Last Rites - Recap

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The episode begins with Fiona being taken to the Warden’s office. She is getting too much attention in prison and that is not good. The warden tells her that she is being transferred to a segregated wing; she heard about Fiona’s fight with DB. This is the best she could do to help her. Fiona refuses but the warden tells her that if she has a death wish, she could play it out in someone else's facility. But here she needs to sign the damn form. But Fiona declines. The warden tells her that she has got a visitor’s request from Mike; she wonders how Fiona managed to get privileges this soon. But it would be scheduled for Wednesday. The warden hopes that Fiona stays alive until then.

Fiona then goes to meet an inmate named AYN; Anything You Need. She is the one who gets things for other inmates and Fiona wants her to find out the person who is trying to get her killed. Ayn tells her that requests like this one doesn’t come cheap. Fiona is ready to meet Ayn’s “favor for a favor”. Mike and Jesse are waiting to meet Pearce. Pearce arrives and looks disturbed. She tells them that she received a message from Anson. She plays the recorded message. We then hear Anson’s voice telling Pearce that while he was going through her personal file, he found out what happened to Jay, he fiancé. He thinks he could help her with that; he can help identify Jay’s killer. She then hands over a file consisting the killer’s details; his name is Ahmed.

Jay was working under cover, gathering intelligence about Syrian military. His cover got blown and it was Ahmed who killed him. Then Ahmed stole his secrets and now he is an asset to the CIA and he is being protected by them. Pearce tells Jesse and Mike that she is not supposed to know that the file exists as she was supposed to let it go; hence she can’t approach her bosses regarding Ahmed. Mike knows that Anson is doing this on purpose as he knows that Pearce is helping Mike to free Fiona and by telling Pearce about Ahmed, he career would be at risk. Mike tells her that they can help her steal those secrets from Ahmed. That way he would lose the CIA protection and he will go down. Jesse agrees. Mike meets Sam. Sam doesn’t find the idea very appealing. But he also notices that Ahmed I s going to take a cruise and Mike could isolate him on the boat.

But they don’t have enough manpower to carry out this operation. Mike has two people in mind; Nate and Maddy. At first Sam thinks that he is joking but then he realizes that Mike is serious. In the prison, Fiona meets Ayn. Ayn tells Fiona that she needs a particular door locked tight for two minutes. Fiona tells her that it is impossible; but she then gives her a list of supplies she might need to get the job done. Meanwhile, Mike explains to Nate and Maddy that they will be following Sharif, Ahmed’s son while he will be tracking down Ahmed. Maddy is reluctant about going to another country with fake IDs and deal with spies. She wants to know the reason. Pearce tells her that Ahmed killed her fiancé. Maddy agrees. Mike, Jesse and Pearce follow Ahmed to the cruise and the rest stay on land to follow Sharif. Mike is planning to portray himself as an infectious disease specialist.

But first Ahmed needs to be convinced that he has fallen ill. Pearce tells him that Ahmed’s bodyguard is hovering over him. They need to poison his drink. They head to the casino. Jesse places himself next to Ahmed on a table and switches his drink with him. But Ahmed catches him and Jesse orders for a replacement drink. Ahmed’s bodyguard goes to get it for him. Jesse and Ahmed get into a small tiff and this distracts the bodyguard. Pearce poisons the drink. The bodyguard takes the drink to Ahmed and moments later, Ahmed falls on the ground. Jesse has to take those medicines as well, so that they can prove that they are dealing with an infectious disease. Pearce thanks Jesse for all his help and Jesse asks her to keep him away from the tunnel with a bright light on the other end!

The two take Jesse to the doctors and Mike poses as a CDC doctor who is an expert on infectious disease. He convinces the ship’s doctor to allow him to handle the patients and also quarantine the area. Mike examines Ahmed and tells him that he has contracted meningitis. He notices Jesse and tells Mike that Jesse drank from his glass. On hearing this Mike tells him that he has probably infected Jesse. He asks the bodyguard to leave. He then tells Ahmed that they need to send a team of examiners to check on his son so that he is safe. At first, Ahmed resists, but later on he agrees. In the prison, Ayn hands over the supplies Fiona had called for. But Fiona tells Ayn that if at all this whole thing is about a hit, and then she is out.

Ayn tells her that everyone might not be happy, but she promises that no one will end up dead. Fiona makes an incendiary device with all the supplies Ayn got her. It can melt steel. Nate, Maddy and Sam go to Sharif’s house. They convince Sharif that he too could be exposed to the deadly virus. Maddy runs some tests on him, convincing him to wear a “heart-monitor” which has a GPS tracker in it,while Nate and Sam go to inspect the house. Sharif sends the bodyguard with them. They manage to send the bodyguard away to Maddy, telling him that they found traces of the virus in the office and that he could be infected if he has been in the office. Sharif is angry at him that he left the two alone in his father’s office. Nate is trying to bug Ahmed’s phone; but gets caught by Sharif. Sam scares him saying that the phone is infected.

When Sharif tells them that he has used the phone a couple of times, Nate tells him to pray and takes the phone along with him. At the ship, Pearce tells Jesse that she can’t face Ahmed one more time without killing him. Jesse convinces her to hold herself. Pearce and Mike then go to meet Ahmed and Mike tells him that someone is intentionally trying to kill him, as the virus appears to be man-made. He tells Ahmed that he is not going to survive. After Mike leaves, Ahmed asks Pearce to help him, but she tells him that there is nothing that can be done. She hands him a phone and tells him that if at all there is anyone he needs to talk to or anything work he needs to finish, now is the time. Ahmed calls his son and asks him if he remembers what to do. He tells Sharif the location of the files and tells him to get into action immediately.

Mike, Jesse and Pearce are listening to this whole conversation. In the prison, Fiona manages to lock the door that Ayn wanted to be locked. When the commotion starts, Ayn signals to other inmates who rob a cell of its cigarettes and other stuff. Ayn tells Fiona that the inmate was trying to set shop in her territory and she had to send a message that it wasn’t going to happen. Next, Sam and Nate follow Sharif using the GPS tracker. They arrive at a boathouse. They see Sharif removing the intel from a safe. But just then three other men join Sharif. They seem to be Russians and they are ready to pay Sharif a huge sum; but first they need to verify. Sam and Nate don’t know their next move.

Sam informs Mike about this latest update. Pearce has a plan. She barges into Ahmed’s room and tells him that the Russians had developed this virus. Mike confirms the fact. Ahmed calls his son and tells him that the Russians are the ones who are trying to kill him. At the boathouse, Sharif opens fire on the Russians. They are killed. Sharif’s bodyguard gets hit as well. Sam hits Sharif on the back of his head and secures the files. He makes the victory call to Mike. Pearce walks into Ahmed’s room and tells him about her fiancé. She tells him that there is no virus and that they have the files and his son. She tells him that she is not going to kill him, but she says that his life is over.

In the prison, Ayn tells Fiona that it is better for the both of them that Fiona writes down the information of the dirty guard who is working for the man who is trying to kill her; as broadcasting the name of the guard over the phone won’t be good for them. She says that she will make sure that the note gets delivered. Mike meets Fiona. He breaks into tears seeing her in the prison uniform and promises that he would get her out soon. Later, Mike gets his things and is ready to leave. Just then an inmate, who is mopping the floor, tells Mike that he dropped a piece of paper. It is a note from Fiona. At the back of the note is the name and address of the dirty cop who is trying to get her killed. The episode ends.