Damned If You Do - Recap

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The scene opens with Michael at home watching Fiona rest. He goes to the Security Meeting with Agent Pearce and she says that the CIA is looking into elevating Michael’s security clearance and says that he will be off-the-books so to speak. She tells him to stick to the truth for a change. She asks if there are any secret missions and he lies and says that there are not any more. Later, Michael meets with Anson and he asks how his meeting went with the CIA. Michael tries to tell him that it is none of his business, but he says that it is his business since he is the one who has Fiona’s fate. He says that he has a mission for him. He says that he needs Michael to kidnap and man named Oswald Patterson and needs to get him to tell him where he has a computer virus to be able to erase Anson from the CIA database. Michael sees that Oswald is in Puerto Rico and tells Anson that he can’t leave the country. Anson says that he knows how resourceful he can be and knows that he will find a way.

Michael goes up to Sam and Fiona later and tells them the plan. Fiona says that he shouldn’t do anything and Michael says that they have to do it. Fiona says that she is going to Puerto Rico with him and he tells her that it is too dangerous. She says that she doesn’t care. Sam tells Michael that they need to find what the police have on Fiona and says that he has a plan that involves Madeline too. Michael doesn’t like that. Sam and Jesse go to Madeline and tell her the plan of how she is going to go in and “borrow” some information from the police. She doesn’t think that they can do it and Jesse says that they have a fake ID for her so that she won’t get into trouble. She asks where Michael is and they tell her that he is on a trip. Meanwhile, Michael and Fiona arrive in Puerto Rico and arrive at the home of Oswald. Michael says that they are going to need to have a distraction out front to be able to sneak in. Fiona agrees.

Fiona takes their car that they came in and blows it up at the front gate. Michael sneaks around back and sees the guards go in front. He goes up to Oswald and tells him to stay quiet, but he tries to run. Michael catches him and tells him to tie his hands up and takes him outside. He says that he wants a piece of software and says that he has it. Oswald says that he has the wrong man and Michael says that he doesn’t and tells Oswald that he is going to go back to Miami so that they can straiten out the mess. Once in Miami, Michael isn’t getting anything out of Oswald and so he pulls out a knife. Oswald thinks that he is going to kill him and panics. However, Michael just cuts his restraints and they go on a walk. Michael says that he is going to allow Oswald to go and is going to tell the police and everyone where he is. Oswald tells him not to. Michael asks who he is running from and Oswald admits that he owes a lot of money to a man named Xavier, a cocaine kingpin after he made the virus that Michael wants and says that he had keycards that are going to allow anyone to get in and out. He says that he left them with an “associate” for safe keeping. He says that they need to get into contact with them.

Sam calls Michael and asks if they still are good to go through with the plan. He says that they are and Sam teaches Madeline how to get the information from the laptop without needing to hack into it. She manages to do it and Sam tells her to do it again, but this time without the cigarette. She says that Sam can’t drink her beer if she can’t smoke. Later, Madeline and Jesse go to the lead detective and make up a story that Madeline saw someone at the bombing. The detective gives her some mug shots to look through and Jesse suggests that they leave Madeline alone so that she can concentrate. As they goof to get a soda, Madeline gets into the laptop like she practiced. She manages to do it fast, but Jesse and the Detective comes in Madeline is putting the laptop back in the bag. He asks her to take the thing that she put her bag out and Madeline says that it was her cigarettes because she was trying to sneak on. The Detective says that he will let it go. He asks of any of the faces look familiar and she acts confused and they leave.

Michael, Fiona and Oswald go to the place where Oswald left the key cards they go up to the door and a woman named Sherry answers the door. Oswald calls her baby cakes and she invites him in. Fiona says that she will go inside while Michael stands out for surveillance. Oswald asks Sherry were the TV set he gave her. She says that she put it in storage because it wasn’t good for her design. Fiona realizes that the key cards are inside the old TV set. Michael tells them that they have company. Sherry says that Xavier found her and told her that she better tell him when he is back in town or else he would kill her. They realize that they are boxed in and Michael takes Oswald and walks with a gun to his back. Michael tells Xavier that he better back away or he will kill Oswald. They get to Michael’s car and Xavier tells them that he will find them. They get back to the loft and Sherry says that she wants to know that Xavier can’t find her and gives the key to the storage unit. Fiona takes Sherry to the docks where her “smuggler” friend will get her to the Dominican Republic.

Jesse and Sam look through the police reports that they got from the laptop and they don’t find anything. A waitress comes over and gives Sam and Jesse their favorite drinks. Anson comes up and asks if he got it right and tells them that he knows that they are trying to find the information that they have on Fiona and says that the police are only a few clues away to solving the bombing. He reminds them that he holds those clues. Meanwhile, Michael and Oswald get to the storage unit and Michael ties up Oswald for security and Michael tells him to alert him of anyone coming. Michael goes inside and finds the key cards. Suddenly, one of the guards of Xavier sees Oswald and he alerts Michael of it. Michael gets a Fork Lift with a storage container on it. He manages to tip the Fork Lift on top of the SUV and disable the men from pursuing them. Oswald is amazed. They get to the location where the virus is. Oswald asks why Michael is doing this and he says that he is being forced to do this without any option. Oswald comes clean of the kill switch in the plan and says that micro tags are going to transfer onto Michael if he steals the virus. Michael realizes that they have to come up with a new plan.

They get back to the loft and Michael tells Sam and Jesse that they are going to let Xavier go in and get it. Oswald calls him and says that he wants to meet up. Sam and Jesse go with Oswald and they tell Xavier the details. Xavier walks in and out doesn’t recognize the micro tags. Michael and Fiona are in a dump truck and Xavier comes up and Michael blocks their way. Michael tells Xavier that he just wants to copy the disk only. They copy it and then allow the police catch Xavier. Later, Fiona takes Oswald to her “smuggler friend”. Oswald says that this virus they have is dangerous and tells them to be careful. Fiona says that they know. Michael goes into Madeline’s and says that he has to give the virus so that he will disappear. Michael says that he will track him down one day. Michael says that he will find out if he is going to get the security clearance tomorrow. The next day, he goes into see Pearce and she says that he has his clearance. He goes to meet Anson later and tells him that he needs all the information on Fiona and Anson says that Michael is going to put it into CIA computers and says that unless Michael wants Fiona to go to prison, he owns him. The episode ends.