Company Man - Recap

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The scene opens in Ottawa, Canada where Agent #RB609.10.96852 is hiding in a Canadian Security Intelligence Service building. Michael gets into the building and meets his partner, Max. He is a CIA Officer and he has Michael as a CIA Asset. They have Raines, the boss, listening into their every move. They break into an office building and see a man at a computer typing away. The man's name is Hector, but he tries to say his name is Tim. Max says that they know that he is Hector, the same guy who bombed the Embassy. Hector sticks to his fake name and says that he will prove it. He reaches for a knife and Michael and Max take him down. They pile him into the back of the surveillance van and Raines tells Michael that he can go home. Michael tries to tell that he wants in on this and Raines tells him that they will handle it and keep him informed. Michael gets back to Miami and Fiona is “happy” to see him and they get “busy”.

The next day, Fiona asks where Michael was and he is back in secret mode and tells Fiona that he can’t tell her. She reminds Michael that they were doing the job of the CIA for four years and that he needs to be careful of them. She says that it is not right that they are out of the game and it is not fair. He apologizes for what he has dragged Fiona through this, but says that they are almost there. Later, Michael goes to Madeline and she greets him with a hug. Sam comes in and shows that he lost some weight and is back to his ideal weight. He says that he has a surprise for him and takes him to the garage. A car is underneath a tarp and Sam says that he fixed up his old car for Michael. Jesse comes in and tells that he quit the CIA and says that he got a job for a private security company that pays well. Michael gets a call from Max. He tells Michael that they need his “interrogation” techniques in Washington. Michael arrives there and Raines tells that they have been trying for hours to get Hector to give up John Kessler, the last man who has information about the burned spies and the entire operation. Michael tells that he will get him to talk.

He goes inside the room and Max unplugs the camera. He tells Hector that there is another camera always hidden. He says that now they can talk. He asks what he is going to do to him and Michael says that he is going to talk. He says that he gets it that he wants to have a agency without the ties to the government. He says that he wants to find Kessler because he has cost him four years of his life and he wants answers. He says that he will get to him before he has a chance to hurt Hector’s family. Michael comes out of the room and Raines asks if he got the location. He says that he has and that Kessler is in Caracas, Venezuela and Michael says that he wants his own team with him as well. They agree and later in Caracas, Fiona, Sam, Michael and Max arrive at their hotel. Fiona doesn’t like the fact that it is not that nice and that Michael and her are not in the room alone. Max tells that he needs to update Michael alone. He asks if they are going to be a problem and he says that he will handle it. Max says that they know where the compound is and Michael is going to pretend to be Russian and talk to Comrade Armando Peuente. Michael’s cover is Vasily Andropov.

Later, Michael, Sam and Fiona run surveillance on the compound and Michael is going to have to convince Armando to give up Kessler. Michael studies the information in the file and Sam and Fiona pretend to be tourists that are having car trouble. The men at the compound tell them to move on and the smoke from the car allows Michael to sneak into the office. When Armando comes inside and finds Michael there. He pretends to be Russian and tells that he wants Kessler and he will pay him for his trouble. Later, Armando shows up and he tells that he has never heard of him before and draws a gun on him. Michael talks his way out of it by telling that he knows Armando’s friends and they concur with him. Armando takes the money and the deal is on. Max gathers a team together and Michael and Max go over the details. Fiona and Max ask Michael if they can talk and tells that they were on bag watching detail at the airport. Michael says that Armando already knows their faces and that they need to stay back. He says goodbye to them.

The team gathers around the compound and Kessler pulls up to the compound. Armando says that he needs him to come inside. However, the surveilience video feed is not good. They hear gunfire and Fiona calls Michael and says that Kessler took out the team. Max says that they have no plan, but Michael does. They chase Kessler down and enter the compound where Kessler gets out of the van and goes inside. Michael and Max get out of the van and start to take on fire. They manage to shoot the men and get inside the house. They get around the corner and hear a gun loading. They dive and avoid getting shot. They chase him to a metal safe room. Michael looks around and sees a vent. Max says that they will get him another time and Michael says that he is not going to give up. Michael calls Fiona and tells her to slow down the police enough for them to get away. Michael makes a make-shift grenade to blow a hole in the wall.

Fiona and Sam arrive at a checkpoint and set a blockade using their car and blows it up. Michael tells Kessler to back away from the wall. The grenade works and they go inside. However, Kessler is dead from getting shot in the head. Michael starts to loose it a little and Max brings him back to reality and tells him that they need to get out of there. The police arrive and Max says that they will be able to hold them off a little bit. Michael uses a fan to rig a machine gun to it. As the police deal with that, they get away. Back in Miami, Max comes over and tells that they made the papers and the PR covers it and blames the Colombian Cartel. Max says that Kessler is out of the game and they have nothing to worry about. Michael is not too happy about how it worked out and Sam says that it is over because the people who burned him are done. Later, Michael is sitting with his car and Madeline walks in. She tells that Sam told her about the trip and how he didn’t get the answers. Michael says that he was close, but the guy was killed. Madeline says that he can fix the car and he says that it is beyond saving. She says that nothing is beyond saving. The episode ends.