Reunion - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike sitting on the beach with Fiona. He is still grieving his brother’s loss. Fiona thanks him for not giving up. Mike tells her to consider it as a payback for a thousand times she never gave up on him. Mike asks her to sit this one out as it could get bad. She's not going to do that; she wants to find the one who killed Nate. At the loft, Sam says his FBI buddies in Atlantic City are saying nothing. Mike thinks they should call Rebecca to know who Anson’s enemies were. Meanwhile, Mike tries to call Maddy. She doesn't answer. Mike leaves her a message. Rebecca isn't answering "the bat phone" Sam gave her.

According to the GPS tracker, she's still at Sam's girlfriend's place, but the tracker isn't moving. They go to see what's happening. The apartment is empty and there are some holes in the walls. Mike realizes Rebecca played them. Rebecca found the GPS tracker and she left it in an envelope which says “Nice try Sam”. She fled a while ago; guess she was the one who shot Nate and Anson. Mike notices that she hacked into the hotel security lines. Mike wants all the phone records made from the phone in the past week. Sam can get them from his girlfriend. Sam goes to get the records from his girlfriend. She's upset because her son is in trouble with money since the time she cut him off. He stole a diamond bracelet from her. She wants to know what her son's gotten into and Sam says he will find out.

Sam brings Jesse along to meet with Evan, Elsa's son. Evan doesn't want to talk to them, but finally admits that he owes a guy a lot of money. He is a loan shark named Morris. Evan gives Sam the bracelet and asks him to leave. Morris comes to the house, so Sam and Jesse hide in a room. Morris reminds Evan that he was supposed to heist a truck and set up a team for the same; but since he has disappointed him, Evan is going to have to pay. Evan says that Jesse and Sam are his team. Well! Meanwhile, Mike finds an odd call made to a print shop at 2:30 in the morning. Fiona thinks that Rebecca was trying to make fake IDs. They leave for the print shop. Morris tells Sam and Jesse that they need to steal a truck that belongs to a nightclub.

It has expensive champagne inside and the club owner stiffed Morris on the payment, so he wants it back. Jesse notices that there is an eight foot fence and security cameras; it is going to be difficult. Sam asks why Morris asked Evan to do the job. Evan says he is good at hot-wiring cars and became known for it. Meanwhile, Mike sees that the print shop is heavily secured. He says they need to get in quietly, but they both realize they are running out of time. They go straight up to the door and Mike acts as though Fiona is very sick and needs help. They say she is diabetic and needs to eat something, and the guy is eating a jelly donut. The guy says he doesn't open his door for anyone, but agrees when Mike offers him $50 for the donut. Once the door is open, Mike and Fiona make their move.

He is tied up when Fiona finds the fake ID made for Rebecca. The guy says Rebecca wanted the deluxe package and he would have them ready in a week. Mike tells him to call Rebecca, tell her they're done and cancel the rest of his appointments for the day. Alongside, Jesse prepares to knock out the power to the club so the security cameras will go out. Evan and Sam would use that to get on the other side of the fence. Sam asks Evan why he gives his mother a tough time. Evan says that after his dad died, his mom pressured him hard to take over the family business, but he doesn't want to be a guy in a suit. He feels like he was never good enough for his mom. Jesse drives into a transformer and then gets into an argument with the guards in the front while Sam and Evan hot-wire the truck behind the gate.

Jesse keeps them engaged while Sam and Evan drive out the back of the place. Jesse takes off and avoids getting shot when the guards realize what was happening. Jesse meets up with Evan and Sam. He is pissed; they know that the guys won’t shoot then for a case of champagne. They open up the truck to see what's inside, and they find a lab stocked to make several million dollars worth of ecstasy. They realize Morris isn't going to let them get out of this alive, so they jump in the truck and drive off. Morris arrives with his guys. Meanwhile, Mike and Fiona wait at the print shop. Another client of the print shop shows up and before Mike and Fiona can scare him off; Rebecca arrives and realizes what is happening. She runs and Mike chases her. As he turns a corner, Rebecca shoots Mike in the shoulder.

He shoots back, hitting her in the shoulder. Rebecca gets on a motorcycle and escapes. Fortunately, Mike’s Kevlar vest stopped the bullet. Meanwhile, Evan and his “team” are trying to get away from Morris. Jesse uses some chemicals in the back of the truck to put together some bombs to hold off Morris' guys; but it doesn’t help much. Morris shoots the gas tank, making a hole that leaves fuel spilling.sam calls Mike for backup, but he realizes that they won't have enough fuel to make it back to Miami. They need a new plan and they need it fast!! Mike tells Sam to go to an old cement plant outside of Doral. Mike has a plan. He will need more back up. so he goes to the club owners and poses as a cop who knows about the stolen truck and its contents.

He tells the owner that if he doesn’t get his guys at the spot then every badge in Miami will be knocking at his door. The owner is convinced and he leaves for the cement factory with his guys. Mike is two minutes away. So, now Sam decides to confront Morris with a lighter while Evan and Jesse pour ether on the ground around the truck. He tells Morris that if he shoots, the lighter will drop and the truck will go up in pieces. Morris lets Sam, Jesse and Evan get away. When they do, Morris and his men approach the truck while Morris sends four men to chase down Sam, Jesse and Evan. He orders his men to burn the bodies. The club owner and his group of heavily armed men show up. The club owner gives Morris' men a chance to drop their guns and walk away, or face what is coming their way.

They all put their guns down and leave. The men, who are tracking down Evan and his team, hear a fire of machine guns; they go back to see what has happened. Sam and Evan meet Elsa. Evan gives back the bracelet he stole. They all have a drink. As Mike gets close to the loft, Maddy calls. She thanks him for some food he left. She says that she will see him the next day. Mike notices drops of blood up the stairs to the loft and finds Rebecca inside. She tells him she's giving up. She says she didn't kill Nate. She says she didn't trust the CIA to leave her alone. She says she just wanted to disappear.

She also says she didn't kill Anson. She was in Florida when Anson was killed; she can give the names of restaurants and ATMs she used. She only wanted to find her brother and live the rest of her life in peace. Fiona doesn’t trust her. Rebecca says that she is not going to run from him again. Mike lets her go. She says that she hopes Mike finds the son of the bitch who killed his brother. Maddy, Mike, Fiona, Sam and Jesse are at Nate’s funeral. Maddy gets up to kiss her younger son’s forehead; Mike follows. The rest of them stand behind them in support. The episode ends.