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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Same Time, Same Place

Willow's Sunnydale homecoming is more difficult than she or anyone else expected, causing the gang some concern that she hasn't fully recovered from her evil ways. Meanwhile, Dawn officially joins the hallowed ranks of the Scooby Gang as they hunt down a demon with baffling powers.

Episode Info

Episode number: 7x3
Production Number: 7ABB03
Airdate: Tuesday October 08th, 2002

  • Currently 9/10
9/10 (4 Votes cast)
Guest Stars
Camden ToyCamden Toy
As Gnarl
Marshe DanielMarshe Daniel
As Brother
Matt KorubaMatt Koruba
As Teen Boy
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
As Alexander "Xander" Harris
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Emma CaulfieldEmma Caulfield
As Anya Jenkins
Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
As Dawn Summers
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 4.1/6 in the overnight ratings.

This episode ranked 5th out of 10 UPN shows for that week.

Ranked 89 out of 124 prime time shows.

The spell that Willow does with Anya is the exact same one she attempted to do with Tara in the fourth season episode "Goodbye Iowa."

The website that Dawn uses for her research "Demons, Demons, Demons" was first seen in spin-off series, Angel, in the episode "The Ring."

Episode Quotes
Dawn: (about Willow) She didn't finish? She didn't finish being not evil?

Spike: (about Xander) I'm insane. What's his excuse?

Xander: (about Willow) You think she'll get the sign?
Buffy: Get the sign? I don't think she's gonna see the sign.
Dawn: Why is it so pale?
Xander: I used yellow crayon. It was a thing from when I talked to Willow on the bluff. I hope she gets it.
Dawn: Oh, tell us again what you said.
Xander: Well, I was talking from my heart and I knew Evil Willow wasn't really ready to-- You were kidding.

Dawn: Well, if she's doing that... ducking Giles, then, she's evil, right?
Xander: Well, I've avoided Giles tons of times. Just meant I was lazy, not evil.
Buffy: I hope you're right, because defeating Lazy Willow-probably less hard.

Anya: What are you doing here? I thought you were with Giles studying how to not kill people.
Willow: I just got back.
Anya: Just got back, as in you're all better, or just got back to bring about a fiery apocalypse of death.

Anya: Oh, at the new high school, probably. Everyone's all about the high school. Buffy's got some kind of job there helping junior deviants, Spike's insane in the basement, Xander's there doing construction on the new gym-
Willow: Wait, Spike's what in the whatment?
Anya: Insane. Base.

Xander: Should've put a leash on him.
Buffy: Yes, let's tie ourselves to the crazy vampire.

Willow: You know Giles says everything's part of the earth. This bed. The air. Us.
Buffy: Explains why my fingernails get dirty even when I don't do anything.
Willow: Plus you stuck your thumbs in a demon.
Buffy: True.

Buffy: I checked with Giles again, too. Hasn't heard from her.
Xander: Is he throwing a tasteful British wiggins?
Buffy: Oh, with extra wig.

Willow: So, um, where is everyone these days?
Anya: Well, I'm back in my own apartment. And, of course, vengeance takes me all over the world. I was in Brazil yesterday. They love their soccer.

Dawn: Okay, so I looked up demons that skin their victims and demons that flay their victims 'cause, you know, same thing. There's a ton of prospects. Anything else gone? Uh, eyeballs, toenails or viscera? That's guts.
Buffy: She knows about viscera. Makes you proud.

Dawn: Then this is your guy. He laps up the blood. You could say it's like his natural beverage.
Xander: You're terrifying.

Buffy: It's pretty easy. Spike follows the exciting smell of blood, and we follow the fairly ripe smell of Spike.
Dawn: It's smellementary. Also, I'm sure there's tons of stuff like this. You know, procedures we can use that don't involve magic spells. Just good solid detective work. And we can develop a database of tooth impressions and demon skin samples and I could wear high heels more often.

Xander: We can't just leave her here like this. What if she vomits?
Dawn: Ew. I won't vomit.
Buffy: Do you think she'll vomit?
Dawn: Stop talking about vomit.
Buffy: I'll call Anya. She can watch her.
Xander: Right, she'll love being called for vomit watch.
Dawn: Stop talking about vomit!

Buffy: Anya, listen. This is really important. Did Willow go to that cave?
Anya: Mm-hmm. Last time I saw her, that's where she was headed. (playing with a paralyzed Dawn) Shall I make her salute? That'd be very cute.
Buffy: Xander, she could be there right now. Willow could be trapped with the Gnarl.
Anya: Uh, it's not "The Gnarl", just "Gnarl". Oh, wouldn't it be tragic if you were here being kinda silly with your comically paralyzed sister while Willow was dying?

Willow: When did you get all insightful?
Anya: I'm surprisingly sensitive.
Willow: So, will you help me?
Anya: (sighs) Is it difficult or time-consuming?

Willow: I found a dead body near the high school.
Anya: Yes, that can happen.
Willow: Something horrible killed a boy, took his skin right off!
Anya & Willow: (to each other at the same time) Was it you?
Anya & Willow: No!
Anya: Well with the skin thing, they're definitely going to think it was you.

Spike: Someone isn't here. Button, button, who's got the button? My money's on the witch. Red is a bad girl.
Buffy: He's talking about Willow.
Xander: And that means so much because he's chock full of sanity.

Willow: (about the Magic Box) I feel really responsible.
Anya: You feel really responsible? You are really responsible!

Anya: Here's something you should know about vengeance demons. We don't groove with the sorry. We prefer, "Oh god! Please stop hitting me with my own rib bones!"
Willow: Go on. Say whatever you want. Rib bones and so forth. I deserve it.
Anya: And you won't mind? (Willow shakes her head) Well, then that's no fun!
Willow: Sorry.

Anya: (as Willow barges in to her apartment) Come in! Enjoy my personal space.

Episode Goofs
After the events of 9/11, new rules state that nobody is allowed inside an airport terminal without a boarding pass. However, Buffy, Xander, and Dawn are not only inside the terminal, but are also waiting at the gate for Willow to arrive.

Even though Gnarl had torn Buffy and Dawn's shirts in the cave, neither of their shirts are still torn once they reach the house.

Cultural References
Xander: (to a paralyzed Dawn) You'll be doing limbo in no time.

Limbo is a game where the players must bend over backwards and shimmy under a bar that is constantly lowered closer and closer to the floor in each subsequent round.

Episode References
Anya: Well with the skin thing, they're definitely going to think it was you.

Anya is referring to the fact that Willow skinned Warren alive last season, in the episode "Villains."

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerJoss Whedon  |  Marti Noxon
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