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It's Buffy's birthday, but everyone is thinking about Dawn after Buffy hesitantly tells them about the Key. Everyone that is but Dawn herself who notices that everyone is beginning to behave odd around her now. She then sets off to find out why and discovers the truth about herself.

Episode Info
Episode number: 5x13
Production Number: 5ABB13
Airdate: Tuesday February 06th, 2001
Network: WB

Guest Stars
Clare KramerClare Kramer
As Glory
Charlie WeberCharlie Weber
As Ben
Troy BlendellTroy Blendell
As Jinx (credited as Troy T. Blendell)
Amber Benson (1)Amber Benson (1)
As Tara
Kristine SutherlandKristine Sutherland
As Joyce Summers

Co-Guest Stars
Justin GorenceJustin Gorence
As Orlando
Paul Bates (1)Paul Bates (1)
As Crazie #1
Carl J. JohnsonCarl J. Johnson
As Crazie #2
Michael EmanuelMichael Emanuel
As Burly Guard
Joe OchmanJoe Ochman
As Janitor
Candice NicoleCandice Nicole
As Young Buffy
Elyssa D. VitoElyssa D. Vito
As Young Dawn
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
As Alexander "Xander" Harris
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Stewart HeadAnthony Stewart Head
As Rupert Giles
Emma CaulfieldEmma Caulfield
As Anya Jenkins
Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
As Dawn Summers
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 5.3/8 in the ratings.

This episode ranked 4th out of 17 WB shows for the week.

This episode scored a 3.3 in the national ratings.

Ranked 91 out of 136 prime time shows.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Star Ghost DogHoliday 

Episode Quotes
Willow: This is exactly what you need - a twentieth birthday party with - with presents and funny hats and - and those candles that don't blow out. Those used to scare me.
Tara: Me, too.

Xander: A crazy Hell-god? And the fun just keeps on leavin'.

Buffy: Look, if - if Glory knew that you knew where it was, I -- I just didn't want to put you in that kind of danger.
Xander: As opposed to the other kind we're always in?

Anya: You make a very pretty little girl.
Xander: Anya, you wanna help me with that thing?
Anya: (laughs) Xander needs help with his thing!

Giles: I'm not sure our regular workout is challenging you anymore. Perhaps we should make it harder.
Buffy: You always think harder is better. Maybe next time I patrol, I should carry little bricks and use a stake made of butter.

Buffy: How was school today?
Dawn: Um, the usual. Big square building filled with boredom and despair.
Buffy: Just how I remember it.

Dawn: I just think you're just freaking out 'cause you have to fight someone prettier than you. That is the case, right?
Buffy: Glory is evil and powerful, and in no way prettier than me.

Buffy: (opening a birthday present) Oh! It's beautiful. Thank you, guys.
Tara: Well, we thought you get lots of crossbows and other killy stuff.
Willow: Yeah, so we figured less killy, more frilly.
Anya: Gotta look. (grabs the dress from Buffy) Oh, it's just so lovely! Oh, I wish it was mine! Oh, like you weren't all thinking the same thing.
Giles: I'm fairly certain I wasn't. (whispers to Xander) I've got one just like it.

Spike: (reading from Giles' notes) "They had to be certain the Slayer would protect it with her life. So they sent the key to her... in human form. In the form of a sister." (to Dawn) Huh. I guess that's you, nibblet.

Buffy: Maybe it's time for a new tradition: birthdays without boyfriends. It could be just as much fun.
Willow: Preaching to the choir here, baby.

Xander: There's so many things I remember. Seeing Dawn, hanging with her, listening to Buffy complain about her. Mostly that last one. How could it be that all those things never really happened?
Giles: Well, it takes some getting used to, the idea of a bright fourteen-year-old actually being living energy thousands of years old.
Xander: I'm guessing some kind of super-powerful in her raw form.
Giles: People have killed, died for it, summoned armies to control the key.
Xander: You know, uh... she kinda has a crush on me.
Giles: Your point being?
Xander: Well, nothing, no. Just saying, powerful being, big energy gal digging the Xan man. Some guys are just cooler, you know?

Spike: She probably would have skipped off anyway, even if she never found out. She's not just a blob of energy; she's also a fourteen-year-old hormone bomb. Which one's screwing her up more right now? Spin the bloody wheel. You'll find her, just in the nick of time. That's what you hero types do. You'll find her.

Glory: Hey! We were just talking about you!
Buffy: Conversation's over, Hellbitch.

Spike: (about Glory) I thought you said this skank was tough. (Glory knocks him out)
Glory: If he wakes up, tell your boyfriend to watch his mouth.
Buffy: He is not my boyfriend.

Dawn: Is she mad about the whole fire thing?
Buffy: I think you sort of have a "get out of jail free" card, on account of big love and trauma.
Dawn: Really? Okay. Good. You think she'd raise my allowance?
Buffy: Don't push it.

Episode Goofs
In the teaser, you can see a boom mic reflected in the glass case behind Buffy in several shots.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerKaz Kuzui  |  Gail Berman  |  Sandy Gallin  |  Joss Whedon  |  Fran Rubel Kuzui
Co-Executive ProducerMarti Noxon
Supervising ProducerDavid Fury
ProducerDavid Solomon  |  Jane Espenson
Co-ProducerMarc D. Alpert  |  Douglas Petrie  |  John F. Perry
Consulting ProducerDavid Greenwalt
Production DesignerCarey Meyer
EditorRegis Kimble
CastingAnya Colloff  |  Jennifer Fishman  |  Amy McIntyre Britt
Unit Production ManagerJohn F. Perry
First Assistant DirectorMichael Cedar
Second Assistant DirectorAthena Alexander
Music EditorFernand Bos
Costume DesignerCynthia Bergstrom
HairstylistLisa Marie Rosenberg
Key GripRonn Cooney
Camera OperatorAllen D. Easton
Set DecoratorDavid A. Koneff
Location ManagerPeter M. Robarts
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Ellis (2)
Property MasterRandy Eriksen
Construction CoordinatorSteven Fidler
Production Sound MixerDavid Yaffe
Script SupervisorSuzanne McRobert
Production CoordinatorCathy Carr (2)
Script CoordinatorDavid H. Goodman
Assistant EditorMarilyn McMahon Adams
Post Production SupervisorBrian Wankum
Supervising Sound EditorCindy Rabideau
Re-Recording MixerTom Perry  |  Adam Sawelson  |  Kurt Kassulke
LeadmanKeith A. Cuba
Director of PhotographyRaymond Stella
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Medlen (1)
Visual Effects SupervisorLoni Peristere
Main Title DesignMontgomery/cobb
Chief Lighting TechnicianChristopher C. Strong
ScoreThomas Wanker
AssistantKelly Wheeler  |  Diego Gutierrez (1)  |  JD Peralta
Casting AssociateLonnie Hamerman
Key HairstylistMichael Moore (3)
Original CastingMarcia Shulman
Special Effects CoordinatorBruce Minkus
Makeup ArtistBrigette A. Myre  |  Robin Beauchesne
Paint ForemanLisa Gamel
Make-up SupervisorTodd McIntosh
Theme ByNerf Herder
Production AuditorEdwin L. Perez
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