Desperate Measures - Recap

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The episode begins with Michael questioning Gray about his next contact with Card. He says that the next contact was conditional; it would only happen after Michael and his friends were dead. He then asks Gray about Atlantic City. He says that he had orders to kill Anson and he carried them out. Mike tells him that Nate was his brother and Gray blows it off. Mike is enraged and he is about to shoot him at point blank. Sam pulls him off saying that they don’t kill prisoners. Fi states that they had gone to Panama to avenge Nate’s death and Jesse reminds them that all this will end with Card and not Gray.

Sam says that Gray is the only weapon they have against Card. And that they should find a way to get back home. Next, Maddy’s neighbor arrives telling her that her “nephew” is on the line and asking for her. It is Mike and he tells her that they need to return home and he wants her to make arrangements. He tells her that Card is behind all this mess and he is the reason Nate is dead. She is furious as Card called her an hour ago and asked her to come by his office. But she now needs to focus and asks Mike the name of the guy who she needs to find to help with the secret landing. Maddy goes to meet Dixon. He is a hacker and Sam wants him to hack FAA records and erase a flight detail from Panama. He doesn’t want to do it as he has just gotten off his house arrest and this is a risky job.

Maddy puts forth what will happen if he doesn’t do it. So, let’s erase the file!!Next, Fi has managed to “sweet talk” a guy named Rico who runs some sort of a shady cargo company with his cousin and they have a flight to Houston and he has offered her a free ride. All she needs to do is help smuggle the rest on to that flight. They scan the perimeter and see that the hangar is heavily guarded. Rico gets Fi past the security guards. When the plane gets on the runway, she pulls a gun at Rico and asks him to open the back doors. The rest who are hiding around the fence, run towards the plane and hop in. the guards see this and chase the plane and start shooting. Mike too fires back. In all this chaos, Gray manages to get out of his cuffs and jumps out of the plane.

Mike follows him and both of them roll out on the runway with the guards pointing their guns at them. Since they are on the runway, Rico is unable to stop the flight and so the rest take off. Looks like we missed our flight! Fi manages to talk Rico into landing the plane. The guards take Mike and Gray to a cocaine processing plant. Mike says that they need to work together; but Gray doesn’t mind taking his chances with the coke dealer. Some place else, the plane is on the ground and the trio find that it is full of cocaine more than enough to get back Mike. Next, Maddy and Dixon arrive at the FAA to erase the flight plan but Dixon sees that the regular guard Albert isn’t there. He tells Maddy that it is going to be difficult as they won’t be let in. Maddy asks him to tell her everything about Albert. She then goes in and pretends to be Albert’s wife and says that Albert is cheating on her and the guard is covering for him.

The guard shows her the computer room to prove that he isn’t lying that Albert is on a vacation. She jams the door with a cigarette so that it doesn’t shut completely and then goes to the storage. Dixon sneaks in and everything is set. At the cocaine facility, Ramiro Vasquez introduces himself and seems they are going to face some electrically charged interrogation. Ramiro wants to know where his plane is headed and when he doesn’t get straight answers, he hits them with the painful voltage. Sam and Jesse head to a place where they could use a pay phone to call Ramiro’s number. But on finding no phone, they buy it off from a small boy for $20 and a high tech scope. Sam calls Ramiro that he will get his plane and coke if he takes the snapshots of his friends and send it to him and later deliver them safely to the address he would give him.

Ramiro is fine with the deal. But then Gray tells Ramiro that if he lets him walk, he will get his plane and coke back and a chance to kill all the four who cheated him. Now, that’s what he wanted to hear since some time now. He tells Ramiro that the plane is headed to Miami. Ramiro then asks Sam to send him pictures of all his crates. They then can have the trade. Gray tells Mike that he is completing his mission of killing four threats to National Security. Mike tells him that Card is playing both of them and he reminds Mike that they aren’t on the same side. He doesn’t believe Mike. Maddy goes to meet Card and he asks her if she heard from Mike and if there was any secret phone he calls on. But Maddy tells him that she got used to staying without being in touch with Mike when he is out on an op.

Next, Sam gets a call from the guy who he bought the phone from. He tells them that few men are looking for them saying that they stole his plane. Sam thinks they need to get out but they will fund them in no time. Fi thinks that the best thing to return Ramiro his goods and that she will hide in the plane with a gun and she will be taken to Mike. Sam and Jesse try to hold the men then they escape in a car they stole. Fi manages to hide in the plane. The plane arrives at the base and Sam and Jesse get on with their plan. After Ramiro threatens Rico and leaves, Fi walks up behind Rico with a gun; once again. Ramiro asks Mike about his friends and he says that he doesn’t know them well as he had just put the team together.

And they stuck around to save Mike; really? Sam and Fi go inside to save Mike while Jesse rushes to fix the plane. Ramiro is torturing Mike and Gray tells him that he would help him track down the thieves if he is taken off the cuffs and put in front of a computer. Ramiro releases him and Gray tackles a guard and shoots Ramiro. Mike is confused as Gray frees him. He tells him that a guy, who takes 15000 V to save his friends, cannot be the traitor he read about in the files. They get into a gun fight with the rest of the guards. And then help arrives and the four of them jump on to the plane. In the plane, Mike tells Gray that they are going to keep their heads down on reaching Miami. He is going to go after Card and he needs help. Gray asks, “Do I have a choice?” And Mike says that he got himself one when he saved his life.

Gray says that going after Card won’t be easy as he knows both of them. Mike is counting on that as Card knows he won’t work with a guy who killed his brother. The plane lands and Fi wonders if they need to tell Maddy about Gray. Mike says that Maddy doesn’t need to be told. When Maddy asks him about finding the man who killed Nate, Mike says, “Not yet, but soon”. Next, Gray goes to meet Card and Sam and Mike watch him from a distance. Gray needs to sell his story to Card. Gray, informs Card that Michael Weston is dead. And Card says, “I’m proud of you, kid”.