Depth Perception - Recap

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The scene opens with Madeline remembers what happened to Benny and Michael comes in and says that he is sorry that he didn’t make it to the funeral. Madeline says that he knew her like no other man. Michael says that Benny only knew her because Anson told Benny all the information and says that he didn’t want her to get hurt. She tells him to get out of her house and says that he had no right keeping that from her. Meanwhile, Fiona has a clear shot on Anson as he meets with Michael. Anson says that he has one of the accounts frozen since the incident at the CIA. He tells Michael that he needs to go to the Caymans and unfreeze it for him. Michael says that he can’t leave and Anson says that he doesn’t care who goes, just as long as it gets down. Michael says that he wants to know that this ends and he says that he will be done by the end of the month.

Later, Michael meets up with Sam and Fiona and Sam says that he has an angle. He says that they can do it with the FBI’s help. Fiona and Jesse go to the Caymans and they look at George Anders, a banker at the bank. Fiona goes up to Anders and he ignores her. However, they propose a $200 Million deal, he sets up with lunch. Meanwhile, Sam meets with Agent Harris. He says that he will set it up, but not involved in it. Beatriz, an old friend, comes up to Sam and tells him that she says that she needs his help because someone is trying to kill her. She says that she wrote articles on Columbian Oil Contracts and someone is setting her up to get killed. He offers to help her. Sam goes outside and sees a man on a roof. The man grabs a sniper rifle and shoots at them. Sam manages to get out of there quickly.

They get to Michael’s loft and he tells Beatriz that she made a lot of people angry. Sam tells Michael that they are going to need extra help with the mission and asks him to go to Anson for help to track down the Russian mercenary trying to kill Beatriz. Michael reluctantly agrees and talks to Anson about it. Anson refuses to help, but agrees when Michael tells him that he is no good to him dead. Anson agrees with the condition that he comes too. Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse meet with Anders. He apologizes again to them. Fiona says that they know what he does. They tell Anders that they have blackmail against him. He says that he will get the money for them. Back in Miami, Anson meets with Michael later and he tells him Oscar Markoff is their man because Beatriz outed him. Anson says that he wants to question Michael anything he wants. He agrees and Anson tells him that Oscar has a meeting at a business office.

They go to the building and Michael talks to Irina, a secretary. Michael pretends to be a Russian man and she isn’t buying it. However, Anson gets him in the building by charming the secretary. Michael goes up to find Oscar talking to a man. He tells him that he wants to meet with Oscar, but the man tells Michael that he knows who he is. Michael tells him that the spy is out of control. Oscar makes a run for it and flees from the building. Michael offers to help him, but he says that it is too late. He says that if Oscar doesn’t kill him, then he will hire someone else to do it. Sam tells Anson and Michael that he is going to get traffic photos. Oscar is driving a red Ford. Anson asks what Michael is going to do and Michael says that they need to find out how Beatriz found her to begin with. Sam tells Michael that Beatriz’s secretary died this morning from the bullet that was meant for her. Michael visits her and she tells him that she called the Consulate to arrange the travel. Michael says that she is going to arrange another travel appointment and Michael is going to go in her stead.

Back in the Caymans, Fiona and Jesse wait for Anders and realize when he comes up, that he is packing. They flank him and he says that he couldn’t get the money but says that it is flagged by many agencies. They tell him that he better get the money and says that he better get some for himself too so that they can make him disappear. He comes back and says that he sent the money to the account that Anson wanted and says that he needs to disappear now. Jesse and Fiona create a crime scene and set his car on fire. They tell him that there is a boat waiting for him.

Michael is cleaning up when he gets a call from Ivan Boskow. He tells Michael that if his agents see him, he will be killed. Madeline comes in and asks why he is there. He says that he is replacing parts on an old truck. He tells her that he didn’t mean to hurt her and she says that she is tired of his life getting in the way of hers. Michael says that Anson has information on his father. She asks what about and Michael says that he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know. She says that the things that he doesn’t know can hurt him. Anson and Michael wait for Oscar and Anson asks why Michael is motivated with people he just met. He says that he doesn’t have time because Oscar is on his way. Michael and Anson track him down and crash into the car. However, they find that it is not Oscar in the car. Michael realizes that it is a trap and that Oscar is distracting them. Michael calls Sam and tells him that Oscar knows where they are. Suddenly gunfire rings through the RV and Beatriz is hit with Shrapnel. Anson asks Michael what he is going to do and says that he needs to think of who would be able to stop Oscar.

Michael and Anson go to Ivan’s office and Michael tells him to call off Oscar and tell him that Beatriz is a Russian Operative and that he needs to come back in. Ivan says that Oscar won’t buy into it and Michael says that he needs to give Oscar what he wants, his freedom. Ivan agrees to do it. Sam tells Beatriz that she needs to leave out of the escape route in the floor of the RV. She tells Sam that she isn’t leaving him behind. Sam tells her that he is going out front and knows that Oscar won’t kill him. Oscar talks to Ivan and Ivan tells him that he can’t help him if he kills Beatriz and Sam. He sees Sam come out and doesn’t pull the trigger. In the hospital, Sam tells Beatriz that she better stop writing about the Russian Oil and she says that she will try. Michael meets Anson outside the hospital rooms and says that he is glad that Beatriz got out fine. He tells Michael about his father, Frank, and tells him that he wanted to apologize to Michael for everything he had done, but he was asking too many questions and was killed by Anson.

Later in a restaurant, Fiona asks if Michael is alright. He says that working with Anson was draining. Sam calls him and says that the meeting that he was going to have with the FBI didn’t happen because it was canceled. Now he is getting investigated as a possible Russian Operative because “someone” convinced Ivan to put Sam’s name down on Ivan’s operative list. Michael and Fiona realize right away that it is Anson who did it and a waitress comes up and gives them a note. It tells them that now Anson has Sam on a leash and that it tells Michael that he is never going to be able to get away from Anson. Fiona asks what they are going to do and Michael tells her that he doesn’t know.