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Now that Glory knows that Dawn is the Key, and realising that she is unstoppable, Buffy decides to simply flee. Their escape plan is sidetracked when the Knights of Byzantium catch up to them and trap them with diminishing options.

Episode Info
Episode number: 5x20
Production Number: 5ABB20
Airdate: Tuesday May 08th, 2001
Network: WB

Guest Stars
Clare KramerClare Kramer
As Glory
Charlie WeberCharlie Weber
As Ben
Amber Benson (1)Amber Benson (1)
As Tara
Wade WilliamsWade Williams
As General Gregor (credited as Wade Andrew Williams)
Karim PrinceKarim Prince
As Dante

Co-Guest Stars
Justin GorenceJustin Gorence
As Orlando
Lily KnightLily Knight
As Gronx
Todd DuffeyTodd Duffey
As Murk
Bob MorriseyBob Morrisey
As Crazy #1
Paul Bates (1)Paul Bates (1)
As Crazy #2
Carl J. JohnsonCarl J. Johnson
As Crazy #3
Jack DonnerJack Donner
As Cleric #1
Mary SheldonMary Sheldon
As Nurse
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
As Alexander "Xander" Harris
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Stewart HeadAnthony Stewart Head
As Rupert Giles
Emma CaulfieldEmma Caulfield
As Anya Jenkins
Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
As Dawn Summers
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 4.8/8 in the ratings.

This episode ranked 3rd out of 17 WB shows for the week.

This episode scored a 3.3 in the national ratings.

Ranked 82 out of 127 prime time shows.

Episode Quotes
Anya: Piano!
Xander: Because that's what we used to kill that big demon that one time. No, wait. That was a rocket launcher. Ahn, what are you talkin' about?
Anya: We should drop a piano on her. Well, it always works for that creepy cartoon rabbit when he's running from that nice man with the speech impediment.
Giles: Yes, or perhaps we could paint a convincing tunnel on the side of a mountain. Let's just keep thinking, everyone.

Giles: (seeing Spike) What's he doing here?
Spike: Just out for a jaunt. Thought I'd swing by and say howdy.
Giles: Out.
Buffy: He's here because we need him.
Xander: The hell we do.
Buffy: If Glory finds us, he's the only one besides me that has any chance of protecting Dawn.
Xander: Buffy, come on.
Buffy: Look, this isn't a discussion! He stays. Get over it.

Spike: Buckle up, kids. Daddy's puttin' the hammer down.

Anya: Shouldn't somebody be asking, "are we're there yet?" Isn't that what small, irritating children do?
Dawn: That kinda only works if you know where you're going.
Anya: Do we know where we're going yet?

Spike: Hey, gramps, bloody step on it.
Giles: Step on what? I've driven tricyles with more power.

Xander: Is anybody else queasy?
Anya: He doesn't travel well. He's like fine shrimp.

Xander: Would you give it a rest or --
Spike: Or what, you're gonna toss your cookies on my shoes?
Xander: Or you're going to be Undead Man Walking. See how fast you can hitch a ride with a flaming thumb.

Dawn: Thanks.
Buffy: For what?
Dawn: You know. Pretty much everything.
Buffy: Yeah. I'm doing a great job.
Dawn: You are.
Buffy: I'm the Slayer. The Chosen One. All mythic and defendery. Evil nasties are supposed to flee from me. Not the other way around.
Dawn: You're not fleeing. You're... moving at a brisk pace.
Buffy: Quaintly referred to in some cultures as the Big Scaredy Run Away.

Buffy: It just keeps coming. Glory, Riley, Tara, Mom.
Dawn: I know, but there's a bright side.
Buffy: There is?
Dawn: At least things can't get any crazier, right?
(an arrow shoots through the wall)
Buffy: You know this is your fault for saying that.

Giles: Weapons?
Spike: Hello! You're driving one!
Willow: Don't hit the horsies!
Buffy: We won't. (to Giles) Aim for the horsies.

Dawn: Keep the pressure on.
Spike: Always do, sweet bit.

Xander: I mention today how much I don't like you?
Spike: Might have let it slipped it in... once or twice.

Episode Goofs
In the widescreen presentation of the episode, when the Knights begin their march in the forest, a man in plaid shirt can be seen to the right part of the screen.

When the female of Glory's minions casts the runes, the sleeves of her robes are rolled up. From this, you can see that the scab makeup only covers her hands.

When the arrow shoots through the wall to interrupt Buffy and Dawn's heart-to-heart talk, you can see a marking of some kind in the wall in the exact point through which the arrow pierces before it actually does. There is another such mark when one strikes near Tara before she is pulled away from the window.

When Anya hits the Knight while he's attacking the window, you can see a large a mountain in the background that does appear to be stationary.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerKaz Kuzui  |  Joss Whedon  |  Sandy Gallin  |  Gail Berman  |  Fran Rubel Kuzui
Co-Executive ProducerMarti Noxon
Supervising ProducerDavid Fury
ProducerDavid Solomon  |  Jane Espenson
Co-ProducerJohn F. Perry  |  Douglas Petrie  |  Marc D. Alpert  |  James A. Contner
Consulting ProducerDavid Greenwalt
Production DesignerCarey Meyer
EditorPeter Basinski  |  Tammis Chandler
CastingAmy McIntyre Britt  |  Jennifer Fishman  |  Anya Colloff
Unit Production ManagerJohn F. Perry
First Assistant DirectorAlan Steinman
Second Assistant DirectorAthena Alexander
Music EditorFernand Bos
Costume DesignerCynthia Bergstrom
HairstylistLisa Marie Rosenberg
Key GripRonn Cooney
Camera OperatorAllen D. Easton
Set DecoratorDavid A. Koneff
Location ManagerPeter M. Robarts
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Ellis (2)
Property MasterRandy Eriksen
Construction CoordinatorSteven Fidler
Production Sound MixerDavid Yaffe
Script SupervisorSuzanne McRobert
Production CoordinatorCathy Carr (2)
Script CoordinatorDavid H. Goodman
Assistant EditorRobert Hudson (2)
Post Production SupervisorBrian Wankum
Supervising Sound EditorCindy Rabideau
Re-Recording MixerTom Perry  |  Kurt Kassulke  |  Adam Sawelson
LeadmanKeith A. Cuba
Director of PhotographyRaymond Stella
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Medlen (1)
Visual Effects SupervisorLoni Peristere
Main Title DesignMontgomery/cobb
Chief Lighting TechnicianChristopher C. Strong
ScoreThomas Wanker
AssistantKelly Wheeler  |  Diego Gutierrez (1)  |  JD Peralta
Casting AssociateMichael Nicolo
Key HairstylistMichael Moore (3)
Original CastingMarcia Shulman
Special Effects CoordinatorBruce Minkus
Makeup ArtistJay Wejebe  |  Brigette A. Myre
Paint ForemanLisa Gamel
Make-up SupervisorTodd McIntosh
Theme ByNerf Herder
Production AuditorKen Lee
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