Unchained - Recap

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The episode begins with Michael asking to talk to someone over the phone about the investigation of his brother’s murder. He doesn’t manage to make any headway, and in frustration smashes his cell phone. Fiona meanwhile comes and tells Michael “the FBI will find whoever killed Nate, just might take a while”. He though is worried as it’s already been a month, and yet he doesn’t have an idea how the case is going. “So start an investigation of your own, I will help you” she in turn says. He though, doesn’t feel it’s a good idea for her to get involved. “I am not losing anyone else” he tells her. He then emphatically tells her “let me deal with it”.

Later, Michael catches hold of a government agent named Saxton, who possibly knows about the case, alone outside a restaurant loo. Saxton after a little persuasion reveals that the investigation into his brother’s killing has been closed, on instructions from some “top brass”, no questions asked. Later Sam tells a frustrated Michael that, he has some contact inside the FBI, who might be able to share Nate’s file with them. But its turns out, the guy wants their help for another case, in return. Sam then shows Michael the files on a person named Brian ‘the butcher’ Quinn, who the FBI have been after, for some time now. The FBI recently caught a break as they managed to locate a man named Jimmy, who is Quinn’s right hand man. The inside guy basically wants that Michael and gang extract Brian’s location from Jimmy.

They later meet the inside guy, who is an FBI agent named Woods who is on a clock, as the witness named Kelly Duke a former accomplice of Quinn is in the hospital, and is about to breath his last possibly in a week’s time. Hence Quinn needs to be found before Duke, passes away. Michael suggests that he wear a tracker, be arrested and then escape. Jimmy can then take him to Quinn. Woods agrees, and then hands over Nate’s file to Michael, fulfilling his end of the bargain. Later, Jesse and Agent Pearce go through Nate’s file, and find out the maker of the rifle that was used to kill Nate. Jesse then decides to befriend the owner’s son, of Myerson Industries, which it turns out is the maker of the gun, so he can find out who bought it. Meanwhile, as per the plan the cops apprehend Jimmy.

He is then escorted to Woods’s car, by Sam and Woods. Sitting in the backseat is Michael with cuffs slapped on his wrists. Jimmy is then seated right beside him. The two are then left alone in the car on some pretense. Michael then, pretending to be a criminal named Robbie Doyle tells Jimmy “I gotta get a message to Quinn” Jimmy though on seeing Sam and Woods return, tells Michael to “shut up”. Then as per the plan, and with a lot of help from Fiona, Michael and Jimmy, manage to escape. Later, the three park themselves in a motel room and Michael tells Jimmy “I got some Grade A information, for you pal Quinn”. Michael then elaborates “I know where the feds are hiding the son of a bitch that ratted on Quinn”. Jimmy then after a little persuasion, agrees to call Quinn.

Jesse meanwhile keeps a watch on Wayne Myerson, the son of the owner of Myerson Industries. Jesse then uses his guile to convince Wayne that he knows him from before, and also that he is a prospective buyer. The plan is for Jesse to get Wayne drunk, and then photograph him with women in compromising positions, so he can later be blackmailed for information. To help his cause Jesse spikes Wayne’s drink. Pearce meanwhile, wires Wayne’s hotel room. Jimmy meanwhile gives Fiona and Michael the good news that; they shall all be going to meet Quinn. On their way to meeting Quinn, Michael and gang, face a few hardships; like cops chasing them, and them having to burn their car, in order to lose the cops.

All of this begins to worry Woods, who decides to call off the whole thing, but Sam calms him down; basically telling him to focus on the end result. Meanwhile, Jimmy asks Michael to change his clothes, so as to avoid any chance of a tracker being in his clothes. He also asks Michael to leave Fiona behind with Quinn’s men. Michael reluctantly agrees to both the conditions, despite the fact that, the tracker is in his belt buckle, and losing it would mean putting both his and Fiona’s life in danger. Woods and Sam later find Michael’s clothes along with the tracker, in a garbage can. Jesse meanwhile has gotten his photographs, and blackmails Wayne with those, threatening to show the photographs to his wife.

He then tells Wayne “I want the records for every sniper rifle you sold in the last 12 months”. Wayne though is unmoved, and tells Jesse to “go to hell”, he tells Jesse how his father has connections in every police department in the country, and can get Jesse in a whole world of trouble. Pearce then steps in and tells Wayne that not only he but also his father will be in trouble, if he doesn’t cooperate. She then brings up the illegal bank accounts that his father has, and which he uses for his dubious activities. She threatens to report those to the US Attorney’s office. “Ok I will get the records” Wayne in the ends says.

Pearce later tells Jesse that she bluffed about the bank accounts. Quinn meanwhile asks Michael the whereabouts of Duke, and threatens him with hurting Fiona, if he lies. Michael taking a risk gives Quinn, Duke’s actual location. Quinn then asks one of his guys to find out if, this information checks out. Jimmy later confirms with Quinn that Michael’s information “is legit”. Quinn then sends Jimmy to take care of Duke. Michael then asks to talk business with Quinn, over a “nice bottle of scotch”. Quinn readily agrees. Later Michael looks out of Quinn’s window, and manages to gauge the location of where his house is, along with a little help from Quinn, who now apparently seems to trust him a bit. He then asks to talk to Fiona so he can make sure she is fine.

He then during the conversation cleverly gives away his location, without Quinn being any the wiser. The both of them, then count to 3 on either side of the phone lines, and then attack their respective captors. Fiona fairly easily manages to neutralize her captors. Michael too does the same. Fiona then calls Sam and informs him of Quinn’s location. Michael meanwhile sets a part of the house on fire, so it can be easily spotted by the cops. Sam and Woods meanwhile rush to the location. Jimmy and his armed men meanwhile try entering the room in while Michael has locked himself and Quinn. Quinn though shouts from the inside, instructing them to hold on. He tells them that he wants to talk to Michael.

Quinn then asks Michael to give up, telling him “I might trade you back to the cops; they might want their snitch back”. Quinn then correctly guesses that the fire Michael has set off is some kind of a signal. Michael then points the gun with just one bullet remaining at Quinn’s head and says “tell your boys to back off, or this will get ugly”. Quinn though tells his boys, that he would rather die than go back to jail. He then asks his men to break into the room and kill Michael. Then just as Jimmy breaks into the room, he is shot by Woods who has made it into the house, just in time.

Quinn’s men then surrender. Michael then walks out of the room, Quinn in tow. Later Michael is informed by Jesse, that the gun was sold to a private security agency named Pryon Group. Pearce later informs Michael that she has been reassigned, as her involvement in the Myerson issue was discovered by her bosses in the CIA. Michael then promises her that, her sacrifice won’t go waste. The episode ends.