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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Never Leave Me

After giving Spike a brutal third degree about his recent malevolent deeds, Buffy and the gang then kidnap and grill Andrew in a desperate effort to learn more about the growing evil forces that surround them all. At the same time, Buffy urgently contacts the Watcher’s Council to try to locate Giles in hopes that he may have some answers about the deadly, ever-encroaching evil.

Episode Info

Episode number: 7x9
Production Number: 7ABB09
Airdate: Tuesday November 26th, 2002

Director: David Solomon
Writer: Drew Goddard

  • Currently 8.5/10
8.5/10 (4 Votes cast)
Guest Stars
Adam BuschAdam Busch
As Warren
Camden ToyCamden Toy
As Ubervamp
Cynthia LamontagneCynthia Lamontagne
As Lydia
D.B. WoodsideD.B. Woodside
As Principal Robin Wood
Danny StrongDanny Strong
As Jonathan
Harris YulinHarris Yulin
As Quentin Travers
Kris IyerKris Iyer
As Nigel
Oliver MuirheadOliver Muirhead
As Philip
Rob NagleRob Nagle
As Robson
Tom LenkTom Lenk
As Andrew
Bobby BrewerBobby Brewer
As Hoffman
Donald BishopDonald Bishop
As Butcher
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
As Alexander "Xander" Harris
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Emma CaulfieldEmma Caulfield
As Anya Jenkins
Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
As Dawn Summers
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 3.6/5 in the overnight ratings.

This episode ranked 1st out of 11 UPN shows for that week.

Ranked 82 out of 123 prime time shows.

Following this episode, Tom Lenk (Andrew) appears in every subsequent episode of the series.

This episode marks Camden Toy's third appearance in the series, each time playing a different character. He played one of the Gentlemen in the fourth season episode "Hush," as well as the demon Gnarl earlier this season in "Same Time, Same Place."

Episode Quotes
Dawn: And Spike could've sired countless others and buried them around town. And we're waiting for him to do what, exactly? Do something crazy?
Willow: It's not that simple.
Anya: Shouldn't we stab him through the chest? Isn't that what we do when these things happen?

Xander: What are you doing back in town?
Andrew: You'll get nothing out of me, carpenter.

Buffy: He was talking to someone. I heard through the door, he was having this conversation. And then he started singing.
Anya: Maybe it's another musical. A much crappier musical.

Buffy: I know these guys. I fought them before. We aren't being haunted. This isn't some demon. It's all the same thing. Spike's ghosts, the people you guys saw, from beneath us, it's all the same thing. I know what we're up against. The First.

Warren/The First: Hey! You know the rules. I can't take corporeal form. Here, feel. Mm-hmm.
Andrew: Cool.
Warren: Pretty bitchin', right? I'm like Obi Wan?
Andrew: Or Patrick Swayze.

Dawn: I just wanted to tell you that Buffy won't be coming in today. She's really sick.
Principal Wood: Oh, no.
Dawn: Yeah, last night she was vomiting, and then this morning she was vomiting some more, and then, just when we thought she was done, she was vomiting again.
Principal Wood: Yeah, we got that stomach flu going around.
Dawn: Her exact words were, "I've got stuff coming out of both ends."
Principal Wood: Thank you. That's very helpful.

Andrew: "Babe 2: Pig in the City" was really underrated.
Warren/The First: Don't think about Babe.
Andrew: Right.
Warren/The First: You're Conan. You're the destroyer. It's you against nature. You're the hunter, you're primal, you live off the land. You're Andrew. Everyone knows you. You play by your own rules. It's kill or be killed.
Andrew: (charges at the pig with a knife) That'll do, pig!
Warren/The First: No, you gotta.... you gotta corner it. Stay between it and the hall, or it-- That's the worst attempted pig slaughtering I've ever seen.
Andrew: I'm not very good at stabbing. Isn't there some other way we could get blood?

Andrew: I'd like 12 pork chops, 2 pounds of sausage, 8 quarts of pigs blood, 3 steaks, um, halibut, and, uh, some toothpaste...
Butcher: This is a butcher's shop, Neo. We don't sell toothpaste.
Andrew: Um, Okay, just the other stuff then.

Xander: Now, we can do this the hard way, if you want. But believe me if I tell you, this will go much easier if you just tell us what you know.
Andrew: Ow. You're barking up the wrong asparagus, man. I don't know anything.

Anya: Right. What's the status with your guy?
Buffy: He's not talking yet. We'll get there. How's your guy?
Anya: The weasel wants to sing. He just needs a tune.
Xander: He's primed. I'll be pumping him in no time.

Anya: (interrogating Andrew) Now you want to waste time on deceptions? Not on my watch! (slaps him)
Xander: Hey, Anya! Can I talk to you outside for a second?
(the two go outside)
Anya: Did you see that? I actually made him cry.
Xander: You were perfect. I was worried I overdid it with the whole "easy way, hard way" thing.
Anya: No, you were great! And I wasn't sure if I should slap him, but then he made me want to slap him, so I thought, Okay, slap him!

Xander: (about Anya) She's killed a lot of men. She tortures them. Anyone who incurs her wrath. One time she-- No, never mind.
Andrew: What?
Xander: It's not important.
Andrew: What'd she do?
Xander: Well, there was this one guy-- there was this one guy, he, uh, he hurt her real bad, so she paid him back. She killed him, but she did it real slow. See first she stopped his heart, then she replaced it with darkness, then she made him live his life like that. But he still had to go do his job and see his friends and wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, but he had to do it all empty. Without anything to look forward to. Ever.
Andrew: Sounds bad.
Xander: Well, then she tore out his intestines and rubbed it in his face and took pictures of it.
Andrew: Oh, God.

Buffy: He mentioned something about a song in the cellar. Uh, and he changed there, too-- I mean instantly became another person.
Xander: Trigger.
Anya: The horse?
Xander: No, in his head. It's a trigger. It's a brainwashing term.

Episode Goofs
While talking to Andrew in the alley, Willow's hair changes from being tucked behind her ears to being on the side of her face, between shots.

Cultural References
Andrew: That'll do, pig!

This is a reference to the film, Babe, about a pig who wanted to be a sheep dog. That famous line is said to Babe by Farmer Arthur Hoggett.

Andrew: Or Patrick Swayze.

This is a reference to the popular romantic film, Ghost. The movie, starring Patrick Swayze, is about a ghost who comes back to warn his girlfriend about an impending danger, but cannot take corporeal form to do so.

Andrew: I think Babe 2: Pig in the City was underrated.

This is a reference to the film Babe 2: Pig in the City. The film, which was a sequel, did not get as much hype and praise as the original.

Butcher: This is a butcher's shop, Neo. We don't sell toothpaste.

This is a reference to the popular film The Matrix. In the movie Keanu Reeves starred as Neo, and often wore a leather jacket. The butcher probably made this reference because of the fact that Andrew was wearing a similar jacket.

Episode References
Andrew: (to Willow) Hey, your hair's not even black anymore.

This is a reference to the final story arc of the sixth season. When Willow was taken over by evil, her hair turned a dark shade of black.

Buffy: He was talking to someone. I heard through the door, he was having this conversation. And then he started singing.
Anya: Maybe it's another musical. A much crappier musical.

Anya is referring to the musical events of "Once More, With Feeling" in which the entire town of Sunnydale burst into song.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerJoss Whedon  |  Marti Noxon
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