Under The Gun - Recap

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The episode begins with Maddy being mad at Michael for not informing her about him meeting Fiona. She is worried about Fiona and wants to know about her. Mike tells her that she is tired, is not eating enough, and is also scared someone is trying to kill her. He thinks it is Anson and there is a middleman, a dirty cop, who lives in the Everglades. He tells her that Sam and he are heading for the Everglades. They reach the address and surround the house, sealing off all exits. Jesse is also with them. The three enter the house and they find a dead body inside. They call out to Sam, but Sam is hit behind his head. He is surprised to see Rebecca. Mike and Jesse hear the noise and rush to rescue Sam. Rebecca holds Sam at gunpoint and takes him with her.

She then shoots the tires of their car and puts Sam in her car and leaves. Mike and Jesse stand there looking at the whole thing unable to do a thing. Sam is driving Rebecca’s car and she zip ties him to the steering wheel. Sam tries to be friendly with Rebecca. She takes Sam’s phone and calls Mike. She tells Mike that she is going to keep Sam with her for a while. She warns him against doing anything stupid or else she would dump Sam’s body. Mike tells Jesse that there is only one road out of this area so they could follow it and track her down. In the prison, Fiona tells the guard that she is not hungry, but the guard insists. While walking in the line, Fiona notices a couple of inmates passing a knife around and are about to attack her. Fiona attacks them before they could strike.

One of them slashes Fiona’s arm, also landing a heavy punch on her stomach, and Fiona collapses. Just then the guard arrives and the inmate drops the knife walking towards the dining hall. Ayn tells Fiona that the two women who attacked her were dangerous and that this time she would not be able to help her. Meanwhile, Sam and Rebecca hijack a truck. They tie up the owner of the truck and put him in the trunk of Rebecca’s car. Hijacking the truck was Sam’s idea as he knew that Mike will be trying to track them down. He tells the driver to pass on the information to Mike. The owner of the truck tells Mike that Sam told him to tell Mike about a helicopter tour. But the closest helicopter tour was an hour away. The guy tells Mike about a shorter route which would help them reach the place in forty minutes. Rebecca asks Sam to drive faster.

Sam tells her that isn’t a good idea as he increases the speed. Just then a police car follows them. Rebecca is pissed, but Sam handles the situation very well and the cop leaves without giving them a ticket. She zip ties him to the wheel again and they continue their drive to their destination.

In the prison, Ayn tells Fiona that the guards know what the two sisters are up to, but they are too scared of them to even look towards them. Fiona wants Ayn to help her and she is ready to pay “any price”. Well, Ayn tells her that she needs a package delivered to the prison and in return she would help her get even with her attackers. Fiona agrees. She calls Maddy and tells her that she needs a package to be picked up and delivered to the prison.

Mike and Jesse reach the swamp helicopter tour. Mike tells Jesse to hide the car and he goes over to the chopper and talks to a guy named Bill Padover. Mike tells him that he has received a few complaints against Bill regarding clipping trees and stuff like that. He said that a couple from “up north” made the complaint. Bill thinks that it is “the couple” from Virginia. He falls for Mike’s lie. He tells Bill to go get some papers. But Bill tells him that he has a tour in a short time. Mike asks him to postpone it for a while and talks to the girl at the desk, who is sitting with her back towards them. Bill rushes to get the papers and just then Sam and Rebecca drive in. Mike is in the helicopter and Jesse is hiding behind some wooden boxes. Rebecca is as trained as Sam and she figures out something is wrong.

She tells the lady from the desk to ask the pilot to come out and click a picture with them for the scrapbook. But Mike doesn’t come out. Rebecca realizes that it is Mike and draws her gun and shoots at the chopper. There is a fuel tanker at a distance and she shoots it. The tanker blows up. Rebecca takes advantage of this explosion and drives out of that place. Sam tells Rebecca that she can shoot him and get it over with. Rebecca is furious at the way the events took place. She tells him that he doesn’t know her and she is doing this for Anson because if she doesn’t then her brother dies. Sam didn’t know that. Just then she sees Mike’s car following hers. But after a short chase, Mike’s car breaks down. Meanwhile, Maddy goes to get the package. But the man pins Maddy to the wall and tells her to tell Ayn that if she wants her stuff, she better come and get it herself.

Maddy hurriedly leaves. Next, Rebecca and Sam come across an airboat. Sam tells her that he thinks it is not for sale. He examines the surroundings and tells her that the rednecks are either opening up a dry cleaning center or they are cooking up meth! He is sure that after “dealing” with her, they would not be too kind to him. Rebecca has a plan. Sam gets out of the van and walks towards the men with a bag packed full of heavy explosives, five bricks of C4. He tells them to take a look at his bag. He tells them that the woman in the car has the detonator. They fire at the car and Rebecca fires back. Sam advises them to run off and they do. Sam finds a phone lying around and he puts that in his pocket.

Rebecca ties Sam to one of the gas machines and she leaves to check their ride. Sam calls Mike and gives him directions to the place. He then calls his "wife" and leaves a message for her. Rebecca draws her gun on him and we hear a gun shot. Mike and Jesse arrive at the site. They find Sam, his forehead is bleeding. Jesse hears the boat leave and Sam notices that the back pack isn’t there on his shoulders. Jesse follows Rebecca on another boat. But Jesse soon finds out that he is chasing an empty boat. He informs Mike. Mike notices the back pack tucked under a car, the one Sam is leaning against. Mike knows she is hiding somewhere around and calls out to her. She comes out threatening to detonate the bomb. They tell her that she should help them take Anson down instead of killing them. They understand her and why she hates Anson as much as they do for using her brother.

After contemplating for a while, she agrees to help them. Next, Mike and Maddy arrive at the guy’s apartment again. Maddy is nervous. She knocks at the door. When he opens the door, Mike lands a punch on his face. Maddy collects the package and Mike breaks his hand as he had raised his hand on Maddy earlier and they leave. In the prison, the sisters are still holding a switchblade to attack Fiona. They walk towards her but just then the bell rings and the guards arrive. They check the cells of the inmates and find weapons hidden in the pillows. One of the sisters tries to attack Fiona but the guard stops her. As the weapons were found in their pillows, the guards take the two sisters away.

Fiona is relieved. In the dining hall Fiona asks Ayn about the contents in the package. She tells her that it had her mother’s locket in it. It was the only thing her mother left for her before she died while Ayn was in prison. Her husband Eddie refused to give it to her as he was angry with her for killing his brother.

Rebecca shows Trent’s photograph to Sam and Mike and tell them they have to find her brother without involving the CIA. Mike assures her they will find Trent.