No Good Deed - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael at a Charity Auction and meets Max. Günter Earnhardt is their target and Michael is told to plant a quarter with a tracker inside on the computer thief when they see him. As they watch Günter, Michael asks Max if he looked at his folder. Max knows that Michael is talking about the people who burned him and tells him to forget about it because it is over. Michael sees the computer thieves on the move and Max and Michael watch as a man switches out the laptops from Günter. Michael pretends to be drunk and pushes the man. He gets close enough to put the quarter in the man’s coat pocket. Michael gets back to Madeline’s to work on the Charger and Fiona asks what Max said about Michael’s theory on the people who burned him. He dodges the question and Fiona tells that his obsession is wearing thin. He tells that Max told him to drop it. Madeline comes up and says that Barry is here with his brother and says that they have a problem that they need help with. Michael tells Fiona that he has to meet Max and Fiona says that she has this one and for him to go.

Fiona goes inside the house and meets Paul, Barry’s brother. He has a problem with thieves breaking into the security codes that contain all of the clients’ social security numbers and identity. He came to them because someone used his ID to get into the system. Barry and Paul start to argue about how Barry is not invited to his niece’s birthday, but gets a call for help. Fiona says that she is not going to solve their sibling rivalry and Paul tells her that there are teachers’ lives at stake. Barry sees Fiona’s face and knows that she is in. Meanwhile, Michael meets with Max and he gives Michael a temporary key card to the office. He tells Michael that the tracker was trailed to a Shell Company belonging to French Intelligence. France was being the thievery the entire time. However, they have a follow-up mission that involves them breaking into the Shell Company and stealing a file that is on Günter’s laptop. Max says that the room is full of heat sensor security systems and says that it is going to be hard, but Michael tells that they just need to bring the heat up. Max likes how Michael makes it so easy for them.

Fiona meets with Sam and tells that she needs his help, but Sam tells that he doesn’t want to help Barry or his brother. Fiona tells that she could be Sam’s cousin Kelly, or his new fling to ruin his relationship with Elsa. He says that he is in until Michael gets done with his CIA thing. They go to Jesse who has a file on Griffin Kale and says that he is the guy. Jesse says that he is probably working for someone and they have to get some information from him. Sam and Jesse go in to “talk” and Griffin takes them down. Fiona comes in with a shotgun and shoots Griffin in the private parts with a bean bag round. They tie him up and ask who the person is that hired him. He tells them, after they threaten to call the police on him, that her name is Eve and that she told him to steal 9-12 computers. Later, Michael tells Barry and he says that Eve is setting up a Super Computer that can crack the encryptions. Michael says that Eve requires a $10,000 upfront fee and Paul tells that he doesn’t have that kind of money. Barry tells that he can get the money. Michael meets with Eve and Griffin vouches for him. However, Eve doesn’t believe that Michael and Griffin worked together and Michael tells that he never did, but his money is still good. She tells that she will take the job. Michael calls Fiona to tell her to follow Eve, but she is tricky and does a stop and see in the middle of the road. Michael is going to need Max’s help on this.

Later on the mission, Michael and Max are disguised as Air Conditioning workers and disable the system to make it hot inside. Michael asks for Max’s help and he tells that he will locate Eve, but Michael is to stay away from there. He agrees. Later, Fiona and Jesse are at the apartment complex when Sam comes up and tells that it is the state of the art security system in there and that they are going to have to give the police something else to respond to which Jesse and Fiona break in. Once Fiona and Jesse are in though, the panel that they want is not there. They get shredded documents from the trash and take them back with them. Jesse manages to get them put together by using a program and comes up with the name Dean Myers, a guy that Eve talks to a lot.

Meanwhile, Michael and Max go to the Shell Company and tell that they are going to fix the air conditioning. The maintenance man hangs around until Max makes up a problem and tells him to shut off the gas valve. He buys it and leaves. Michael and Max go in the secured room and see the tablet lying on the table out in the open. Max puts in the flash drive and they wait for the files to be copied. They leave after the job is done. Michael goes to meet Eve and gets in the car. When he moves the seat up, three needles stab him and he is drugged. He wakes up tied to a chair. She asks who he is working for and puts a plastic bag over his face. Michael says that Dean Myers hired him to take the encrypted server. She tells that she doesn’t believe him, but after telling fine details, she believes him and tells that he and his crew are going to work for her now. Fiona, Sam and Jesse are gathered at a café and Sam asks Fiona if she thinks something is wrong. Fiona says that she knows something is wrong and sees Eve come up. She tells that their friend and her made a deal and that they work for her right now.

The next day, they meet Eve at the location that she said and Eve comes out with Michael with a gun to his back. She tells that they have seen him and now they have business to attend to. Dean Myers comes in and Michael tries to convince him that he was working for him. However, Dean isn’t buying it, but Eve is. She tells Dean to get on the ground and Sam, Fiona and Jesse are there to make sure nothing happens. They get the items in Eve’s Jeep and Fiona carries the one with the bomb. They are going to blow up the server rather than try to save it and risk getting discovered. Eve has Sam, Fiona and Jesse tie themselves up and then points the gun on Michael. She tells that she lied when she said that she was going to let him live. Michael steps back enough to allow Fiona to set off the bomb in the Jeep. Eve tries to reach for her gun, but Michael stops her and steps on her neck. He tells that she is not going to get the server now.

Later, Fiona comes up to Paul and Barry and gives him the charred server. She tells that he can say that there was an electrical fire. He thanks her and tells that it is Barry’s reason why they helped and that Barry has pulled them out of a thing or two. Paul is impressed that Barry is not a screw-up and says thanks again. Michael goes into the FDA’s office to debrief with Sam. However, he finds Sam lying on the ground. He has been shot and dies in Michael’s arms before he could make out who did this. Michael hears someone and grabs the gun. The stranger runs off before Michael can get to the stranger. He calls Fiona and Sam and tell that he is holding the murder weapon and needs to get out of there. They realize that someone is framing him for Max’s death. Fiona pulls up in the Charger, which is fixed thanks to Paul, and shoots up a cable line to Michael. He slides down and they get away. Sam meets them and says that someone is definitely trying to frame Michael and asks who it could have been. Max only told him to say goodbye to his wife for him. The episode ends.