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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Conversations with Dead People

On the night of November 12, 2002, some of the Scoobies are visited by various different incarnations of the dead:
•Buffy is psychoanalysed by a vampire.
•Willow is given a message from Tara.
•Dawn believes her mother is trying to communicate to her.
•At the urging of Warren, Andrew has Jonathan help him unearth something unholy in the school basement.

Episode Info
Episode number: 7x7
Production Number: 7ABB07
Airdate: Tuesday November 12th, 2002

Guest Stars
Danny StrongDanny Strong
As Jonathan
Adam BuschAdam Busch
As Warren
Tom LenkTom Lenk
As Andrew
Azura SkyeAzura Skye
As Cassie Newton
Kristine SutherlandKristine Sutherland
As Joyce
Jonathan M. WoodwardJonathan M. Woodward
As Holden "Webs" Webster

Co-Guest Stars
Stacey ScowleyStacey Scowley
As Young Woman

Musical Guests
Angie HartAngie Hart
As Herself
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
As Dawn Summers
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 4.1/6 in the overnight ratings.

This episode ranked 2nd out of 10 UPN shows for that week.

Originally, it was intended for Amber Benson (Tara) to return and be the one who talks to Willow in the library scenes.

This episode featured the title "Conversations with Dead People" at the beginning of the episode. The only other episode to have its title shown in the beginning was "Once More With Feeling."

Ranked 96 out of 136 prime time shows.

Emma Caulfield (Anya) did not appear in this episode and, for the first and only time during the series, neither did Nicholas Brendon (Xander).

The four main sections of the script were written mostly by four separate people, although only two are credited: the Andrew/Jonathan/Warren scenes by Drew Goddard, the Dawn/Joyce scenes by Jane Espenson, the Willow/Cassie scenes by Marti Noxon, and the Buffy/Holden scenes by Joss Whedon.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Angie HartBlue 

Episode Quotes
Andrew: We find it. We alert the Slayer. We help her destroy it. We save Sunnydale. Then we join her gang and possibly hang out at her house.

Buffy: Okay, you know, this is beyond evil. This is insane troll logic.

Holden: Buffy, I'm here to kill you, not to judge you.

Willow: I am the power. It's in me. Did I mention the random destruction of property? The Magic Box is not so much a box now.

Cassie: So go. Be with her. Everybody will be safe, and you'll be together again. It's not that bad. Really. It's just like going to sleep.
Willow: Who are you?

Joyce: Things are coming, Dawn. Listen, things are on their way. I love you, and I love Buffy, but she won't be there for you.
Dawn: What? Why are you...
Joyce: When it's bad, Buffy won't choose you. She'll be against you.

Cassie/The First: You don't know hurt. This last year's gonna seem like cake after what I put you and your friends through, and I am not a fan of easy death. Fact is, the whole good-versus-evil, balancing the scales thing - I'm over it. I'm done with the mortal coil. But believe me, I'm going for a big finish.
Willow: From beneath you, it devours.
Cassie/The First: Oh, not it. Me.

Jonathan: Wish I'd have stayed in Mexico.
Andrew: Ah, I didn't like it there. Everybody spoke Mexicalan.
Jonathan: You could've learned it. You learned the entire Klingon dictionary in two and a half weeks.
Andrew: That had much clearer transitive and intransitive rules, OK? Besides, I can't keep having those nightmares.
Jonathan: Me neither. Desde abajo te debora.
Andrew: "It eats you starting with your bottom."

Buffy: So what have you been up to?
Holden: Well, apparently dying. Uh, no, but other stuff. Uhh, you know, majoring in Psych. Really liking that. Uhh, took a year of to do an internship at the Sunnydale Mental Hospital.
Buffy: Wow. That's gotta be a... popular joint.
Holden: I keep telling them we ought to get a velvet rope and a bouncer.

Andrew: "That boy is our last hope."
Warren: "No, there is another."
Andrew: Wait, really? Who's our last hope?
Warren: No, I was just going with it. It was a thing. He's our last hope.

Holden: Oh, I have so much to learn. Come on, isn't this insane? I mean, I was afraid to talk to you in high school, and now we're, like, mortal enemies. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we became nemeses?
Buffy: Is that how you say the word?
Holden: We're gonna have to fight to the death, aren't we?
Buffy: It's the time-honored custom.

Jonathan: (about high school) I really miss it. Time goes by, and everything drops away. All the cruelty, all the pain, all that humiliation. It all washes away. I miss my friends. I miss my enemies. I miss the people I talked to every day. I miss the people who never knew I existed. I miss 'em all. I want to talk to them, you know. I want to find out how they're doing. I want to know what's going on in their lives.
Andrew: You know what? They don't wanna talk to you-- all those people you just mentioned. Not one of them is sitting around going, "I wonder what Jonathan's up to right now." Not one of them cares about you.
Jonathan: Well, I still care about them. That's why I'm here.

Cultural References
Andrew: Everything's shifting around. I feel like we're in Hellraiser. I hate Pinhead.

Hellraiser is a 1987 horror movie that has spawned off numerous sequels. Pinhead is the name of the killer in the film.

Andrew: Think McFly...

This is a reference to the Back to the Future trilogy, in which Michael J. Fox stars as time-traveler, Marty McFly.

Andrew: That boy is our last hope.
Warren: No, there is another.

This conversation was originally between the Force-ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda. It occurred in The Empire Strikes Back, the second of the original Star Wars trilogy and chronologically the fifth story in that movie universe. The "other" to whom Yoda referred then was Leia, Luke's twin sister. Andrew and Warren, alas, have no "other" to fall back on.

Episode References
Holden: Hey, you remember Jason Wheeler, you know, "Crazy J"? He always had that shtick of "Yeah, I'm crazy, I'm crazy."
Buffy: How is he?
Holden: Crazy. He's been in the chronic ward since graduation. Not really that funny, I guess.

This is a reference to the third season finale "Graduation Day (2)" in which the events that occurred during the graduation ceremony, left Jason, and probably others, traumatized.

Cassie: Remember that time on the bridge when you sang to each other? Well, she says even though you can't hear it, she still sings to you.
Willow: Tara?

Cassie is referring to when Tara sang I'm Under Your Spell to Willow in the musical episode "Once More, With Feeling."

Holden: Well, you were never around. A lot of kids thought you were dating some really old guy, or that you were just heavy religious. Scott Hope said you were gay.

Scott Hope was a classmate Buffy dated at the start of her senior year, in the third season. He broke up with Buffy right before homecoming.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerJoss Whedon  |  Gail Berman  |  Fran Rubel Kuzui  |  Kaz Kuzui  |  Sandy Gallin  |  Marti Noxon
Co-Executive ProducerJane Espenson  |  David Solomon  |  David Fury
Supervising ProducerDouglas Petrie
ProducerGareth Davies  |  Marc D. Alpert
Co-ProducerJohn F. Perry
Associate ProducerDenise Pleune
Production DesignerThomas Fichter
EditorPeter Basinski
CastingAmy McIntyre Britt  |  Jennifer Fishman  |  Anya Colloff
Unit Production ManagerJohn F. Perry
First Assistant DirectorSam Hill
Second Assistant DirectorScott Remick
Music SupervisorJohn C. King
Costume DesignerTerry Dresbach
HairstylistLisa Marie Rosenberg
Key GripGeorge Palmer
Camera OperatorSteven H. Smith
Set DecoratorSusan Mina Eschelbach
Location ManagerJeffrey Garrett
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Ellis (2)
Property MasterAndrew T. Grant
Construction CoordinatorMike Brooks (1)
Production Sound MixerBuck Robinson
Script SupervisorSuzanne McRobert
Production CoordinatorLisa Ripley-Becker
Script CoordinatorTamara Becher
Assistant EditorRobert Hudson (2)
Supervising Sound EditorCindy Rabideau
Re-Recording MixerBill Jackson (1)  |  Tom Perry  |  Deb Adair
Director of PhotographyRaymond Stella
Story EditorDrew Z. Greenberg
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Medlen (1)
Post Production CoordinatorMelissa Owen
Executive Story EditorRebecca Sinclair
Makeup Department Head Peter Montagna
Visual Effects SupervisorLoni Peristere
Main Title DesignMontgomery/cobb
Casting AssistantMichael Nicolo
Chief Lighting TechnicianChristopher C. Strong
ScoreRobert Duncan (2)
AssistantChip Hatton  |  Mike Boretz  |  Kern Eccles  |  Laura Lewis  |  Natasha Billawala
Casting AssociateLonnie Hamerman
Key HairstylistSean Flanigan
Original CastingMarcia Shulman
Visual EffectsZoic Studios
Special Effects CoordinatorAndre Ellingson
Makeup ArtistCarol Schwartz-Maehl  |  Brigette A. Myre
Paint ForemanLisa Gamel
LeadpersonTom Wilson (2)
Theme ByNerf Herder
Production AuditorKen Lee
Post Production ServicesR!ot
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