Split Decision - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike meeting Card, his training officer. Mike wants to know why he is meeting him. Card tells him that there is news on his “Get Fiona out of jail Project”. Card tells him that the CIA wants her to prove that she is friend of the agency. They want her arms supplier and Mike has to convince her to co-operate. Mike is told that he has no choice and so Mike is in! Next, Mike finds Sam standing outside the loft. Sam tells him that he is terrified of the look in Rebecca’s eyes when things don’t go her way. Mike goes inside to talk to her about her brother. He tells her that she hasn’t given them much information for them to track down her brother.

He knows that she isn’t telling him much as to why or when Trent took off. She tells him that there are some very dangerous people after her brother. Mike says that they need to go after the dangerous people. Rebecca seems unsure and he assures her that he keeps his promises. Rebecca takes him to a club where she last saw Trent; the place he used to work in. She educates him that Wes took over the business after his father was busted by the cops. Wes is after Trent because Trent got to know the fact that the club was a front for a criminal syndicate and he tipped the cops. Wes has been trying to hunt down Trent by bribing and rewarding cops. Mike needs to figure out a way in. Mike tells Jesse and Sam that they need to convince Wes that Trent didn’t tip off the cops.

Sam tells Mike that Wes’ father died in prison six months ago and his cell mate, Butch Mc Hall is out on a work release program in Tallahassee. Mike tells them that he needs more information on Hank, Wes’ father, to get close to Wes. Jesse decides to go to Tallahassee with Nate. Card visits Fiona in prison. He asks her to work with the CIA; but the meeting doesn’t go well. He wants her help to put out Grayson Miller. He tells her that Mike wasn’t excited about it initially, but after he learned that his was her ticket out of prison, he agreed. Fiona agrees. She needs him to meet Mike’s mother and asks him to get a picture frame she had given her. Card leaves to get it. Next, Nate and Jesse are in Tallahassee. They meet Butch. At first, Butch isn’t interested in talking. Nate uses the taser on him. On waking up, Butch finds himself tied to a chair.

Jesse admits that he lied earlier; but he says that they aren’t cops. He is then ready to talk after some more taser threats and the promised $500. Next, Jesse gives Mike all the information he will require to approach Wes as his father’s former cell mate. Mike goes to meet Wes. Things don’t work out well initially; but Mike manages to get Wes’ attention. Mike then tells Wes that the ex-DA in prison has a secret informant on Wes. He also tells him that there is a file in a warehouse in Overtown which could tell Wes who the snitch is. Mike tells him that he is ready to be Wes’ “procurement specialist”. Mike gets the job. Mike then tells Sam and Rebecca that they need to plant a file which he and Wes can find. But he doesn’t want them to put any name in it as he wants Wes to tear his team part looking for the snitch.

Mike then visits Wes and lays out a plan to get inside the police warehouse to get that file. Next, Sam and Rebecca pose as detectives and go to the warehouse. They approach the clerk and tell him that a case file did not get into the box. But since the case is closed, the clerk tells them that he can’t help them with it as it is against protocol. Rebecca then gets him to look down at her open buttons. Well, she threatens to charge him with sexual harassment. He agrees to put the file in the box. Meanwhile, in prison, Maddy arrives to meet Fiona. She has got the frame. Fiona pulls out an encrypted data card from it; a phone book for all her contacts. She calls Grayson and tells him that she needs some cash and hence wants to sell back his last supply. She tells him that one of her associates will some and give him the supply.

He says that wouldn’t work as he does not know him. He would entertain if she or Mike comes to return the stuff. She agrees to send Mike. Mike and Wes are at the warehouse and Mike is surprised to see Fiona’s call. He doesn’t pick it up. They go in and they find the file. But just then a guard arrives. Wes wants to shoot the guard; but Mike stops him from doing that. He distracts the guard and then knocks him out. They leave. But as they step outside they see a line of cop cars arriving. Mike then takes Wes to the roof. He then calls Sam and asks them to create distraction. Rebecca is all furious as the cops will now be chasing them instead. On the roof, Fiona calls Mike and tells him about the Grayson deal. Fiona realizes that Mike is in a tough spot.

Card then talks to Mike and tells him that he needs to abandon whatever he is doing and go to meet Grayson as they have just one chance. Sam and Rebecca break into the impound lot and hot wire a car. They drive right through the cops. They follow the car and Wes and Mike use this distraction to rappel their way down. Few cops arrive on the roof but by then Mike and Wes are gone. Card calls Mike once again and tells him that his extra curriculars are getting in the way of his operation. He tells Mike that he has an hour. Meanwhile, the cops are chasing Sam and Rebecca and they are getting really close. Sam has an idea. He calls Jesse and asks him to arrive “under” the port bridge with a boat. He hopes that Rebecca can swim!

Sam drives “into” the water and escape in the boat. At Wes’ place, Wes tells Mike that there is just one person who could give the cops so much info; his wife. Wes wants to kill her. But Mike tells him that he is too smart to do that as it will land him in jail. He tells Wes to kick her out of the good life he has. Wes does that. Mike leaves and calls Card. Card gives him the location and tells him that he has 30 minutes to get the guns and get wired for the meeting. Card has ordered some food for Fiona. She tells him that some food won’t make her forgive him for what he did to Mike in Ireland. Card tells her that Mike’s cover was about to be blown and he wouldn’t leave Fiona. He says that they both would have been dead if he hadn’t done that and also that he flew half way around the world to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Fiona says nothing and Card leaves. Mike reaches for the meeting; Grayson is late. Grayson arrives and he draws a gun at Mike. He feels that this whole thing is a set up. Mike tells Grayson that Fiona is trying to buy him off; she skipped town and headed out to Ireland with some Brit. She screwed him over on a deal. Grayson buys this story and tosses the cash to him. Card’s officers move in to make the arrest. Mike then calls Card and asks him if Fiona can now be free. Card tells him that she is now a CIA asset and she got invited for the CIA picnic. It is on Mike to get her a get out of jail card.

Mike tells Rebecca that Trent is safe. Rebecca tells him that she has been supplying Anson with travel documents and cash every couple of weeks and she knows the location of his next drop. She tells Mike that once he has Anson, there would be no deals, no negotiations, and no compromises. Mike promises her that Anson will get what he deserves. The episode ends.