Scorched Earth - Recap

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The episode begins with Fiona being under arrest. They take her prints and pictures. Meanwhile, Michael reads the letter Fiona wrote to him. Sam arrives. Mike knows that Sam lied to him that Fiona knocked him off. Sam admits that he let Fiona go as Mike was losing everything he fought for. But Mike tells Sam that he was fighting for her! Sam states that by burning spies, all he was doing was betraying his friends and he was about to betray his government! Mike is tired of fighting. But Sam tells him that he has to fight a little more as he got a call from the CIA team and that they are working on something. They need to go to the airport. On their way, Sam gets a call from Jesse saying that he has got a lead on Anson.

Jesse is in the CIA systems and he saw in a video footage that Anson was leaving his home with a get-out-of town bag and was in a green Jag. But Jesse thinks that Anson is trying to get out of Miami in a boat. Danny comes in. Jesse tells her that they need to focus on Anson. Danny tells Jesse that for the time being, Mike is on his own. Mike has a change of plan; he steals a truck so that he could block the traffic. He asks Sam to slow down the cars behind him. Sam starts driving zigzag. Mike then locks the road with the truck, and then sets the truck on fire. And it works perfectly. Meanwhile, Fiona is cuffed to the table in the interrogation room. Agent Jason Bly enters the room. She remembers him and he i snot one of her favorite persons.

She tells him that she had planted only one bomb for Larry Sizemore. But the other bombs weren’t planted by her. Anson had planted them and they need to be looking for Anson. He reminds her that she isn’t the one in charge. Meanwhile, Mike and Sam find Anson’s ride. He abandoned the car and headed off to a chemical plant nearby. Anson calls Mike. He saw through Mike’s plan. And he has put his plan into action. One of his schizophrenic patients, Jordan, has headed for Madeline’s house and Anson tells Mike that he might want to go save his mother. Mike sets off to save his mother, but Sam reminds him that the traffic block he just created would make it impossible for them to get to Madeline on time. He tells him that they should continue to hunt for Anson while Jesse could help Madeline. At home, Madeline learns about Fiona’s arrest while watching television.

She tries to make a call. But her cell phone isn’t working. She is cautioned when she finds out that her landline isn’t working as well and that the telephone wires are being messed with. She sees a man walking towards her house. She hides. He breaks into the house. Meanwhile, Mike calls Danny and asks for support. But she is in a sticky position. Mike tells Sam that they have two hours at the most to pin down Anson. In the interrogation room, Bly wants to know the truth about Mike. But Fiona maintains that Mike had nothing to do with this. He doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Mike and Sam are trying o hunt down Anson. Anson has shot the security guard. The two hear Anson’s voice on the radio where he is reporting the murder and he says that there are two suspects who shot the guard.

He is framing them. The other guards come running and aim at the dead security guard’s cabin. Mike infers that Anson saw them at the gate which means that he could be on one of the windows that they can see. The guards start firing at the cabin. Mike has a brilliant plan and he and Sam manage to get rid of the other security guards. At home, Jesse arrives and sees a cop dead in the car. He goes in but the psychopath comes from behind and aims at Jesse. He wants to know about Mike’s whereabouts. He counts till five and then we hear a shot. The psychopath is shot. Maddy shoots him from the attic above. Jesse tells Maddy that he was Anson’s errand boy. She inquires about Fiona and Jesse says that the whole thing is worse than it is shown on the television. Next, Bly enters the interrogation room again with pictures of the blown up truck. He tells her that Mike is dead and shows her the coroner’s report. Mike and Sam cuff the security guys and ask them to co-operate.

They want to evacuate the facility. But they tell Mike that the whole place is locked down. They tell them that there is a switch for the toxic spill alarm that could be used to evacuate the building. They set the alarm. Mike wears the security guards uniform and go to check on the people evacuating the building. He is expecting Anson to walk out with the crowd. Just then the CIA team arrives at the plant. Anson calls Mike and tells him that he should be spending time with his mother. But Mike knows that Maddy is safe. After disconnecting the call, Mike tells Sam that he heard turbines in the background. He is still in the building. They are checking the security camera footage. They figure out something amiss in the pictures and Mike figures out that the cameras have being tampered with. He goes after Anson as he figures out where he could find him.

Sam asks Mike to stay down. But Mike draws a gun at him and tells him that this time he won’t let Anson get away. Danny asks Mike to stand down and tells him that he will check the surveillance cameras and inform them about any movements. She cannot let Mike go anywhere near Anson. Sam assures him that he will not let Anson escape. The team arrives at a door and with the help of an ultra violet scanner; they figure out that there is someone inside the room. Mike is still checking the surveillance cameras and notices a small movement. He pages Sam and tells him that he is going to check on something. Mike comes out of the plant and finds Anson trying to escape. He knocks him to the ground. But Anson tells him that he has planted detonators in the building and that he could blow his friends off. Anson walks out of the gate with Mike’s eyes following him.

He radios Sam to get out of the building. But there is a guy trapped in the room and he is hand cuffed. Sam goes in to help the man and asks Danny and the rest of the team to get out. As the team runs out of the building, the building blows up. For a moment Mike thinks that he lost his pal; but just then Sam runs out of the building with the man. Seeing that his friends are fine, Mike runs towards the way Anson went. He sees him leaving in a speed boat. He fires but he loses Anson; again. Mike has a word with his mother. Danny tells him that this incident could put Anson in the most wanted list but it is not enough to get Fiona out. Mike says that he would get hold of Anson and Danny says that it could be a start.

Mike apologizes to Sam. In the interrogation room, Bly wants Fiona to sign a statement. She wants to see those pictures again. She figures out that it wasn’t an accident but only a road block. She sees through Bly’s lie. She knows that Mike is alive. Bly wonders how she figured that out by simply looking at a photograph. She says: I know explosions. I know Michael and we are done here. Bly gets up to leave the room. He tells her that he hopes that her business relationship with Michael is worth it because from the looks of it, it appears that she is going to die for him. The episode ends.