Official Business - Recap

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The episode begins with Jesse throwing a file on the table that contains information about Jack Vale, CEO of the Pyron Group. Mike thinks they should get into Pyron’s systems. They should pose as someone in the market for private security. He asks Sam to set up a dummy corporation. But he also needs to look like a billionaire; he asks Sam’s girlfriend to help with some accessories. So, Mike is now decked up in a fancy suit and a sports car. They go to meet Vale. They talk business and Mike wants to meet the snipers he is going to pay for. But owing to the privacy policy, Vale hesitates.

Mike threatens to take his business elsewhere. He is about to leave when Vale stops them and tells them that his associate Thompson will take them to his South Carolina training facility. Vale and Thompson leave. Sam points out that this trip will be a waste if they don’t get the name of the killer. Mike says that Thompson was eyeing his Rolex like he was going to eat it; he is looks pretty breakable. Mike calls Fiona and she tells him that, CIA officers, Matthew Bailey and Gabriel Monroe are with her. Mike talks to them and asks them why they are there. They tell him that they are there for their newest asset, Fiona. They are shocked.

Mike and Sam arrive at the loft and tell them that Fiona is not going to work for them. Sam is still pissed that they almost got him killed and cites the incidents. But Fiona speaks up and she is ready to work for them; it is a part of her contract to get out of prison. They get to the case. It is about a Ukrainian aerospace company owner, Vincent Durov. He dabbled a bit in the black market but never sold to terrorists. But now that seems to have changed. They have intel that Vincent is about to sell high tech ballistics intel to some very bad people and their asset doesn’t know who and when. The intel is in his safe and their asset is his girlfriend. Their last asset, who was trying to reach Vincent’s safe ended up with an extra hole on his head.

Mike says that he will be on this job with Fiona. Sam and Jesse can deal with all the other stuff. Next, Fiona meets Angela Flores, the CIA asset and Vincent’s girlfriend. She is nervous but Fiona assures her that she will get her out once this job is done. They can tell Vincent that they did some fashion work together in Milan and since she is here now, she needs a place to stay. Fiona arrives at Vincent’s mansion. Vincent decides to do the security check himself; he “checks every inch” and declares that Fiona is unarmed. They walk into the mansion. The team is nearby in a truck and they are monitoring Fiona. Next, Sam and Jesse arrive at South Carolina. Jesse suggests a “side deal”.

Thompson feels offended that they are trying to bribe him and they decide to meet the next day. Inside Vincent’s mansion, Fiona and Angela get into Vincent’s office by tampering the lock. But the safe is a little difficult to get into. Mike tells her that if they get a code that is on the safe, they can manage to break into it. Fiona looks for the code. Vincent arrives earlier that what was told to them by the CIA officers. Fiona manages to get the code and get out of the office just in time. On seeing them, Vincent is pissed and reminds Angela that his office is off limits for both of them. Angela covers up by suggesting a three way. Vincent buys that and he asks them to leave as this isn’t the place for play.

Next, Angela, Vincent and Fiona are in a boutique and Bailey arrives to drop a drilling machine to get into the safe. But she says that she will be caught if she tries to get anything into the mansion. But she knows that Vincent’s car is never checked. She tells Bailey to tell Mike that they need a mechanic. He is not comfortable with the plan but he has no option and he plays along. When the security guard sees bailey talking to Fiona, she shoos him off pretending as if he was hitting on her. She then stuffs a belt into the exhaust pipe of Vincent’s car. Next, Sam and Jesse arrive with a 50 year old Scotch as an apology for the bribery attempt.

They also tell him that their boss wants him to join their company as he is very impressed with the way Thompson handles the bribery attempt. Well, the salary for the entry level is half a million! But Thompson says that he has a contract. In the office, they share some laughs and drink the Scotch. Sam tells Jesse that they will have to find someone soon for their Dubai project else their boss will be angry. They get up and leave and seconds later Thompson follows them and tells them that he might need few more details on that job offer. On their way home, Vincent’s car breaks down. The guys find out that there is a garage nearby. Fiona texts the info to Mike. Mike gets to that place and the owner does not buy their story.

Mike “takes care” of the owner. Vincent and his guys arrive at the store. There is no one around and Vincent is suspicious. Just then Mike comes out, wearing the mechanic’s outfit. Next, Fiona is removing the tools that Mike hid under the SUV. Angela is going to have to set off carbon monoxide alarms to give Fiona the time she needs to get into the safe. Michael cuts into the mansion's gas line. Alongside, Thompson signs the contract for his new job. But there is more; he will have to poach men from Vale. Thompson says that he cannot show them Pyron’s files. But then the deal was that if Thompson works for them, he will have to bring in a team.

Thompson says that they can hang around and check the files, while he is too busy to notice. They find a file of a sniper who could have possibly done the job. But they have no name, only the initials T. G. they ask Thompson and he tells them that this guy is “off the books” and that they don’t want to know about this guy. In the mansion, Vincent is watching soccer while Fiona tries to get into the safe and she is successful. She asks Angela to set off the carbon monoxide alarm. But Angela has a change of plans. She points a gun at Fiona. Mike and the agents aren’t having a good feeling. The alarms should have gone off by now. Angela ties Fiona to the safe and copies the ballistics onto a flash drive.

Fiona realizes that Vincent isn’t trying to sell the ballistics to the terrorists, Angela is. She is a thief. She plants a bomb in the safe and says that Fiona will be in bits before she can tell anything to Vincent. She also shoots at the door lock. So when Angela leaves, Fiona gets locked inside the office. Fiona frees herself from the zip tie. But she can’t get out. She calls Mike and tells him what happened. She tells him to lock down the place before Angela escapes. She also feels that she has a better chance to escape with Angela inside with her.

Mike sets up a van to blow up and sends it inside the gate. He dives out of the vehicle just in time. On seeing the explosion, the guard asks Angela to get inside the mansion. She throws the flash drive into the bushes. Inside, Vincent is told that Fiona broke into the safe. Vincent takes Angela into his office. Fiona tries to explain. But Vincent doesn’t believe her. Fiona then tells him the way to disarm the bomb; they have less than two minutes left. On hearing Fiona’s directions, Angela gets tensed and she disarms the bomb herself; thus proving that she had planted the bomb. Vincent is furious and points a gun under Angela’s chin.

But Fiona talks him into putting the gun down as Angela is the only way he could prove that he has nothing to do with the terrorists. Angela is arrested. The CIA agents want the report written in their favor. Fiona agrees. She says that they can write whatever they want, but they should “lose” the agreement that she signed while getting out of prison. Well, that is doable. Michael looks at the file on T.G. and is frustrated. Sam calls Vale and Mike tells him that they should meet regarding the team. Sam and Vale are at a restaurant. Vale arrives and he looks upset. He knows that they are looking for Tyler Grey.

Vale says that this is over and asks them to back off. And he asks them to lose the guy who is following him. But they haven’t put a tail on him. Vale gets up to leave. A bullet hits his him in the chest. A second fire is shot and they deck down. Mike crouches up to Vale and asks him who Tyler Grey is. But Vale is dead. The episode ends.