Center of the Storm - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael giving the bible to Sam and Fiona to look at. He tells them that he is trying to get a face to face with Simon and wants to reconnect of Vaughn to be able to get him in contact with him. They are in the middle of a hurricane and Vaughn enters Michael’s place and tells that he cannot get Michael the access to talk to Simon. Michael is outraged and tells that he risked his life and got a spy burned in the process. Michael tells Vaughn that he could be very dangerous too if Vaughn doesn’t let him near Simon. Vaughn says no and Michael lets Vaughn out in the hurricane. Vaughn tells that he is not going to forget what he did to him.

The storm is over and Michael visits Jesse and Madeline is there. Michael tells that Madeline should have been in a different state during the hurricane. She tells that she can handle her own. Madeline answers the door and tells that two men are here from the FBI for Michael and that they need to talk to him. Agents Lane and Harris tell that James Bailey is wanted dead by a Turkish syndicate and that they are trying to find him so that he can testify against the Turks. They tell that Bailey ran after their safe house was attacked by a Hitman. Michael is surprised that the Hitman has a semi-automatic weapon and the FBI agents came back alive. He tells them that he’ll help them and that they will owe him. Michael visits Fiona and asks if she knows of any arm dealers nearby. She tells that there is a man named Pano that sells guns. He tells it is a favor of the FBI

Sam and Michael visit with Pano and a man answers the door. Sam pretends to be a cop and the man doesn’t care. Michael kicks the door open and points his gun before anyone could grab theirs. He tells that he is looking for a man who got a gun from them and they tell him that they don’t know. Sam shoots the front of a car they are working on. Pano comes clean and says that a man named Cole came in and asked for a clean gun. Sam goes up to the other car and Pano tells that he dropped the gun off at an apartment complex. Sam tells that the killer probably didn’t want to carry the gun across town and probably lives in the apartments. They put Pano and his co-worker in the trunk of the car and tell them that they will have the real cops rescue them. Fiona hears the door and it is Vaughn and he wants to talk about Jesse Porter. Michael and Sam arrive at the apartment complex and that Cole is living in #219. Michael enters and sees that there is a matchbook security system and there is a bomb upon the door opening. Michael has the string to hold the bomb at bay and Cole enters the room. He tells Michael to give up his gun. Cole thinks that Michael is another assassin named Matt Reese and Michael tells that he can help him out. Michael tells that he has a friend in the FBI and that he knows the car that Bailey is driving. Cole disarms the bomb and he tells that they can go.

Outside the apartment Cole is escorting Michael with his gun and Michael sends Sam the message to stay close to a radio. Back at Fiona’s, Vaughn wants to know why Fiona is so mad and she recounts the fact that he ruined Michael’s life. Fiona finds out that Michael doesn’t know Vaughn is there. She tells that all of them are the same. He tells that he will give Jesse his old job back if Fiona gives up the Family Bible. Vaughn gives her his card. Back with Michael and Cole, they are driving and Michael tells that they are going to need an emergency vehicle to be able to blend in nicely. There is an emergency vehicle storage unit close by. Back at Michael’s, Sam is trying to get in touch with Michael and Lane and Harris enter and ask if Michael has any new information. Sam tells that he is still trying to get in touch with Michael. The radio comes clear and it is Michael. He asks what Bailey is driving and Lane and Harris tell that they already found the car. Michael tells that they need to get to Bailey’s house and find out where his girlfriend is living. Cole comes over and asks what is taking so long and Michael tells that he is doing his best. Sam needs to get to Bailey’s house quick and he knows who to call.

Sam calls Madeline with the radio and she answers. He tells that Jesse and her need to get to Bailey’s house quickly. Back in the car yard, Cole is trying to get the fence open and Michael sees that the electrical pole is about to break and fall into the water. He tells Cole to get out of the water. Michael crashes the car to dislodge the steering column. He runs over and grabs a ladder. He tells Cole to throw Michael his gun. Cole throws the gun in the water and tells that neither of them have a gun. Cole walks across the ladder and Michael punches him. Cole pulls out the other gun he had and points it at Michael. Cole punches Michael and tells that if he tries it again, he will be eating a bullet. Jesse, Fiona and Madeline enter Bailey’s home and start looking for something that has Bailey’s girlfriend’s address on it. Back in the car yard, they get a car and Michael hotwires the car with Cole’s gun pointed at him. Michael recognizes a tattoo Cole has and links it to a bombs expert in the Marines. He tells that he was special forces and that Cole sold himself out and is now an assassin. Cole tells that the Marines made him that way.

Back in Bailey’s house, they find that his girlfriend is pregnant and they get the picture of the house. Michael and Cole are driving and he tells that he needs to see if the pathway is clear. But it is a descriptive message to get a description of the house. Sam and Jesse tell that it is a grey roof, weathervane on top, and a white house. Cole tells that Michael needs to tell what kind of car Bailey is driving and he tells that he doesn’t know. Michael tells that he knows what the house looks like. They go to the roof of a parking garage, Michael find the house. But they are shot at. It is the real Matt Reese and his team. Michael makes a break for it and runs to Bailey’s house. He puts a refrigerator in front of them and Cole enters. He wants to know who Michael really is and he tells that he is going to leave when Bailey is dead and Michael tells that Cole is not a killer and that he is a good guy. Matt and his team arrive and Cole closes the door. Michael surrenders and tells that they need to work together. He tells that Cole is a good man and Cole decides to work with Michael.

They take off the back of the cooler and put household cleaners. Cole takes the front of the refrigerator as protection and lures the men in the alley. When they are next to the cooler, Michael causes it to explode. He tackles Matt Reese but is unable to fight him off. Cole jumps in and knocks him out with the gun. Cole points his gun at Michael and tells that he’ll be able to collect on the kill. But he is only joking. Michael lets Cole go free and uses Cole’s ties to tie up Matt and his team. Michael is at his mother’s and they are unpacking. Madeline tells that another hurricane is supposed to hit so don’t bother. FBI agents Lane and Harris are at the door and they thank Michael for the help. Michael is at Fiona’s and Fiona tells that Vaughn visited her and asked if she would give the Bible to him in exchange for Jesse’s old job back. She tells Michel that she wouldn’t do that and gives the Bible to Michael. She tells him not to make her be disappointed about her choice. She tells that she is supposed to meet Vaughn. At a bar outside, Vaughn is enjoying a drink when Agent Lane and Harris walk up and tell Vaughn that they will put him on the Most Wanted list if he doesn’t do what Michael says. Vaughn laughs and tells Michael that he could have the agents killed along with Michael and Michael tells that he wants a meeting with Simon. Vaughn agrees but warns Michael that he can’t get inside Simon’s mind without allowing some of Simon into his.