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Eye For An Eye - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael and Sam packing up a car with guns. Fiona comes out and Michael says that they have to get to this Bomb Maker to be able to get information. Sam doesn’t think that the man that they suspect is a good source. Fiona says that the watch maker is a war criminal. Michael tells her that they are not going to be back until late and she realizes that they are not going to be able to have dinner at the Forge. He says that he is sorry and Fiona says that she will call and cancel the reservations. However, she finds out that Michael never called to make them to begin with. Michael and Sam arrive in Tallahassee and work on stake out to watch the man they suspect. Sam says that they need to wait on this guy, but Michael says that they need to grab him while they have the chance.

They get inside and meet the man. His name is Lucien. However, Lucien denies anything and says that he is only a clock maker. Michael gives information that he wants more then a clock and Lucien says that they need to follow him to the back. However, Michael sees that it is a trap and jumps away before Lucien can electrocute him and Sam. They get him to stop from escaping and take him to a remote location. Sam tells him to tell them who told him to build the bomb for. Lucien begins to talk, but it is clear that he is just making small talk to kill time. Michael says that they are going to need something more. Fiona comes over later with documentation that she pulled from Lucien’s home. She says that he doesn’t pack heavy and has little things. Michael asks if Fiona wants to hang around, but she says that she is helping out Jesse on one of his home security details. Fiona and Jesse meet with Sadie, a concerned wife of a billionaire, James Forte. She tells that she thinks that someone has been breaking in and that she can never catch them. James comes out and says that this is the 4th team that they have brought in on this and Fiona and Jesse say that they are going to watch the house while James and Sadie stay at the guest house.

Meanwhile, Sam and Michael continue to talk to Lucien and Michael goes through the things that he had in his place. When Michael comes across an article in Atlanta, Lucien reacts. They go outside and Michael says that someone needs to find out more. Sam says that he has to go do something else and Michael agrees to go instead. Meanwhile, Fiona tells that she is not having a good time and Jesse says that they don’t have it hard. They see an alarm go off and James is there too. They check it out to find the man responsible. However, he tells that his name is Dan Tesmind, James’ ex-business partner who stole his invention and his wife, Sadie. Jesse says that he is not getting involved, but Fiona says that they need to check him out. Jesse gives them some time to escape and Fiona and Dan escape. Jesse gets to Fiona and Michael’s place and sees that Dan is still alive. Fiona says that Dan’s story checks out. She says that the Anti-Fungal that James says that he created was actually Dan’s. Jesse says that they are not going to be able to break into James’ lab, but realizes that they can because James is going to beef up security.

Jesse goes into the labs with James and meets Ross, head of security at the lab. Jesse asks to see the formula to make sure that it is safe. Ross tells that it is safe and that they don’t want to show it to anyone. Ross shows that he doesn’t like Jesse and tells him to wait at a coffee house. Sam and Michael talk to Lucien and tell that they are going to have his daughter, Danika, deported if he doesn’t talk. He says that the man’s name is Christian Pavel and he talked to him through a cook named Nicolai. Michael and Sam go outside and Sam tells that he is not it again. However, Fiona needs Michael’s help on their mission and Sam is forced to go to the cafe alone. Fiona says that she needs Michael to scare James. Later, Jesse goes up to the security and tells them that they have holes in their security and distracts them while Michael walks in undetected. Michael gets into James’ car and lies and says that his medicine killed his mother. He plays the crazy person well and scares James by blowing up cars around them. He leaves and James asks where Ross and his men were. Jesse gives full clearance to their security detail.

Michael and Fiona talk to Dan and say that they are going to sneak in and safe crack the safe and get the formula out. Dan tells them that they need to make sure that Sadie doesn’t get hurt. Fiona sees that Dan still loves Sadie and Michael says that relationships have survived worse. Jesse looks at the security and tells that he needs to beef it up and says that they are going to have to put in bullet-proof windows. Meanwhile, Sam meets with a waitress of the cafe and she says that Nicolai quit. Sam calls Michael up and tells him of the update. Michael asks Lucien about it and he says that he couldn’t have known that Nicolai quit. Michael leaves and goes to where Jesse is rigging up the supply of the bullet-proof glass.

The next day, Jesse brings in the supply with Sam and they get Michael disguised as a lab tech, to go free through the office to get to the safe where the Gene-Sequence is. They tell that it is going to get loud. Ross comes in and says that he installed more cameras and the team picked up an intruder. Jesse tries to play it off as a lab tech they forgot about, but Ross says that they are going to check it out. Sam texts Michael to get out of there and Michael decides to smash the lab and grab Ross. He goes out in the lobby and has a bomb strapped to Ross. They eventually allow Michael to escape because they don’t have a choice. Jesse tries to calm things down and James says that they are moving the Gene-Sequence off site. Sadie is instructed to go home with Fiona. Jesse and Fiona take the update to Dan and Michael and they tell that they need to grab it before it gets there and Michael says that they need to convince James that the armed convoy is not safe.

The next day, Sam, Michael and Dan set fire to two cars and walk away to create a road block to stop James and the convoy. As the convoy leads on, they fall into the trap and Jesse blames Ross for talking. He searches the convoy and finds a listening device. He says that they have been listening in. He tells that he and James need to take the Gene-Sequence and go off in a different route so that they can confuse the stalker. James agrees with Jesse and they take off. Jesse takes James to a warehouse and Dan is there with Michael. They tell that he stole everything from Dan and he says that Dan can have Sadie back. Fiona comes out with Sadie and she is shocked that James ever did that. Later at the bar, Dan thanks them and says that he is getting back into the company and James is serving time.

Michael and Sam go back to Lucien and he says that he doesn’t know anything. They hear trucks and suddenly there is gunfire. Lucien realizes that his “friend” doesn’t want to rescue him, but only to kill him. Michael asks who sent him to make the bomb and where can he find him. Lucien says that Michael needs to go to a warehouse and gives him the location. Sam covers their tracks by exploding the building. Sam says that they are now in the dark, but Michael says that he got the location from Lucien. Sam says that they need to go visit him then.