Eyes Open - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael in the hospital and Fiona and Sam are sitting there. Michael is asleep. After three days of being in asleep, Fiona kicks him and he wakes up. She updates him of what happened and tells that John Barrett is dead. He tells that the briefcase is missing that contained the Bible and a knock list of codes he couldn’t decode. Jesse comes and visits Michael and he tells that he can’t do the job alone. He tells that he is not going to be friends, but that he is not going to allow for the bad guys to win and see where it leads. Michael tries to tell that he will get Jesse back in and Jesse tells him not to game him again. At the hospital, Madeline tells Michael that he is going to be staying at her place while he recuperates. When he tries to resist, Madeline tells that he needs to allow her to take care of him. He agrees. Suddenly there is a Code Orange and Mike runs finds Sam. He is told that there was a bombing on South Beach.

Sam and Michael find Alicia, a woman who was visiting her brother Walt. She tells that Walt was having lunch with his boss and she saw a young couple and it went off. She tells that the boss was Dale Lawson, and he is dead. Michael and Sam figure out that Scott is involved and Sam tells that it could be only the beginning. Michael takes off the IV and tells that he is going to handle Scott. Michael and Fiona go to Scott’s home and he tries to give them an alibi and that he didn’t do it. He tells them to get out. Fiona leads Michael home and Vaughn is there. He tells Michael to keep his head down and Vaughn tells that he didn’t clean up after themselves and Vaughn tells that he is leaving and that someone new will be in touch. Fiona tells that Mark Sweeny is not back at work and that they need to find him, but Michael wants to track the South Beach Bomber.

Michael and Sam pull up to Dennis Barfield’s house and Sam tells that the guy is insane. Sam tells Michael that Dennis tells that he is a cleanser and that there might be a Manifesto coming. Michael starts to break into Dennis’s home and Dennis comes home before Michael can get out. Dennis is there with a gun and leads Michael inside. Once inside, Michael changes plans and pretends to be Dennis’s biggest fan. He tells that he was shot trying to take down the scumbags and that he can’t get shot again. This spares his life and Dennis tells him never to visit him again. At Madeline’s, she tells that Michael needs to take his Percocet and Fiona agrees. Michael tells that he needs to have his wits about him. Madeline is upset that Michael is working now. Michael tells Fiona that they cannot kill Dennis and she is upset that she can’t. Fiona tells that Sweeny’s car showed up and Michael tells Jesse will help her and Michael tells that it will work out for her.

Jesse arrives and Jesse is not happy about the mission. They talk and Fiona wants things to go back to the way they were before. She tells that Jesse is going to be her husband and Jesse tells that their “marriage” is on the rocks. They go to the impound lot where the car is and they bribe the guard to allow them to get some sunglasses out of the car. In the car, Jesse finds a parking ticket for the University of Miami and they feel that Sweeny tried taking the code to the University. The guard shows up and asks if they found Fiona’s sunglasses yet. She shows that they have. Meanwhile, Michael visits Dennis again and this time tells that he has something he wants to show him. He gets Dennis to confess to having a trigger on his bombs and while Michael distracts Dennis with telling about some chemicals that he has, Sam walks in and looks for files on the bombs. He finds the blueprints but no locations. Dennis finds out that the chemicals are fake and tells Michael to get out of his life.

Michael pays a visit to Scott again and tells that he better call off Dennis or else. He tells that he can’t go to jail and Michael tells that he will get him either way. Scott tells that Walt is the next target. Sam and Michael get to Walks and Michael gets a call from Dennis. He asks if he is Michael Weston and he tells that he is. Dennis tells that no one cancels the order and that the “dominos will fall”. He tells Michael that he has killed Scott and that he is going to have to play to his rules now. Michael needs to get inside of the house. They grab flowers and pretend to be delivery men with flowers. They put a gun to the men’s faces and they get inside. They find the bomb. It is the television set. Walter comes in and Alicia tells that the television is a bomb. Meanwhile, Jesse and Fiona are following on the lead to find Sweeny and a kid in class runs out the door. Jesse catches up to him and gets a name to go see.

Michael calls Fiona as Walt and Sam tape up the television set and place it inside the pool. She tells that Jesse will do it. Jesse tells that he is not going to be involved but Fiona convinces him. Walt gets a call and it is Dennis. He tells him to turn on the television and the bomb goes off in the pool. Michael and Fiona triangulate the signal to find Dennis’s location. He is on Fiona’s block and is headed toward her home. Michael tells her to get out of there. She does and Dennis walks into the house. Michael and Sam arrive and the cops do too. Fiona says that her neighbor called. Michael tells that he is going to go inside and talk to him. Fiona tells that Michael can’t get into a police shootout. He goes inside and tells that he made the people pay for selling bad chemicals and tells that the cops are coming. He tells that he is going to kill himself with the police and Michael can be his first disciple. Michael changes tactics and gets Dennis to tell him the locations of the bombs and tells that he will give himself up as a hostage.

Michael comes out and the police place him in handcuffs. Fiona tells that Michael has the addresses and Jesse pulls the trigger on the bomb by turning on a radio. Dennis is blown away along with Fiona’s new place. Later, Madeline asks why Michael does the things he does and asks if he thinks about it. He tells that he likes to feel the trigger on his finger. Madeline tries to tell that Michael has some built up rage and that it doesn’t matter. He is one of the good guys and she is proud of him. She gives Michael sunglasses that he lost and tells him to do what he does. Michael and Jesse meet and Michael thanks him. They are at the home of Justin Walsh and they find Sweeny dead. They get in and everything is gone. They have nothing and not to mention, they are three days behind.