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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Bring On The Night

Giles arrives with three potential Slayers to inform the Scoobies of the First Evil’s plan to eliminate the Slayer line. Buffy soon discovers a more immediate threat when she finds that the First has raised a powerful and ancient vampire, the Turok-Han.

Episode Info
Episode number: 7x10
Production Number: 7ABB10
Airdate: Tuesday December 17th, 2002

Special Guest Stars
Anthony Stewart HeadAnthony Stewart Head
As Rupert Giles
Kristine SutherlandKristine Sutherland
As Joyce Summers

Guest Stars
Tom LenkTom Lenk
As Andrew
Iyari LimonIyari Limon
As Kennedy
Clara BryantClara Bryant
As Molly
Juliet LandauJuliet Landau
As Drusilla
D.B. WoodsideD.B. Woodside
As Principal Wood
Courtnee DraperCourtnee Draper
As Annabelle

Co-Guest Stars
Camden ToyCamden Toy
As Ubervamp
Chris WileyChris Wiley
As Roger
Main Cast
Sarah Michelle GellarSarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy Anne Summers
Nicholas BrendonNicholas Brendon
As Alexander "Xander" Harris
Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan
As Willow Rosenberg
Emma CaulfieldEmma Caulfield
As Anya Jenkins
Michelle TrachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg
As Dawn Summers
Episode Notes
This episode scored a 3.5/5 in the overnight ratings.

This episode ranked 6 out of 10 UPN shows for that week.

Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) returns in this episode and stays until the series finale.

Ranked 88 out of 131 prime time shows.

All three of the potential slayers in this episode were well-known Disney Channel stars at the time. Courtnee Draper starred in Disney's original series The Jersey and the original movie The Thirteenth Year. Clara Bryant starred in the movie Tru Confessions, and Iyari Limon appeared in Double Teamed.

This episode marks the final appearance of Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers) on the series.

Episode Quotes
Giles: Sorry to barge in. We have a slight apocalypse.

Buffy: Giles, this is bad, isn't it? A new kind of bad.
Giles: Just in time for Christmas.
Buffy: You know, I didn't even realize it was December. Maybe when we get home, we should decorate the rubble.

Buffy: I'm beyond tired. I'm beyond scared. I'm standing on the mouth of hell, and it is gonna swallow me whole. And it'll choke on me. We're not ready? They're not ready. They think we're gonna wait for the end to come, like we always do. I'm done waiting. They want an apocalypse? Oh, we'll give 'em one. Anyone else who wants to run, do it now. 'Cause we just became an army. We just declared war. From now on, we won't just face our worst fears, we will seek them out. We will find them, and cut out their hearts one by one, until The First shows itself for what it really is. And I'll kill it myself. There is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil, and that's us. Any questions?

Willow: Yeah, my search isn't turning anything up either. Are you sure this thing called itself The First?
Buffy: Pretty sure. It claimed to be the original evil, the one that came before anything else.
Anya: Please, how many times have I heard that line in my demon days? "I'm so rotten, they don't even have a word for it. I'm bad. Baddy bad bad bad. Does it make you horny?" Or terrified. Whatever.

Buffy: The seal could've been activated. I bet that's what the First needed Spike for.
Andrew: That wasn't there before. I had nothing to do with that.
Xander: Thanks for clearing that up because otherwise we might have thought you were up to no good here at the satanic manhole cover. You killed your best friend!

Giles: (about The First) How to defeat it I... honestly I don't know. But we have to find a way. If the slayer line is eliminated, then the hell mouth has no guardian. The balance is destroyed. I'm afraid it falls to you, Buffy. Sorry. I mean, we'll do what we can, but you're the only one who has the strength to protect these girls... and the world against what's coming.
Xander: But no pressure.

Andrew: So, how long have you followed Buffy?
Xander: I don't follow her. She's my best friend.
Andrew: Huh. She seems like a good leader. Her hair is shiny. Does she make you stab things?

Buffy: Oh, um, I'm sorry. What were we talking about?
Teen Boy: Only my life. You're just like all the others.
Buffy: No. No, no, no. I'm different. I'm hip. I relate to the young people.

Xander: Hey, junior slayers, don't look so worried. I mean, sure, we don't know where Spike is, or how to fight The First, or if and when the super style vampire is gonna attack us all. However, house-- boarded up. Now all we got to do is trap this UberVamp in a pantry, and it's game over.
Willow: Xander, newbies. Let's ease them in to the whole "jokes in the face of death" thing.
Xander: Who's joking? That pantry thing could work. Are you saying M. Night Shamalayan lied to us?

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerFran Rubel Kuzui  |  Gail Berman  |  Sandy Gallin  |  Joss Whedon  |  Kaz Kuzui  |  Marti Noxon
Co-Executive ProducerJane Espenson  |  David Solomon  |  David Fury
Supervising ProducerDouglas Petrie
ProducerMarc D. Alpert  |  Gareth Davies
Co-ProducerJohn F. Perry
Associate ProducerDenise Pleune
Production DesignerThomas Fichter
EditorPeter Basinski
CastingAnya Colloff  |  Amy McIntyre Britt  |  Jennifer Fishman
Unit Production ManagerJohn F. Perry
First Assistant DirectorLeslie Franks Cusack
Second Assistant DirectorScott Remick
Music SupervisorJohn C. King
Costume DesignerTerry Dresbach
HairstylistLisa Marie Rosenberg
Key GripGeorge Palmer
Camera OperatorSteven H. Smith
Set DecoratorSusan Mina Eschelbach
Location ManagerJeffrey T. Spellman
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Ellis (2)
Property MasterAndrew T. Grant
Construction CoordinatorMike Brooks (1)
Production Sound MixerBuck Robinson
Script SupervisorSuzanne McRobert
Production CoordinatorLisa Ripley-Becker
Script CoordinatorTamara Becher
Assistant EditorJon Dudkowski
Supervising Sound EditorCindy Rabideau
Re-Recording MixerDeb Adair  |  Tom Perry  |  Bill Jackson (1)
Director of PhotographyRaymond Stella
Story EditorDrew Z. Greenberg
Stunt CoordinatorJohn Medlen (1)
Post Production CoordinatorMelissa Owen
Executive Story EditorRebecca Sinclair
Makeup Department Head Peter Montagna
Visual Effects SupervisorLoni Peristere
Main Title DesignMontgomery/cobb
Casting AssistantMichael Nicolo
Chief Lighting TechnicianChristopher C. Strong
ScoreRobert Duncan (2)
AssistantChip Hatton  |  Kern Eccles  |  Mike Boretz  |  Laura Lewis  |  Natasha Billawala
Casting AssociateLonnie Hamerman
Key HairstylistSean Flanigan
Original CastingMarcia Shulman
Visual EffectsZoic Studios
Special Effects CoordinatorAndre Ellingson
Makeup ArtistCarol Schwartz-Maehl  |  Brigette A. Myre
Paint ForemanLisa Gamel
LeadpersonChuck Courrieu
Theme ByNerf Herder
Production AuditorKen Lee
Post Production ServicesHollywood Digital
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