Shock Wave - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike telling Fiona he has a lead on Anson. He tells her he got to know this from Rebecca. Fiona tells him she doesn’t trust her much as she tried to have her killed. But Mike tells her they have to take this chance. The guard interrupts telling Fiona the warden wants to meet with her. In the warden’s office, there is a State department rep along with Arthur Meyers, an MI6 agent. Arthur is not at all pleased to see Fiona as he is still upset with what she did with the Irish Republican Army. He tells her she would be taken to the British Consulate for a three hour interview regarding the bombing. She is worried if the news of her being in the British custody leaks out, her family could be in trouble.

Arthur tells her she can avoid all that by signing a full confession. He asks her to take a night to think over it. Next, Pearce meets Mike in a park and he tells her he knows where they can find Anson. She guesses it is Rebecca who is providing him with the info. She is upset about the fact he hid this from her. Mike wants to use his people, but Pearce says no and wants to put in her team. She also wants Sam to stay out of this one. Sam is upset when Mike tells him about it. He also tells Mike that using the CIA agents wouldn’t be a great idea as there could be people working for him on the inside. In the prison, Fiona tells Ayn she wants to disappear for some time. At first, Ayn refuses to help but when Fiona tells her that Ayn could cooperate with the cops to find Fiona and since she is the one who is going to make Fiona disappear, she could easily tell them where to find her. This could knock out a number of years from her sentence! She agrees. Meanwhile, the team is all prepared and is waiting for Anson in a motel in Atlantic City, but a party that is going on in the next room could attract cops. Nate goes to the partyers and tells them that there is a bed bug infestation and that everyone should clear out. Mike isn’t pleased. He tells Nate that if everyone clears out, then Anson would know something is wrong from a mile away. Nate apologizes. Meanwhile, Barry shows up at Mike’s house, shot in his arm. He tells them he was having breakfast and he saw Fiona’s old gun buddies.

They aren’t too pleased with Fiona. He also says the FBI has offered him immunity if he cooperates, but for that he needs to clear his books so that his clients don’t get arrested. Barry tells them he needs a ride to his client’s house and Sam agrees to go with him as Maddy tells Sam she will be okay staying alone. Sam and Barry arrive at a massive lake house. Sam is impressed. Barry pulls out some files from the safe and they pack them up. As they are leaving Sam notices an SUV on the street. It was not there when they arrived. Sam asks Barry to pretend that he forgot his keys and they walk back towards the house. The guy behind the wheel starts shooting at them and this time Barry gets shot in his leg! Two other men get out from the SUV and start walking towards the house, all have guns with them.

They have no cell phone reception and the phone lines have been cut. Sam finds a beer can and makes a fake id out of it. Barry tells Sam that one of the guys is Garret Hartley, a cold blooded SOB. He is the Vice President of killing people. Sam talks to Hartley through the intercom and tells him that he is a cop. But Hartley doesn’t buy it. He asks one of his men to go and check if Sam’s story is true. He says that he is there to kill Barry. Sam then wires up a motion detecting light to fire at anyone who approaches the back door. He assures Barry that by the time the SUV returns, they will be ready. In Atlantic City the team is waiting for Anson to show up. Nate orders for pizza and Mike is angry. This is the second time Nate has jeopardized the operation.

He asks Nate to leave as there is no room for error. In the prison Ayn shows Fiona a hole in the library where she hides all her goodies. Just then they hear the announcement to line up for lunch. The alarm goes off while Fiona is hiding inside the wall, staging her fake escape. At the lake house, Sam is making an explosive. Sam tells Hartley that he wants to “talk terms”. Hartley knows that there is no back up on the way. Sam launches a flaming beer can into the van with the ammo. Sam notices that there are only three guys he can see and wonders where the fourth one is. Just then we hear shots at the back door. The motion detection gun device that Sam had set up has shot the fourth guy. Hartley tells Sam that it was a brave but not very smart move. It is now his business to kill Sam as well. Sam tells Barry that Hartley is calling for backup. He tells Sam that he has only two rounds left with him.

Sam then has an idea. He searches for bacon in the fridge. He starts to explain but then says that breakfast meat is magic. In the prison, the search unit brings along a trained dog which picks up Fiona’s scent. Fiona thinks quickly and drops a pack of cigarettes out of the vent. The search ends. Arthur is pissed about Fiona’s disappearance and tells the warden that he will soon hear from his embassy. At the motel, a blonde hooker asks for Anson’s room and Jesse manages to hear the call. They also locate the place where Anson is hiding. He is on the other side of town and he is anxious to get out of the city. Meanwhile, at the lake house, Sam prepares smoke bombs with bacon grease in the beer cans. But they don’t seem to be sufficient to create a curtain and they have to get back inside the house.

Sam is out of ammo and worse the backup has arrived. As a last resort, Sam turns the gas on in the house. They then hide under a porcelain bath tub. Sam tells Barry that if they survive he will not utter a word about this to anyone. Hartley wires a C4 to a wall only to create a hole in the wall to enter the house, but the turned on gas lines resulted in a massive explosion and it killed all the guys outside. Sam and Barry walk away from the house. In the prison, Ayn approaches the warden for a conversation, she knows where Fiona is hiding. She says that once the warden signs the letter of support for Ayn’s parole she will tell her where Fiona is hiding. The warden agrees and they find Fiona. But the warden tells her that her British friend will soon arrive.

She tells the warden that he should best hurry as she isn’t the only one expecting an early release. The warden orders both the women to be put in solitary. Meanwhile, the team is at the hotel where Anson is hiding, but they don’t find him in the room. He was forwarding the calls. They make a quick call to Anson and find that he is near the airport. Mike calls Nate and tells him to keep an eye on Anson as Nate is near the airport as well. Mike tells him to only watch Anson and he warns Nate not to approach him. Anson is on the phone telling somebody that something doesn’t smell right. Just then he is hit, it is Nate. Anson is on the ground and Nate pulls Anson’s gun from his waistband and points it at Anson. He tells him that Michael Weston says hello. Nate is holding Anson at gun point, standing in front of the hotel.

Jesse, Mike and Pearce arrive. But just then there are two gunshots out of nowhere. Nate and Anson are shot and Anson is dead. Mike rushes to his brother. Nate tells him he is scared. Those are his last words as Nate dies. Next, we see that Mike is at Maddy’s house and tells her Nate is gone. Maddy is devastated. Mike, Jesse and Sam are standing outside the prison. The door opens and Fiona walks out. Fiona tells Mike it took him long enough and she was beginning to think he didn’t need her. He tells her now he needs her more than ever. She figures out something is wrong.