder
David Wells (1)David Wells (1)
As The Cheese Man
Michael HarneyMichael Harney
As Xander's Father

Co-Guest Stars
Sharon FergusonSharon Ferguson
As Primitive
Phina OruchePhina Oruche
As Olivia
Rob BoltinRob Boltin
As Soldier
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
As Alexander "Xander" Harris
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Stewart HeadAnthony Stewart Head
As Rupert Giles
Marc BlucasMarc Blucas
As Riley Finn
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 4.9/8 in the ratings.

This episode ranked 3rd out of 16 WB shows for the week.

This episode scored a 3.2 in the national ratings.

Ranked 77 out of 124 prime time shows.

This episode marks the final appearances of both Oz and Principal Synder on the series.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Anthony Stewart Head w/Chris Beck & Four Star MaryThe Exposition Song 

Episode Quotes
Riley: Oh, yeah. Having the inside scoop on the administration's own bay of mutated pigs is definitely an advantage.
Willow: It's like you're blackmailing the government. In a... patriotic way.

Xander: Dinner is served. And my very own recipe.
Willow: Ooh, you pushed the button on the microwave that says "popcorn"?
Xander: Actually, I pushed "defrost", but Joyce was there in the clinch.

Willow: This isn't Madame Butterfly, is it? Because I have a whole problem with opera.

Giles: Now, costumes, sets... um, the things that, you know, um, you hold them, you touch them, use them, um...
Harmony: Props?
Giles: No.
Riley: Props?
Giles: Yes.

Tara: Things aren't going very well.
Willow: No! This drama class is just... I think they're really not just doing things in the proper way, and now I'm in a play, and my whole family's out there, and why is there a cowboy in Death of A Salesman, anyway?

Willow: I don't know why it's after me.
Buffy: Well, you must have done something.
Willow: No, I never do anything. I'm very seldom naughty.

Spike: Giles here is gonna teach me to be a Watcher. Says I got the stuff.
Giles: Spike's like a son to me.

Xander: You gotta have something. Gotta be with moving forward.
Buffy: Like a shark.
Xander: Like a shark with feet and... much less fins.
Spike: And on land.
Giles: Very good!

Xander: (to Snyder) You know, I never got the chance to tell you how glad I was you were eaten by a snake.

Anya: (while telling a joke) Quiet! You'll miss the humorous conclusion.

Giles: (singing) And try not to bleed on my couch, I just had it steam-cleaned.

Buffy: I think I need to go find the others.
Tara: Be back before dawn.

Buffy: How did the de-briefing go?
Riley: I told you not to worry about that. It went great. They made me Surgeon General.

Intercom: The demons have escaped. Please run for your lives.
Adam: This could be trouble.
Riley: We'd better make a fort.
Adam: I'll get some pillows.

Tara: The Slayer does not walk in this world.
Buffy: I walk. I talk. I shop. I sneeze. I'm gonna be a fireman when the flood rolls back.

Buffy: (to the First Slayer) Are you quite finished? It's over, okay? I'm going to ignore you, and you're going to go away. You're really going to have to get over the whole primal power thing. You're not the source of me. Also, in terms of hair care, you really want to say, what kind of impression am I making in the workplace? 'Cause...

Willow: The first Slayer. Wow.
Xander: Not big with the socialization.
Willow: Or the floss.

Buffy: You know, you could have brought that up to us before we did it.
Giles: I did! I said there could be dire consequences.
Buffy: Yes, but you say that about chewing too fast.

Buffy: Well, at least you all didn't dream about that guy with the cheese. I don't know where the hell that came from.

Episode References
Willow: This isn't Madame Butterfly, is it? Because I have a whole problem with opera.

This is a reference to the season 1 episode, "Nightmares" where Willow's nightmare of public audiences comes true.

Buffy: I think I need to find the others.
Tara: Be back before dawn.

This is foreshadowing Dawn's arrival in the next episode.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerKaz Kuzui  |  Fran Rubel Kuzui  |  Gail Berman  |  Sandy Gallin  |  Joss Whedon
Supervising ProducerMarti Noxon
ProducerGareth Davies  |  David Fury
Co-ProducerJane Espenson  |  David Solomon
Consulting ProducerDavid Greenwalt
Production DesignerCarey Meyer
EditorRegis Kimble
CastingAnya Colloff  |  Amy McIntyre Britt  |  Jennifer Fishman
Unit Production ManagerJohn F. Perry
First Assistant DirectorAlan Steinman
Second Assistant DirectorAthena Alexander
Music EditorFernand Bos
Costume DesignerCynthia Bergstrom
HairstylistLisa Marie Rosenberg
Key GripTom Keefer
Camera OperatorAllen D. Easton
Set DecoratorDavid A. Koneff
Location ManagerEd Duffy
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Ellis (2)
Property MasterRandy Eriksen
Construction CoordinatorSteve West
Production Sound MixerDavid Yaffe
Script SupervisorRhonda Hyde
Production CoordinatorCathy Carr (2)
Script CoordinatorDavid H. Goodman
Assistant EditorGolda Savage
Supervising Sound EditorCindy Rabideau
Re-Recording MixerRon Evans  |  Adam Sawelson  |  Kurt Kassulke
LeadmanKeith A. Cuba
Director of PhotographyMichael Gershman
Stunt CoordinatorJeff Pruitt
Production SupervisorMarc D. Alpert
Art DirectorCaroline Quinn-Decker
Post Production CoordinatorBrian Wankum
Executive Story EditorDouglas Petrie
Visual Effects SupervisorLoni Peristere
Main Title DesignMontgomery/cobb
Chief Lighting TechnicianChristopher C. Strong
ScoreChristophe Beck
AssistantDiego Gutierrez (1)  |  JD Peralta
Casting AssociateLonnie Hamerman
Key HairstylistMichael Moore (3)
Original CastingMarcia Shulman
Special Effects CoordinatorBruce Minkus
Stunt DoubleSophia Crawford
Makeup ArtistBrigette A. Myre  |  Robin Beauchesne
Paint ForemanLisa Gamel
Make-up SupervisorTodd McIntosh
Theme ByNerf Herder
Production AuditorEdwin L. Perez
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